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  1. Thinking of getting the Opteron 150 - My question, if you guys would be so good: Is the Opte 150 OK with the cfx3200-dr RD580. If this has been answered elsewhere, I apologise. Thanks Fellahs
  2. Why do you need the Iso image - does this allow the disk to boot? If so can't you just use Nero 6+ which allows the creation of bootable cd's? Or have I misunderstood something? - I quite often do
  3. Could it be summert to do with the size of L2 cache, were all the sckt 478's 512? :confused:
  4. Sigs aint for just showing of your highly spec'd "Power House"!! If you've got a pile o crap, it don't matter get it down in your sig. Sigs are required, its the rules!! If you can't be a*sed to create a sig, why should the Techies be a*sed to give you assistance?? Give a little
  5. I think I've still got a Celery3T 1.3 kickin bout somewhere. Excellent series of chips Clocked quite well If I remember rightly. I had a Celery3T 1G running at 1.7. :cool:
  6. Alternatively use Winflash here , once you have found the bios you are happy with.
  7. Slipstream?? If he can't biuld a sig he's gonna struggle with that. :nod:
  8. SL97 + lan party= Fits perfectly and o/c's extremely well with xp-m's
  9. I wasn't aware of the fact the xp-m was designed to run with with a 200 fsb. of course I know they do, but I thought stock was 166/133 :confused:
  10. Yes a little more imfo regarding the chip would have been nice. Just my own personal experience with lkd 2500/2600 chips, Shinobi, which ran fine on the mrs machine(2600) and my daughters machine(2500) at default voltage. 34MHz is niether hear nor there is it, If its currently 166, of course. Maybe i misunderstood wot Buttink was saying. As you said Shinobi he can still get his ram to run at 200*2 regardless of the chip fsb. No dis to the site guru's intended And its mr. shadow nobi :nod:
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