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  1. Well im quite confused, so far mysetup of Hard disks are like so: 35gb Raptor: 3 partitions [ Windows/ Installs/ Pagefile] 120gig Maxtor: 2 Partitions [backup and another partition I use for my Unattended windows CD making] Now raid 0 is where the one hard disk is copied to another right? So that means one of my drives is like a ghost of the other one? And I cant hold any other data on there else it will be overwritten?
  2. Its a newcastle mate, Thanks ThunDa, its only for when I reformat I use fail safe, but I shall load the optimised, havent done so yet as all last night my comp was running offline virus scans/addware/and defrag that I made using command script and today I have been out doing stuff because I had a day off from college and also cleaned my room. Thats the thing I hate about building new rigs, my room is a clut of new boxes, AS5 tubes, cable and thumb screws etc.. The OCZ rev2 does seem like some nice ram, and I get paid again in 3 weeks so Ill be able to clock good then.
  3. Finally up and runnin and DFI have done it again, loving the board so far, bios is massive compared to the Ultra B one I had before. What happened to winbond harware anaylisis? Prefer it over the one on this board, but oh well Had one minor problem so far which my comp rebooted when I turned on this morning but ill be investigated and I was stable through most tests, got 41 on PI. Still need to give the bios a good seeing through as when I install windows (windoors to some of you on here ) I always have fail safe on. What ram should I get for this? Im new to A64 overclocking but im gonna read the stickie at the top in a moment. From some forums I see people using dividers alot, well I remember back not long ago using a divider was pointless as it droped performance too much to justify the overclock obtained by doing so. So shall I get some OCZ Rev2, will that give me 1:1 or does a divider of 5/6 not hurt?
  4. Thanks, jastervoid thats very appreciated I thought by a disc i read that it was behind the AGP towards to CPU on the PCB. Keep looking at motherboard on ground so badly wanna install it, why do Coolermaster have to have different size motherboard tray stand offs :/
  5. Well I cant set up the new stuff , I bought a new coolermaster Prae of someone which didnt come with all the mobo tray screws, so with the heavy Arctic Cooler Freezer I dont want to rish the weight on a un supported board. Will buy some tomorrow hopefully because the generic ones from old case didnt fit the Praetorian. I have some other questions though 1. Has anyone got a picture of where the MAC Address is on the board? I heard descriptions but cant see anything that looks like a mac address on my board. 2. I have an unattended window CD with my LP Ultra B in which i hacked the txtsetup.sif in windows to automatically load the si3114r drivers instead of pressing F6 and using a floppy. I have heard nforce3 doesnt need to use F6? unless your using the raid? I need to know this because if you do still need to press f6 to make your sata drives detected then I need to update the txtsetup.sif. I think thats all for now
  6. He He, I aint got a computer. Took my 2800XP and Ultra B system apart last night and im sat here at college while my parts are being delivered. Will be updating when I get online tonight. Thanks for the bios answer though RGone, saves me some trouble
  7. Well ok, could wait any longer for the 939 board to come out , so I ordered a 250G UT and a 3400 NC. Just wondered, I did a search but it came inconclusive, what is the best bios for the 250G UT at the moment? Many thanks
  8. Tomorrow I will be buying my 3200 754 and DFI Lanparty 250UT and im on abit of a tight budget what would this ram be like for overclocking? GeIL 1GB (2x512MB) PC3200 Value Dual Channel Kit CAS2.5 (GE1GB3200BHDC) I remember nf2 liking 2.5 CAS but not sure about nforce3 Many thanks Mark Edit: GOD DAMNIT because I was paying so much attention not to be caught on the net whilst in my E-commerce lesson, I have posted in the wrong sections Sorry admin
  9. Well the Ocuk forums where most people have tried flashing to ultra, most people have not had good results. I would have thought from logic, the XFX which comes pre overclocked would be able to handle the extra volts and mem timings of the U bios, as obviously XFX wouldnt release them pre Oc'd if they want the most stable chips they could get. Yes the leadteks have had good results too, as thier bios support on thir website is good, apparently because some of the were shipped with faulty bios's on them. My Aopen didnt like the reference ultra bios, but I have had it running an edited bios, so the only difference was the mem timings. I heard glaciers dont OC well at all, surprising as they come with a Arctic cooler v5, but the RMA percentage on the glaciers are massive, a second version was released with a copper bar to support the PCB hmm... yeah the ram. Just ran the Cry sandbox editer for farcry. ... and yeah comp slowed and mem useage was high. Apparently Gainward seemed to have got thier good reputation back after the bad Ti range the produced, and thier cooling solution is brilliant, better than the arctic coolers, just noiser though
  10. My dads a good cook, I love it when he does Lasange and Garlic bread and boiled potatoes still in thier skins with butter on. So if you can make that, im sure it will be a great dish, and with lasange I found out you can add veg to it aswell, I had one in wales when I went to visit my grandparents. He aint done it in ages though
  11. Deffo does look like a lianli with the psu hold that curves into the 5. 1/2 drive bays and the trade mark drill vents at the front. Still cant beat a Praetorian though but congrats on getting what I call a : "Billy bargain"
  12. I dont think you need 2 gig from my experiences. Im into web design and have had Photoshop CS and dreamweaver open at the same time in the past with all my bakground processes open too and my 1 gig handles it all too well. Since then I have found a even smaller solution to coding called Proton, so I dont use dreamweaver anymore. Unless your one of those people who have all those net protection apps and server like programs.
