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  1. hehe, but i live i Sweden, so that will be a expensive card if i order from newegg
  2. RGone: thanx for the fast answer, too bad SI haven't taken the problem seriously then. Will se, maybe i have to buy a add on card.
  3. Some months when the problem was up in the old forum, AG told that DFI has talked with silicon image about the problem with slow write speeds, and that silicon image would try to fix it. Hasn't SI got any solution to the problem, and will there even be a solution? i really would like to know this, because im going to buy another drive soon, and if the write problems still are there i maybe have to buy a add on card, to got those speeds back :/
  4. Rolle2k

    NF2 - Poll - your 6/19 BIOS Results

    But couldn't oskar make another beta on the 1/21 bios, that can recognize Mobile barton, has option to change AGP latency, and last the extra memory timings. So all we 1/21 people get what we want. Of course i understand you have to get the warm/cold boot problem working first. but if we get a bios built on the 1/21 as i said before, me and plenty other DFI users will be happy, because thats the best OC and most stable bios for us that doesn't have Warm/coldboot problem. I don't say it has to be official, just a release for us in the forum you know
  5. Rolle2k

    NF2 - Poll - your 6/19 BIOS Results

    I put a vote for that to and get mobile support & agp latency for it
  6. Rolle2k

    NF2 - Poll - your 6/19 BIOS Results

    RGone and/or AG: Why can't Oscar then continue building on that bios so the LAN/Sound/USB stops dropping? i mean, if i understand it right it isn't the romsips making the drops, so is it really so hard to fix? with my abit i had Sound drops, but that was because if a hot SB & buggy drivers, so it was fixed pretty easy. i just want a bios with good OC, mobile support, and without drops. :/
  7. Rolle2k

    NF2 - Poll - your 6/19 BIOS Results

    RGone: Thats bad, because i have never had any coldboot or warmboot problems, so thats why im sticking to the 1/21 bios.. all i want is a 1/21 bios w. extra memory timings, Mobile Barton Recognising, AGP latency changing and last a bootmenu :/
  8. Rolle2k

    NF2 - Poll - your 6/19 BIOS Results

    This bios isn't any good at all for me.. i got dropping usb, dropping sound and about the lan i don't know, because i only use the gigalan. The stability is also worse than the 1/21 bios.. one thing i never have understand is why Oscar just did'nt continue using the 1/21 bios and added the fixes to that bios, because thats the bios that is best for most of us...