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  1. Yes thats right, The music levels indicator was moving up and down when i played music (indicating sound) but no sound was played. Then i bought a basic soundcard and finally got some sound So no real problem, shame the board is probs faulty but its to much hassle to swap it round.. especially now i dont even need the onboard sound.
  2. Its most likely me fitting something wrong then a faulty board
  3. Ill get me m8 around to check the jumpers are in rite place cos im a slight novice 0/ If not then its no big problem ill get a soundcard, Thankyou for your help.
  4. Thanks for suggestion but the AC97 was set to (Auto) already, looks like no races for me
  5. I have had this mobo for about a month now and im quite impressed. However i cant get the onboard sound to work and thought i would ask you lot before i order a PCI soundcard (Dont really wanna do this). When i fitted the mobo i installed all the drivers that came withit in the correct order according to the instruction manual. I plugged my speakers in (Just 2 normal stereo speakers) and checked they were recognised in control panel and they were but i got no sound. Pause was not on or anything and i tried switchin them into all the other jacks which was unsucessful. Then i tried various installation/uninstallation of other drivers and still no sound. This leads me to think its either something in BIOS or the onboard sound just doesnt work. I had a quick look around BIOS but couldn't find anything and after browsing through other forums i see some other people have had this same problem (No answers). So hopefully some1 can here can point me in the right direction cos im sick of using me USB headset Thankyou.
  6. Good question :| im not sure *blushes* All i know is VData DDR400 512m X 2
  7. Helllo again. Please ignore the above, the problems are just a PSU that is not powerful enough and the wrong AGP speed was down to having no obo driver. BUT, i do have 1 last problem which i hope u can offer guidance with.. The ram i used was new. I kept noticing windows sometimes hung and was also sometimes sluggish at startup. So i dloaded MemTest-86 and it came up with about 30 errors before the test even finished. So i swapped the new ram for my old 2x PC2100 256mb and ran MemTest-86 again and it came up with no errors. What i need to know is, could these errors be down to me not setting the correct voltage settings n stuff in bios (If yes how do i find out about that) or is the ram just faulty?
  8. mm thanks but seems like i spoke 2 soon. Have other problems now such as PC rebootin 10 times b4 it loads up and then when i click on the ADSL application loader everythink freezes and it takes a few minutes to load :/ Ill take a look at some bios screens like u said. And no for gfx i use latest ATI drivers. I had no problems wivvit until im using it with the lanparty which would make me think its a bios setting.. but i dunno which. Its all gone wrong :'(
  9. Hi all again, ill get to the point.. Today with help i built the system that is in my signature. However all this is new to me (I'm quite a hardware noobie) and im having some teething problems and would appreciate some advice in different matters. Firstly, All my parts were new apart from the chip and GFX. After we put it together it runs like a dream. However, my case has 3 additional fans & when i connect either 3 or just 1 of these addiditonal fans to the power, my system does not boot up. Instead the mobo bleeps continuosly and just as the system should boot into windows it restarts continuosly. That is my first minor problem and just wondered if i dont have enough power or is it not working for a different reason? Next, i play alot of online gaming and look for exceptional FPS rates. I thought this new setup would be the answer to everything (Old mobo only 4x AGP). But in-game i was only hitting 60fps and was expecting around 400. After looking at the ATI control panel i realised the AGP speed was not set. So i set to 8x and continued with the restart (Windows warned it would only change the AGP speed if it thought it was safe to do do). After reboot to my dissapointment the AGP speed was still OFF. So i had a quick look around in the bios and couldnt find anything. So i ask you, if there is something i am missing. Maybe a bios setting or a mobo driver. (I dont have a mobo driver... which brings me onto my last question..) Finally, do i need any mobo drivers or is there no such thing? :/ Thanks for any help, sorry if i went slighlty off-topic. Regards Shock
  10. lol no i went and bought the ram b4 i got an answer
  11. Hello, In a few hours i will be purchasing a LANPARTY PRO875B for my intel pentium 4 2.53. Currently i have 2x 256 ram PC2100 and i would like to know if it is worth me upgrading to PC3200 ram, and if so would it be worth buying two sticks of 512 or 1 stick of 1g ram. Will buying it in 2 slots instead of one effect the performance of the system, i am aware that whatever ram i buy needs to be of good quality. Thanks
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