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  1. I already had them written down, forgot. Here are the ones i am using now. Voltage tried 2.6 - 2.7 Cas 3.0 TRC 15 TRFC 17 TRCD 4 TRRD 2 Tras 8 Trp 3 Twr 2 Twtr 2 Trtw 3 Skew auto, skew value 0. - off Drive strength 4 DD strength 3 Read write bypass 16x C mode 128 bit Disable ecc disable 2t bypass max 7x max async 8ns read preamable 5 Idle cycle limit 256 Dynamic counter enable disable granularity.
  2. Ok, give me about 15 mins and ill have them posted. ty
  3. Well i have no idea why im getting problems, only the ram is at 250mhz. Nothing is overclocked. i guess i can try more settings, but i hate having to fiddle around so much with these. I had run memtest for so many hours, i think it was 11.. standard test, and no errors had came up but my computer aint right because things are crashing and i had a blue screen once already. Whatever it is its not running right, be it a problem with something IN my computer, the settings.. or what i dont know. i wish there was just memory you could actually put in your pc and and it gets automatically configured to work at the speed its set at, 200-250 or whatever.. and if that doesnt work then you know for certain they are defective, instead of having to try billions of damn settings constantly
  4. I was playing cs source and my game locked up, i was only playing around 40 mins.. at the same time the sound went nuts and started crackling, is that normal for ram thats unstable?? also i dont know if i can order from that site because i may end up paying import tax, i might get the OCZ from a uk site though.. has anyone had problems with them?
  5. i just got my first BSOD with my memory, and their not running stable.. they are too picky for me so im thinking about selling them and getting something that's 100% compatible with these boards. Advice?..
  6. i might sell mine, ive been having problems with g skill sticks ever since ive bought them from the start. is there any that are almost guaranteed to not give problems? 2GB kits i mean.. ones that are not fiddly.
  7. I dont like this memory, still cant get it stable at 250mhz rated speed.. and it is causing problems like sometimes i am playing java games and the window just closes by itsself sometimes
  8. i tried some settings i got memtest to run about 3 hours standard test so i had a go of hl2, i played for like 2 mins and the damn thing just closed to the desktop.. already getting annoyed with these
  9. Anyone know what the proper bios settings are for these memory? i cant find them on gskill website, so i dont want what people just use i need the proper settings. i tried somebody elses settings from another forum and they just give out errors. to run them at 250mhz, and what bios settings for my board? thanks
  10. But how does it rank among other 2gb kits, would you say good enough for the future?
  11. He's shipped it out to me already and gave me a tracking number, that was quick lol. What exactly is the difference between CL 2.0 2.5 - 3.0? are they noticable when running games or apps or like only by a small amount of points in benching?
  12. ok i emailed him back, ill take his offer. I hope these are good though. They wont be slow with CL3 though will they?, i guess oc to 250mhz will make up for it?
