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  1. So wat's the difference between this new one and the old one? the old one is driver based and this new one seems like program based. They both do the samething except this new one u can switch around while the old one simply enable the coolest one in driver based.
  2. um..... I dun think it's due to high OC since I backed my overclocking ssetup down to stock speed. and I dun think General Zero hour is more intensive than DOOM3 and FarCry which I ran both without problems. Most people with nForce2 series have same problems as me running General Zero Hour. VIA however were fixed by installing their newest mobo driver. Maybe NVIDIA or EA should work on it for nForce2 series players without us revert back to old drivers as u said it will work. or some other stupid solutions recommend by EA techincians -_-;
  3. whenever I play General Zero Hour, game quit to desktop in the middle of the game and give u an error says it's over heating, virus or wat so ever. Virus? I dun think so bcoz I have checked with Anti Virus programme, and funniest thing is that it also say might be over heating hardware , My water cooling setup never let me PC run over 38~40 degrees -_-; Anyone experiencing with this problem too playing General Zero Hour? I have tried wat bloody EA told me to set refresh rate to 75Hz will fix the problem (wat the hack, I am sure that will fix the problem!!!!! -_- anyway I tried it but dun work, maybe I got fooled by EA Technician which makes me mad!!! I also close all back running softwares b4 entering the game as suggested by "EA!!!" Getting even mad now whenever I see "EA" such word. My PC Prime stable as well as Memtest stable and 3DMark2001SE ~ 3DMark05 and yes also PCMark2004. So wat's wrong with General Zero Hour? yes I have the latest patch!! =_=; I also heard that this game dun like fast memories -_-; and hate Dual Channels -_-; Someone here please help me >.<" if u have the solution for this. THanx PS: I even run my CPU and Memory at stock speed but still no go =_=; Sincerely Ringu61
  4. http://www.dfi.com.tw/Upload/BIOS/Sempron0903.zip It's under Lanparty NFII Ultra I was wondering if this applies to both Ultra A and Ultra B Wat's the difference between Official 2004/07/28 and this Beta 2004/09/03?
  5. About this idle cooling patch or so called more advanced cooling stuff. I am wondering if it is already included in NVIDIA nForce2 drivers (maybe way newer than this patch) nForce2 Driver out v5.10 and I am still wondering if this patch is worth it.
  6. No the IDE driver in 4.27 is good. I have use it. the new IDE driver detect the BIOS , so it works. Anyway no problems for me
  7. Even if SP2 does performance bad against SP1, it would be only about few margins different. Even if it does perform bad against SP1 I am going to install it anyway. I won't install SP2 Firewall and AntiVirus thing though, coz I am using third party software such as Firewall and Antivirus programmes.
  8. ur system looks nice I like it. I mean ur CPU and RAM timmings
  9. um...it passed Prime95 for 5hours...... only shutdown when gaming.
  10. whenever I play DOOM3 my PC Shutdown after a while and I dunno why. and that's after I changed CPU from 2500+ to new one I bought 2500+ yes same one with same setting Prime95 passed, but when gaming m PC will shut down. And yes I did put my graphic card back to default while testing. my PC won't shutdown if I have my old Barton 2500+ installed with same overclocking setting. and yes I have checked the temp they are all fine.
  11. can someone explain why my new 3200+ will shutdown completely during bench mark? My 2500+ work well though LP B dun like 3200+??
  12. Oh no, this CPU still crashes my PC,but my old CPU won't crash.
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