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  1. Thanks mate , shame no one else is intrested in NF3 clocks now the Nforce 4 boards are out
  2. Well yay I hit 2.7 and it seems on good volts too [bimg]http://www.meknet.co.uk/dfi_nf3_2.jpg[/bimg] now, i cant go over 1.55 volts for CPU in bios? Or do I have to use the special CPU VID? because i dont understand how that works. SuperPI 1M @ 34. I had AGP @ 67 but I heard DFI board prefers 66 instead of 67 which other nforce3 boards seem to prefer, think thats what solved my BSOD.
  3. Not sure I will try that tonight. but I thought because its just the divider im trying to up that it may well indeed by a chip limitation, as shes lovin it at 250 and so is the ram, but as I said i will experiment withh a divider to find my chips limitation.
  4. Well, seems like i got my disappearing sata and IDE channels sorted so when my OCZ Rev2 2*512 came i decided it was time to overclock. Firstly, some information for yall: A643400 NC ADA3400AEP4AX CBAZC0440GPCW Im on 10/15 bios, and so far I have got here with these settings: [bIMG]http://www.meknet.co.uk/dfi_nf3.jpg[/bIMG] im at 2.8 Vdimm and i tired using an 11 multi to meet my desired 2.7 ghz but keep getting a driver_IRQL_NOT_EQUAL_OR_LESS error on windows loading screen More CPU voltage? what is the option in the bios called to raise this? NF3 bios is kinda big lol.
  5. Thanks m8, ill have a fiddle on monday with different stuff and will let you know if i find anything of interest. Although I cant help but feel there are alot of threads concerning boot isues with these boards
  6. Hi mate, can you confirm if you still have this problem? My board has been doing this a hell of alot and i want to sort it out. Got my OCZ Rev2 coming tomorrow and overclocking aint gonna be easy when my system is erroring @ stock. Im in the same boat: Sometimes i boot up and detected IDE devices will not show/ takes ages. " " some drives will not get detected. " " drives wont get detected and it goes into the IDE Raid Array thing, although IDE raid is turned off in the bios. Ive used both cables which came with the board and still does it. I got some different Sata and IDE cables coming with the ram on monday so will let you know if its duff cables /board. Gotta be the either as ive tried different bios, the one im on now and the one which came with the board
  7. Ok instead of creating another thread, my IDE are seriously playing up now. They just keep randomly disappearing, like either my CD-RW will not appear at post, and sometimes that and my DVD-RW will also disappear too. I have changed the IDE cables (used both the yellow ones which came with the board). Will buy some others tomorrow just incase I have been extremely unlucky and got two duff cables.
  8. Well I would have said temps (even though they are high for an a64) would have made a problem like the one you are experiencing. Antec are known for making some nice PSU's and I take it the Sonata is the one which comes with the Sonata case? Well for that case to be priced how it is, surely they have not put a brilliant PSU in it (logical guess, could be wrong I admint). With that freebsd you can boot into, is there a program that can read the ratings of each of the psu lines? Mind you I think you can get that from looking in the bios IIRC. Might be clutching at straws here but at least we can eliminate the PSU, and high temperatures and get to the problem somehow in the end. Good luck
  9. Is the 27/8 bios the one shipped with the board? If so I think it does have a temp read error, as my CPU was rated at being 40 idle which I thought was high being as the A64 are supposed to give less heat out than the Bartons which my old barton idled at 35 on a pants cooler. Flashed to 01/28 bios and temps idle around 27/30 now. So the fixed bios if it follows the same pattern yours should be around 40 which still is abit high. How much TIM are you putting ontop of the heatspreader? You only need a fine layer to fill in the small bumps on the heatsink surface/CPU surface. Probably sound like im teaching grandad to suck eggs but just trying to help I take you havent even had chance to load drivers yet then? If you have loaded any chipset drives try not loading the Nforce IDE drivers, they are known to be problematic and the windows ones fit the bill anyway.
  10. My idle temps for my 3400 were 40 idle, and this was with an Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 which I thought was abit high. I flashed my bios though as my sata drives were playing up which seem to be sorted now and it also dropped my temps down to as low as 27 idle. I got the Arctic cooler 64 because at the time I did not realise the XP-120 did actually fit in the Lanparty 250GB Board, and I was abit weary after buying an Arctic cooler Rev4 Nv5 which the quality and fit onto my graphics card was very poor. but they seem to have made a good cooler here, other recomendations for coolers are the Asus Star Ice, hyper 6 from coolermaster although Thermalright have proven to be the best on all sockets and you can tell by the quality of the sinks themselves.
  11. Thanks BB_One just flashed and after reboot everything seemed to go fine, although still got the internet problem. Although Ive just bought a DVD rewritter so im beefing out my unattended windows CD with more applications and gonna reformat later. The bios update now says I idle at 27 degrees
  12. Ok a quick update, I just swapped the drive ports around again and have done 2 warm boots, and seems to load fine. However now my internet is really playing up. took me 3 attempts to get onto MSFN, Ocuk and DFI street, and I know its not my actual connection. When I used esc to boot from the boot menu, this was also happening. Oh well im going to reformat again I think