  13. Well you mentioned you want to overclock, and that you want a board with minor upgrades to the bios, but in all fairness, one of the important things to aid your biggest overclock is to try different bios'. That is the same for all motherboards of the overclocking generation. The Nforce boards are fast out the box, but to achieve superfast speeds (which you can find users on this forum have reached) that other board manufacturers cant reach then using another bios is usualy the key to doing so. For instance the 6/19 bios of the lanparty ultra B, from its usual bios it came with the 11/27 I think it was.
  14. because then you could use a different guid to fool the server logs and not end up on any ban lists, there are guid injectors which change the guid logged on server screenshots, thats why alot of anto cheat coms now force you to stream your logs in order for you to submit bans, so every ban can be checked for its validness
  15. No i think the pb client contacts the master server with the cd key when you first open the game/ join a server I know punkbuster has enabled functions for the cd key to be rechecked after x amount of time because there are cheats out there that can change your guid whilst playing But what your saying to me makes sence, because youve gave a good theory as to why Windows 2000 runs it fine
  16. its most games, DOD, ET and CoD, havent seen it with sof2 thankgod, but im sure it does with the game too
  17. well my cpu is @ 42 degrees load, and my system is 33 load, sure it was on optimal for the cpu interface, ill have another play with it tomorrow morning, trying out the things you suggested
  18. when you go into your bios, and enter standard CMOS Features Go into that, it basically tells you which hardware you have on your IDE/FDE Press enter on your drive and what is the access set to ?
  19. Yes I can link you too the thread i heard it from, someone who had the problem, the thread also contains links to other forums with users having similar issues http://www.punksbusted.com/forums/index.ph...9845&hl=nforce3 http://www.punksbusted.com/forums/index.ph...9417&hl=nforce3 The mention of the gart is in there somewhere , i would like a fix too, because i gotta say i like nforce chipsets now and I will be going 64 in 3 weeks time
  20. I havent tried upping that just yet, will give that a shot too
  21. Damn i was so concentrated on getting the order of the things i did right i forgot to say they are ddr400 pc3200
  22. Well ok I decided to stop becoming a candiadte for the Refrigerator Certified sig and do some overclocking Well where shall I startzOr: Well I started @ this: 166 * 12 locked AGP to 66, downed the multi to 10 and upped the FSB to 175, ran prime 95 for 2 hours, no problems. Upped the FSB to 180, and im sure it failed so I upped the DDR voltage to 2.7, and still failed , so went to 2.8 and wasnt prepared to go anyhigher I know these AMD athlon 2800 dont overclock good at all, but surely i can get 190, just for a little bit more performance for my money atm my memory timings are @: 3.0 - 4 - 4 - 7, and i can now see that it says 170Mhz , hmm 180 on a 1:1 ratio with that speed = problem at least i know that much So I need to change these, I also tried setting the memory to turbo which gave me 2-2-2-2 and made the computer not post BOOO, had to reset cmos jumper I dont realy wanna change the 1:1 ratio because i know you get a massive performance decrease When i set the memory to turbo i didnt see if it made the speed of the ram faster so i dont know what I got instead of 170 mhz Just incase my webhost is down :mad: like it seems to be all the time my rig is: 430 Hiper true power Aero 7 lite cooler DFI lanparty ultra B 1/27 bios i think 2 x ADATA 512, aint got a clue what chips are on them, ill have alook in a sec and see Gefroce 6800GT @ stock just for the overclocking atm 120 gig sata drive
  23. well the only problems i seen have been programs like deepfreeze (like a windows image maker, restores to an image always when comp reboots) and Nforce3, unless you disable the GART drivers
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