  13. I suppose so, i thought timings were where its at with AMD systems though.. then again 2gb i suppose is better than 1gb oced
  14. I got an email back from G skill, i sent back the 2 kits i had tested which were not working properly when overclocked.. it was only 1GB. and i have only paid for 1gb. So in the email gskill said there is no 4 x 512mb 2gb le or LF in stock, so he is asking me if i want them replaced with "G.Skill 2GB (2x1GB) HZ PC4000 3-4-4-8" I have no idea why he is offering me 2gb when i have only originally bought 1gb, the other kit was sent to me just to see if it works.. so should i accept his offer, is it better? because im not fussed on those timings.. i guess he should know he sent me 2 x 1gb kits, and only one was for test, no idea why he is offering 2gb now but it seems like a very good offer? should i take them or are the timings too loose for an AMD system?, if i accept at least it would save me having to buy 2gb some time down the road.. I just want them at default settings though i dont want to have to fiddle around with them again. maybe it is a mistake, should i tell him i only bought 2 x 512mb or just let him send me the 2gb? lol
  15. I'm not sure what the problem is. I leave games running for an hour or so and after playing for a while the sound quality goes bad, starts fuzzing and then after a few mins of fuzzing the sound just cuts off completely. :confused: i'm gonna try reinstalling my sound drivers, though i cant see this helping anything. I also seem to be getting quite bad FPS fluctuations after a while, the fps of a game can be 90 then dip down to around 40 for a split second and go back up.. grrr.. these problems are really annoying
  16. i dont know where this belongs but, i was wondering if anyone can help with it. if i leave my computer on for around an hour and im playing a game, the sound starts to act strange.. lag, skip.. stutter etc.. only a little bit but its noticeable. used virus/spyware scanners etc.. it seemed to disappear when i changed bios version but then i noticed that because i had flashed a different bios there was only 1 cpu operating. So i changed bios again to 06/15/05 but i am sure i am still getting the lag again. I'm running stock speeds here and its beginning to annoy me.. its not temp related cos temps are below 50 and it seems to go away if i restart so temp would basically be the same. it would have nothing to do with when i tried to remove my IHS but scratched the PCB surface of the cpu would it? or is it nothing to do with this? also could somebody give me a link to a stability tester for this kind of thing? audio.. etc, to make sure its all working right? or is there no such thing?
  17. i got another email back from g skill. He says the only solution he can think of is send another kit so he said he will send me an LE kit this time instead of LF.. as he says they are better.. ( probably not in my case again ) anyway, i sent him an email back and this time asked him if its possible to test with memtest and prime 95 before he sends them to me.. that way i can be sure it should work fine on my pc. if this dont work i am seriously gonna go bonkers lol
  18. well memtest ran 14 hrs stable, but usin the comp for like 30 mins normally and it just rebooted itself
  19. i just came to bed, im gonna leave standard test run overnight [ if thats good enough? ] it was on 50 mins and 2 passes when i seen it. btw.. how will i need to increase vcore for stability? ive already prime small ffted my cpu at 2.6ghz @ stock volts for over 60 hours, so thats not gonna help for ram overclocked.
  20. I did just 1 or 2 passes of test #5 and #8 with those settings in memtest.. i did not do any more, not together anyway. They both ran ages on standard test seperately though. and i run 7x multiplier so the cpu is underclocked a little also.
  21. i just messed with those settings.. I did what you said, this time prime 95 blend test came with "ERROR: ILLEGAL SUMOUT" I am really starting to get p****d off with this.. and to be honest maybe the FSB increment from 200 to 275 isnt even worth it.. From what ive seen in benchmarks ur lucky to get an extra 5% fps boost, while u get alot more boost from just the overclocked processor. From now on i think ill just buy memory like 2GB and just keep the damn thing at stock speed and just oc the processor :mad: all ive been doin is fiddling with settings and its all just goin in a loop. What can i do now?
  22. I am not exactly sure what those settings are.. are they located in the memory settings in the bios? and can you give me a few settings to try? thanks
  23. well 23 hours now for that stick, 18 for the other.. in memtest full standard test. yet together, bam.. errors almost instantly.. i have tried the 2 top slots, orange and yellow seperately, and together. So can anyone who has alot of knowledge here tell me whats goin on?
  24. Thanks but i really do not want to go into more ram right now.. if i get problems from the start of them i wont hear the end of it like my current sticks. Anyway.. i got this stick to run over 6 hours blend test. they both fail quick in dual channel... now i just cannot make any sense of this at all and im stuck right back at square one.
  25. i have 2 sets of gskills here, one that i havent sent back yet.. and one i received after this faulty kit.. it seems 1 stick in each kit is faulty. so i tried both sticks that were good seperately, however when i test them both together with prime95 blend test it fails quickly with "Rounding was 0.5 expected less than 0.4" this is not making any sense. I even tried the 2 yellow slots for dual channel instead of the 2 orange, it just produces the same results.. i cant tell if the memory is to blame or something else.. anyone know? I know i got prime95 to run 18 hours with one stick, i havent tested that long with a single stick from the other kit yet.. so i will do this first just to make sure that stick isnt bad.
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