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  1. you mean that setting the "Dual NV support" on enabled on bios will make only first PCI-E slot to run at x16 (then split into 2 x8 lanes)? if so, but second PCI-E also supporting x16, then modding the bios should be possible to do the same but for second PCI-E slot...don't you think?
  2. i'm making SLI with a single VGA card, that's why I think it should work on both PCI-E..
  3. ok but i'm using a single vga card on the lower pci-e slot to avoid collision with the chipset cooler... in this way it should work at x16 and SLI should be possible...that's why I don't understand because it doesn't work on this setup :confused:
  4. sure? here is written: Expansion Slots # 2 PCI Express x16 slots # 1 PCI Express x1 slot # 1 PCI Express x4 slot # 2 PCI slots oh, think u r right... reding further I found: # Single VGA mode - 1 PCI Express graphics card on the PCIE1 slot will run at x16 bandwidth. - The other PCI Express x16 slot (PCIE4) will run at x2 bandwidth. so why a x16 slot should run at x2? :confused: wait...maybe they are talking of using 2 cards at the same time but not on SLI mode, otherwise it doesn't make so much sense..
  5. don't think that for sure...Enermax 460w are pretty good PSUs... I own the one in sig, it has 33A on 12v rail....and make my system works correctly, more than the new OCZ GameXStream 600w just received :cool:
  6. someone can confirm me whetever second PCI-E is 16x and then should be capable of running the card on SLI mode as first PCI-E but avoiding the problem of having the end of the card just over the chipset cooler?
  7. CPU1 and PCI-E1 (but tried also 2 in both cases, same result)
  8. try another PSU with your mobo and you'll see the culprit..
  9. well I supposed it was due to an overload on the separate 12v rails, but your powerstream doesn't have separate rails so shouldn't suffer of it...dunno if it's the same issue..
  10. as a matter of fact, plugging back my Enermax 465w 20P atx 1.2 makes the system works flawlessy
  11. ok with further tries I found that if: 24P + CPU1 + PCI-E + 4 pin Molex + 4 pin floppy are connected = PSU powers up and spin, DFI stays on 4 leds on whenever I add a power connector to one of my HDD (4 pin Molex or SATA power connector) then the PSU powers off just 1-2 seconds after being on... I've also contacted OCZ...
  12. I did the cmos clear (but I was only replacing the PSU, not other part of hw) but nothing. It seems that the culprit is the VGA, since I could managed to get the OCZ keeps working till the motherboard stopped with 2 out of 4 lights on.... it's strange, since the VGA requires power with an adapter like this: plugged into this connector: I don't know if it can work plugging directly a PCI-E input from the OCZ and not 2 molex into the adapter and then on the board but it seems so reading here: what you think? anyway, swapping the 2 molex connected to the adapter I managed to found 2 with which the system boot till stopping at the 2 lights....while with the PCI-E inputs, I tried both with no boot
  13. no way.... I've put back my old Enermax and all fans started spinning normally without turning off a second after!!! did OCZ send me a non-working replacement? :sad:
  14. removing video card, start to spin without problems moving video card from pci-e 2 to pci-e 1 make it go some seconds more, till when 4 lights on mobo light up, then all goes off what the hell...
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