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    Skiing, Scouts(Eagle), Computers, modding, StarWars


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About Me

I am a Phlegmatic / Melancholic. My MBTI letters are ISTJ.

My Family is important to me.

I moved into my own place in Factoria in September of 07. I love the freedom. However, the whole 'on your own' thing was an adjustment. Everything is great. Cooking is a bit of a challenge, but that’s what rice a roni is for. lol


My former official title at Safeway Evergreen Village is 'Day Stock'. That translates as 'Mr. do everything'

I worked for slaveway for almost 11 years. I have been a bagger, back stocking, Deli, Produce, Fuel & Night Stocking. I can complain about the job almost endlessly, mostly in the form of sarcastic and silly jokes. People should not take this seriously. Just a little venting. :) My sense of humor is a bit strange.


In 2005, and for 4 years prior, I taught skiing for ullr snow sports.


In 2008 I started an on line retail business. This has been an interesting challenge and I am excited by the potential. As an Amway Global IBO I have an alternative to my 'day job,' which is a good feeling by itself. The opportunity work with people that have similar aspirations is very stimulating.


I mostly like smooth Jazz. But also some older rock and even some stuff from game soundtracks. What I like depends on my mood.




My primary sport is skiing. I've been doing that for about 22 years now, mostly at the summit @ Snoqualmie because my family has property at the pass. I'm looking for some one I can enjoy snow sports with. I would also like to learn to snowboard someday. The first snow flake of the season still caries a special excitement after all these years.


Previously, I enjoyed hiking while in scouts, and would like to get back into it with someone who enjoys hiking. I have been to quite a few of the hiking spots in Washington.


Downhill Mountain biking @ the summit-at-snoqualmie was fun before they closed down that activity. :(


I'll watch baseball or football. I gotta root for the Ms or Hawks when they are doing well. But I don't really follow sports all that closely.


Other stuff:


When not working I spend a fair amount of time online. I consider myself a semi computer geek. I'm mostly a hardware guy, but I've done some programing and web design too. I am a forum moderator for overclockersclub.com.

I'm a bit of a video gamer.


My all time favorites include Crysis the Half Life series, The Portal series, the Max Payne series, and the Jedi Knight series.

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