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  1. No :'( its Nf3 , i read about so many problems with nforce3 and punkbuster :
  2. yes i am realy liking and thankfull thar it has gave no problems, the fps read was taken whilst running about with monsters when you first enter the cave like complex b8ut if you steop outside the fps drops to about 70 but this is what everyone is finidng
  3. I aint sure yet, only had it on my system for about 3 days i think, ill check the command to find out the fps *EDIT* r_displayinfo 1 1024*768 4*AA 4*AF and im averaging 130 FPS game settings = very high cant wait to test in doom3
  4. wow man, that is truely one nice guy and im glad your problems are sorted, its exactly the problems i had with my old abit board, never found what the hell was wrong with it, now i also think it may have been the board One thing is im realy impressed with the dfi support you get, and like you i know enough to build a pc, and change this and that in he bios and tweak windows but some guys on here realy take pushing the boat out on maxing your hardwares performance to new levels :| I know via here now loads of new stuff, but although i googled for a good ram tutorial (to learn about timings and stuff, i never found a good one/one i understood) Now we just need cloning and ill have my own angry games to support me on the phone while we discuss memory timings and shiz , its like those ask jeves adverts, instead of having your own butler lookin jeves to ask, you can ask your very own Angry lol
  5. woot, after borrowing a UPS i decided to flash my card to an ultra .... yes i flashed with a ups, with my luck and the amount of power cuts we have here , you wouldnt blame me lol and I can now get 466/1.17 and no artifacts and prime 85 ran for 3 hours i think, well the course it took me to walk to work and back and work 2 hours, so yeah roughly 3 hours
  6. Was just on my pc and was hapilly posting on some forums, and stuff just after giving far cry a bash for an hour and about 45 mins after i stoped playing far cry My pc locked up and I had a continous siren untill i hit the reset button Rebooted fine, no probs at all and i checks hardware doctor, temps looked fine and so did voltages Everything in Sig is @ stock except the graphics card, cus Im too much of a billy noobmchoob to overclock but I heard once that temperatures can fall like 15 degress in 3 seconds :S Ill wait and play far cry for 2 hours and see if i get any problems, but i was thinking maybe you guys know?
  7. ddr433 does that fit the lanparty ultra B ?
  8. I noticed that on windows update was a silicon sata driver update, so try downloading that mate Btw my problem is solved and yes the boot sequence above sorted it
  9. lol im not sure, but its a nice case. Nice to work on and no real sharp bits I saw your site on case modding afterwards too lol, and the cats. Junior looks cool lol, I want him : D
  10. Ive got an aopen gt 256 mb and ive so far overclocked it to 433/1.16ghz witout increasing the voltage to it, If i flash it I think I can squeeze more out of it but it deffo runs like a dream
  11. Right when I locked my AGP to 66 and booted back into windows I went on msn for one last time, for a clan leader to ask me if i wanted a tryout to get into a gameing clan, so I said yes I would like to join: So went onto sof2 and went to the server, my fps was averaging 300 but I kept getting major bouts of lag, and the only thing I changed was the AGP speed and locked it to 66 My question is doing this would cause my graphics card to underperform? Logic tells me "yes of course your decreasing some value to do with the card" but when I read about overclockers on a forum i also post at they all seem to have overclocked systems and high performance cards and surely they wouldnt do the agp lock if it meant less graphics performance. Can someone explain to me what AGP lock down does and if it would it lower graphics performance ?
  12. Well, as you know I first registered on this site before I bought my new rig to get some tips right from the off and this rig was being made (rather messy) in this pic *Note the case side in the forground* After building I though hmmm tha lan party is farrrrr to purdy of a motherboard to keep hiden in my standard case. Sooo, 1 dremmel tool, drill, sandpaper and wirewool later I converted my case into a window case Now to just buy a sexeh light to light it up :shake: Ps Thanks to all the team and members here who have helped me with alot of questions I have had, your a great comunity and very nice to be giving your free time to help people like me Oh and moving the fan from middle to around the heatsink fan area has made it cooler
  13. o/ Rgone for king : D Ok i got that sorted, now a new problem :| i got that sata drive but now i have on IDE2 primary a ATA disk, because i got some stuff on there i need but it boots off the ATA disk and not the sata :/ any ideas?
  14. please help me remove my sata from my wish list lol Ok here goes, I plug the sata in on sata 1 on the mobo, and with all the power and everything. on ide1 for the moment i just have a cd rom on primary to put the windows disk in I Genie bios i have the silicon image thing set to Sata, and in advanced bios settings i have boot card put to sata, it has a choice of sata and and SCSI i think But when it comes to pressing enter to set up windows i get "set up cant detect any hard disks installed on your system blah blah" but after the post screen i get the silicon sata status and it clearly states: Maxtor "how many MB in size" so i know its plugged up right and detecting, Any ideas?
  15. Thanks yes i found the AGP, and couldnt find the pci one, but that explains it, thankyou very much
  16. Where is the AGP and PCI locking on the DFI Nf2 ultra b motherboard ? Thanks your overclocking nub mekrel
  17. Lol knowing shock i think that will be too much effort . , but thanks for helping us both. My board is stable as anything now and im getting 1300 in 3dmark03 without overclocking. I also had problems with my frontX mic not working, but did a search on here and I didnt realise mic2/alternate mic had to be ticked for it to work Good for gameing needs instead of having to plug in headset around back all the time. Thanks again
  18. Hi im shocks "mate" his case has front audio jacks which I may have plugged up wrong, so I double checked, and no I didnt. But as a test i unplugged them all and booted up with no jacks at all on the front audio pins, no sound So I then tried them on the pins 6,5 and 9,10 i think it is, ? Well I know I put them on the right one as I checked a icture poasted by someone on here., and still no sound. We downloaded latest drivers and everything and checked silly mistakes like muteing in windows/c-media (gotta be the suckiest multiedia program I seen imo) You can see the sound is being made because his usb headset works, just not the jacks =S So i also said to him a faulty mobo.
  19. I have the same problem too, but i use onboard sound cus im cheap , i have latest chipset drivers from the DFI site, and during game play (soldier of fortune 2 ) it will miss large chunks of sound meaning I get naded alot :'(
  20. Great thanks, wow learnt some shizzle there Thanks again all
  21. boo thanks popsicle, well as it turns out we dont need to program anyway. My mate thought he might have damaged the CPU whilst trying to prize it off the heatsink (stupid pc world comercialy built Pc's :S) and he thought his cpu was making a wierd sound, turns out its his psu so.. but thanks pop
  22. Hey guys, this should be a simple answer, Just wondered if you know any good tests for the CPU that runs in DOS like memtest86 does for RAM Btw its for an intel CPU (my mates) just incase the program is CPU make independant
  23. It is there, i just looked Go into the following -Standard CMOS then you get a list of all you IDE Channels and whats on them (eg on mine) >IDE 1 Primary Seagate 40 gig Hdd >IDE 1 Secondary Atapi CDRW >IDE 2 Primary WD 20 gig Hdd >IDE 2 Secondary Atapi DVD Note how the > (arrow) means you can press enter on it So press enter on the one you want to auto detect and at the very top of the new screen that apears it is there
  24. hmmm lol, i would reboot and take a picture but my cam is broke, and my phone camera hasnt had its data download cable released yet
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