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  1. don't you think it's a bit too hot, on air at >1.7 ?
  2. cheap and readily available, use gasoline to rubb off.
  3. old bios? yes, latest bios? nope. Channel B less stable than channel A in reaching higher frequency.
  4. Zalman 9500 works just fine, I can confirm that, I'm using the AM2 version though.
  5. u move it further down 2nd slot, IMHO VGA hsf will have less air to breathe.
  6. that beta one of the forum member upload the other day, has 1 bug I noticed on the DRAM configuration page, where DQS option will switch by itself to "skip DQS" randomly although I chose "perform DQS", official bios don't have this issue. This 8/9 bios also has better compatibility if u r putting your ram on the 2nd channel furthest away from the cpu socket, before it can't even load windows if u put ram in there. It's working just as good as the 1st channel now. Good work dfi keep on churn in new bios for us to tweak :cool:
  7. Too bad U missed the first sticky thread right on this forum It's explained in details there as to why the bios messed up with that setting, and what is the "correct" setting. IIRC on the 1st and 2nd page, I've post that Vantec Iceberq 1 won't fit, without u cutting it a bit one side (which has been done by one of the forum member with pics) As to chipset cooling, I've been happy with standard chipset cooler, but I've wiped clean those sticky goop with gasoline, and slap on some AS5 goodness to it :tooth: Chipset temp never got over 60 even @1.6v, it's hover around low 50s, it was so cool, I've reduced fan speed to 60% (it's noisy as hell, I hate noises).
  8. U guys cannot get more that 270 HTT? Is it CPC 1T or 2T? I hit almost the same wall on 1T IIRC, change it to 2T, and it flies to 380HTT, anything more than 380 would not boot (I think I hit the cpu/mem controller wall here not mobo). And yes... original first release 06-20 BIOS is the best, tried out latest 07 (shipped with my board), but couldn't get combination of HTT/Mem as high as 06-20. @SpursIndonesia: cobain pake bios lama aja lbh oke.
  9. Can you by any chance backup your bios to a file and attach it here? Very new, it's not yet available on normal nor beta DFI bios download website.
  10. Using Team value ram that use what looks like micron chipsets , I can a push memory to 1066, 2.3v at 5-5-5-15, while maintaining <300 htt. htt by itself can be pushed to 380. If I'm trying to push both, htt AND memory. At 320htt, mem maxed out at 960 5-4-4-15. Absolute stable max, not even a single more htt/mem. This is using the first release bios, not the latest 711 bios. With 711 bios, stable htt/mem combination are much lower. 1T timing is very unstable at high htt. Maybe it's just very early bios, DFI haven't tweak it to max yet... :cool:
  11. Which Vantec? Cause I've been trying to fit Vantec IceberQ, it doesn't fit no matter what I tried, there is 1 cap hitting mounting hole frame on IceberQ.
  12. Warm boot issues are still there. Too bad....
  13. Why am I experiencing differently than most ppl here? My first board is TW, after RMA I get China one. Physically it's almost identical, judging from physical appearance I can say china build looks *cheap* or maybe less QC than TW board. Some front audio pins bent and a little bit raised from PCB. Socket is flat though. One very weird thing that differentiate my China and TW board is this 1 little cap near that little ram mosfets? Located right next to DIMMs, middle of the board. This one cap looks like it has been soldered last minute, directly to 2 mosfets feet. There is no hole on the PCB, this caps directly soldered to the mosfets feet. I don't have that on my TW board, I was wondering does anybody have this weird caps? Anyway on overclocking matter, my china board is better than tw board. VDIMM voltage tends to overvoltage a bit, while tw is undervolt a bit. VCORE is very stable, much much more stable than tw board that tends to undervolt/fluctuate a lot. China board also react differently with bios than tw. Tw board won't accept anything other than 1/21, china board accept almost any version 1/31, 2/17. FSB overclocking is the same, I'm limited on my ram, but based on how higher and much stable voltage, I'm very sure it will be better on china board. My conclusion will be although china build looks cheaper and less QC, but it get the job done, and done it better than better looking TW board
  14. Cold boot is basically already fixed since 4/29 bios for me. But warm boot, no post after a restart from windows is still there with 4/29. I need more time to test whether or not 6/19 do solved warm boot issue, it's been 4 days and it's restart just fine everytime, no warm boot so far. Experience from 4/29 bios, warm boot problem comes after a while of usage, about a 3-4 weeks, and it's getting more often everyday. I really don't get what's the hocus pocus behind this My flash method is: Returns all overclocked parameter back to default, than flash bios using ABIT batch file, basicly some set of switch for awdflash AWDFLASH.EXE biosname /py /sn /cd /cp /cc Turn off computer after flash wait for 1 minute, that turn back on. awdflash version 8.24f
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