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  1. have you got ALL the extra power connectors plugged in?
  2. if it is only picking up one gig then the speed settings you are using is too high for one set of ram. Try 3,4,4,10
  3. I would make sure your CPC (command per clock) is set to 2T in the memory configuaration in the bios. Make sure both sticks are firmly in the slots and paired across slots as mentioned. 1 set in 1 and 3 the other set in 2 and 4. I would also start with relaxed timings 3,4,4,8. As one set of your sticks is only rated for cas 3.
  4. you can find 316 on the overclocking forum of this site in the bios factory section. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6369 All you do is copy the bios file to a dos boot disk along with the awardflash executible. You however may find it easier to use winflash which will allow you to flash the bios inside windows. I have used it successfully several times. You should not NEED to use this bios though. All slots should work with whatever bios you have.
  5. you need to use the bios based on 316 I think it is, that allows you to use all slots properly. It is the one AG and Rgone like to use. Please note that if you fill all slots on your board you will need to run the command rate (CPC at 2T) to have any kind of stability. It's not wise to mix brands though. You may have no end of issues simply because one set likes settings the other doesn't. if you get 3 beeps that is memory error. It may be that you have not pushed the memory right into the slots.
  6. Sandy should need 1.35v to run at stock, some can go lower.
  7. You should find you can get stability rob at 2.8-2.9v you should not need more than that at 200mhz 250 should be a viable option but more than that is pushing it. As mentioned these memory controllers are not so good there had to be a price for pushing compatibility with 4 modules.
  8. No body uses 8 channel sound, again it is one of those features that only the real enthusiast uses. Same goes for large numbers of SATA drivers. Most people only have one HDD and never even consider raid, 2 HDD is a novelty. Seriously folks enthusiasts are a minority in the PC market. Most people want the basics and want to pay as little as possible. DFI are going to come out with a kickass board which goes beyond the bare basics but probably costs as much as a basic setup. Who can complain at that?
  9. right PCI ex will not be a necessity until end 2006 I reckon
  10. User a Dram drive strength of 6, a data drive strength of 2, disable 1T command (CPC) switch off bank interleave this should work for you espcially at stock speeds. 2.5,4,4,4,10
  11. Well managed to get it stable at 275HTT, but cannot stabilise it at 255 and the memory appeared to top out at 290 at least with the settings I tried. I have noticed that the settings for 275 do not work at 255 so it is possible they will also not work above 290. It seems as the HTT alters the ram behaviour changes. Also increasing ram volts to 2.9 from 2.8 at 275 totally unstabilises the system. odd stuff. Ram divider 180 does not work though 166 should Try lowering HTT to 3x rather than 4x if you haven't already
  12. on the san deigo. On the venice I had before I experienced pretty much the same though certainly I was not able to stabilise it at 255HTT - 230HTT was okay. So I changed the CPU thinking it was the memory controller to the San diego I now have which is doing pretty much the same.
  13. Just wandering how folks are getting on with their boards and the new core CPU's. I realise this poll does not cover every option but select the nearest.
  14. is it running in PIO mode or UDMA, try switching off UDMA or UDMA on
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