  13. Hi guys, Lately my 250G UT has been playing up alot during post. Firstly the post says 250G then comes to the "detecting IDE drives..." This seems to take ages compared to what it used to detect them, which was lightning fast. It detects my optical drivers after a while and then trys to detect my sata drives which also takes ages. Anyhow, it then proceeds to try to boot windows but it comes up "NTDLR Missing , Please press CNTRL+ALT+DEL to reboot". Now sometimes it will do this, and other times the nvidea IDE raid manager will comeup but wont find anything and reboot the pc. If I press escape and get the boot menu, and press enter on the raptor it will then boot. After first getting this, i took the whole thing apart and replugged everything back up and still got the error. I then changed swaped around the drives so that the one on SATA4 was now on 3 etc. And then rebooted and it got into windows without no problems, simple I thought because obviously the controler info was not the same as boot.ini but I had never swapped them around in the first place :confused: . This morning I feel real ill, so needed to email my tutor to say i wont be in, but turned on the pc and got the NTDLR is missing again. So to get on here I just loaded via boot menu. IIRC there was a thread when someone was saying sometimes thier sata ports were "disappearing" which has happened to me before. Anyway, I just got a raptor on SATA3, and a maxtor 120GB on sata4 and I have no raids. I did not load the nvraid drivers from the floppy but I did install the 6.14 nforce drivers - wether or not they contain the nvraid drivers aswell i do not now. Anyway hope you can help me, and much appreciated Mark.
  14. Someone I know is selling this, and im wondering wether to buy basically, this is what he says: have an awesome set of Dual Channel Adata Pc4000 sticks for sale, 2 x 512mb. super set of sticks that have done 310mhz 1:1 with my AMD 64 setup only at 2.85v (max board can do) 100% memtest stable, (no errors after 10 loops). Shall I buy? Dont want to spend £145.00 if I wont reach 2.7 with them, sorry I dont know much about RAM. Why is his multiplier so low? thats a chip limitation right? Many Thanks
  15. The site needs to be faster and more accessable ... i.e no flash., the drop down menus go behind the flash banner. Thanks for the update though, not sure which bios i had shipped with my board so going to check now.
  16. Well I just want to beat my dutch friend who has a 3500 winchester and an asus A8V or is it the Av8, cant remember now and some corsair ram. could be able to do it if his winchester an early one. apparently week 50 winnies are clocking well.
  17. Bah , thanks for the informative help though. I think my system has one of those inputs
  18. Hi, Well when I first got my new job around November I bought a new entertainment system from there and it has optical in. I remember my Nforce2 Ultra B saying something about optical out when I had to write a assignment on my computer specs for my new IT college course. So I bought a Optical out lead from a local store, but couldnt seem to find anywhere on the nforce2 board to fit the bugger in :shake: So I put the cable in my spare comp bits draw which has grown to mch for my liking. Anyway since getting the Nforce 250G ut board I thought I will try and adventure to it again, cus playing a game with surround sound should be cool Anyhows appart from getting a hammer and virtually trying to hammer the thing into one of the many holes in the back of the I/O I cant seem to get it to fit again. Now, im doing this on the understanding that S/PDIF out is the optical out connection? Just that the cable looks like this: To the left you have the cable, which both ends are the same and one of them i would have easily put into my old Abit KD7 Raid optical out (did i mention very unstable KD7 Raid? ). The black piece you see to the left is the protector for the Optical out, the same type of connector used with the lead without the adapter on the left. On the right is some kind of adapter which also came with the cable. Which looked like it would fit into the S/PDIF but doesnt (if S/PDIF is even the optical out anyway lol ) Or do I have to buy something else? Many thanks
  19. No problem, hope its what we think it is, will be an easy fix then
  20. Which sata port is the Sata drive hooked up to mate? if your using 1 or 2, try using the 3/4 ones. Good luck and hope you resolve it
  21. Well I entered the macaddress when i first got the board but i used my usb modem in the end. And that was ontop of fail safe, I loaded optimised and the mac address disappeared. Remember the bios is generic on all boards, and thats the reason why you have a sticker on the AGP port to enter it yourself. Pressing enter and not entering would fill it in blank i would believe, so does explain alot.
  22. I dont get you on this mate, how did things mess up exactly? I dont use the ethernet port yet although I plan to in the future so havent looked in the bios much for this. The fact windows cmd prompt is returning your Physical address is FF..etc that the mac address hasnt been succesfully filled in by the looks. Also the Default gateway which I think is the IP of the machine/router the host machine is getting access to the net from is blank, meaning such a connection does not exist? So I think its probably a bios setting, have you loaded the Nvidea Firewall manager with the latest Nforce drivers aswell? Sorry I couldnt be more help but from the detailed post you gave that what it looks like.
  23. Mekrel

    Raid 0?

    Hmmm, thanks for helping me. Might not bother then, unless I get a third drive another raptor that is to raid with the system one and keep the other as the data backup like I am now. I take it I can do that, have 2 drives in raid 0 and one in no raid.
  24. Mekrel

    Raid 0?

    ahh so I was refering to Raid 1 in my post. I saw the website you got that info from a long time back but couldnt dig it from google. Thanks alot Angry_Games Hmmm, so raid 0 seems like a good bet. Is it hard to setup, and can I keep the current hard disk setup I have at the moment with the same partititions etc?
  25. I have a 6800GT and my FPS very hardly ever drops under 80 and I averyage 90-100 on 16 man servers. This is on Counter Strike. I play with 1280*1024, 4*AA and full ASF on all highest settings. This is also at 400/1100 overclock and not 430 on my sig. CS uses to feel jump with my old 2800 AthlonXP but the new A64s = wow. So buying a 6800GT may save you some cash if your planning on getting a XT or XT-PE, but apparently even the x800xl which are the same performance range to the 6800 are good. but if you got the cash then spend it on the X800XTPE, that will be quite future proof.
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