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  1. hi for me the only bios that alllow me to reach 255 fsb is 24NIC31 evrey other is giving me restarts and locked system i ve tried all the hellfire bioses they work the same as the others and ofcoure 100% better than the original 619 the bnios with romsit table 12/18 is absolute disaster for me cold worm even at default speed the bios with 1-31 is good it is stable but can`t overcklok as much as 24NIC31 it lockes and resarts my sistem at 255. as for the shut down temperature it is working only for the socket temperature and not monitoring theone in the cpu i ve tried it at 60 degr. and it shutdown but only when the socket temp reached 60degr. so if someone can make a bios the same as 24NIC31 but with the additional ram settings i will apreciate it
  2. so i went to i guy who have a programing device and he erased my bios chip and wrote the 6-19 bios (i think this clears all old bioses and there is no need to follow the rgone flash procedure) the results: 1. the only good thing that happened with this bios is that it just does not want to die-- when end with no booting machine just reset with jumper and with ac unpluged for noless than 20 min and you `ll have your machine back working. that the only possitive one 2. i got verry bad coldboot problem. every time when i unplug the AC even on non overclocked machine i got a nonbooting machine everything is working all the fans are spinnig but the monitor staies black F__K 3. warm boot problem occured recently but not less frequently than with the other bioses 4. insert key is not working. when i overclock more than the procesor can handle and the machine refuses to boot (before) when i pressed the insert key it loads the default bios settings just to boot and then ......... you know.. well this is all i noticed i hope ti will help you solve the problems
  3. QUOTE]Originally posted by Popcicle lio Please don't mix n' match TwinMos 256MB with Corsair 512MB and see what happens. Cheers M8. Pops. well it is the same no difference eve the corsair alone can`t do better i resolved my cold boot after i flashed from 6-19 bios to 5-05 bios now i don`t have any cold boot issues and the insert key is working so i will stick to this one. the strange thing is that this new infinity is the only nforce or sis board that have a pci lock and corrupts my windows and harddrive it was only my epox kt400 that corrupted my hard and windows when i pushed it beyond 200 mhz because of the high pci clock. but now this infinity corrupts it in the same way when i push over 240 mhz. the old infinity never did this even at 260 mhz, so i think it is pretty strange could there be a problem with the pci lock on this board? is there anyone to have the same problem?
  4. well i flashed this bios with winflash with all cheched --clear bios, and all-- load optimized defaults and then reset the bios with the jumper and removed battery and no ac plug for 30 min then changed the settings 4 at a time and everything was going all right i primed for 30 min at 250mhz and then shut downand removed the ac plug after this i start the machine but it did not post i pressed the reset nothing turned it off and on nothing pressed the isert while booting again nothing then again unpluged and reset with the jumper for 3 min again nothing then reset again for 10 min it booted at last then i did all the same as i wrote before and ended with the same none booting machine i suppose this is the COLD BOOT problem which by the way i ve never had before with my old boaed infinity which died a week ago and with the new board i started having this problem. the odd thing is that when i received the new board after i started it i went into the bios and wothout changing anything i pressed save and exit and the bios died. i returened the board and they put my old bios chip from my old borad and it worked fine it was with the 4-29 bios but i started to experince cold and warm boot problems that i did not have with my old board with exactly the same bios and bios chip. so i that`s why i flashed this new bios but the cold boot problem is even worse and the strange thing is that with the old bioses after pressing insert when booting it loads the defaults and the board booted al right if i clocked a bit higher. there was no use to even touch the reset jumper with the insert key everything was all rifght but now it is not working. i will try all the sequence RGONE wrote above and see if this will work but if the bios is going to be official then it should be easier to flash it cause not every one can manege with all this and if the winflash is selled with the mobo it should be working properly and the new bios should be working properly with it don`t you thing?
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