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  1. The unknown device would be the Marvel ethernet adapter drivers which you will find on either your Lanparty CD or the DFI download section for your motherboard. As for the sound, make sure the blue jumpers on the Karajan Module are set up correctly for rear speaker output, refer to your User manual for this
  2. I would recomend the HDA X-Mystique card or the Turtle Beach Montego if you wish to use 5.1 digital dolby as these cards encode in real time
  3. Thanks, So I can overclock no matter which controller I use? Which controller is better would you think? Thanks
  4. Hi all, Just a quick few questions that would be nice if you could answer. 1. Which ports on the SLI-DR are locked? 2. The board has Silicon Image Sil 3114 for raid, I wish to add my SATA and raid drivers into my Windows XP disk so I do not have to press F6 at startup. Do I need any seperate drivers for the 3114 controller? Or are they covered with the nvidia 6.70 drivers? Many thanks
  5. Hi all, Long time no post on here, but knew there would be some good information about like usual. Ive just bought a 3800 Venice which will be on its way to me very shortly, and was going for a Nforce4 SLI-DR due to the need of at least 3 locked Sata ports, 2 for my raptor raid and 1 for my data drive as currently with this 250GB I have the data drive on an unlocked device and as such no overclocking. Then when I saw these boards out based on the ATi chipset, that definate decision became alot harder . I first heard about the X200 chipset from a review of the Sapphire board from Anadatech and although I was impressed with the capabilites of the northbridge, the southbride performance left alot to be desired. When I heard about the DFI board making way, I was more than surprised it was using the SB450 unlike the Abit board which is not currently out using the ULi SB. However, the reason for this post is to ask people if they really notice any drawbacks as to the USB performance and the lack of a SATA II controller? Part of me is thinking, I really wont and that this board seems like a good idea and another part of me is thinking, am I really wanting to pay such money on a motherboard which has such flaws? This is a performance desktop sollution after all. Just wondered what the people who own one already think? Many thanks Mark P.S Angry_Games I envy you :drool:
  6. Which nforce4 ones are you using? Problem is my last install I used a mix of the 5.10s and a mix of the 6.37's and had major slowdowns proved by 3DMark05 only churning out 2700 on my 6800GT when it should have been getting around 5kish and when I renstalled to complete 5.10s it then worked fine. So dont want this to happen again. Many thanks.
  7. Hi all, Recently Ive been having problems connecting and during play on Battlefield 2 servers and I think it may be one of two things, or both. First question: Are there any reports that any of the bios' (especially the 2005/06/23 bios im currently using) seems to 'forget' the MAC address currently entered? Second Q: Is there any enternet drive which is compatable with this motherboard released later than the one included in the 5.10 WHQL nforce drivers? Dont want to go installing Nforce4 ones now :tooth: Many thanks Mark
  8. I use one in my Netgear D638 (think thats the one) and also the nvidea one as I wanted to test them out. Both very good but I aint got a clue how to configure them although I have not had any problems with either. Anyone know of any guides to change rules etc for the nvidea one?
  9. nope just plug it in and away you go. Nforce3 doesnt need extra drivers
  10. I think it would have an effect on your system and timings, the problem is with 754 processors they seem to be less efficent at running two dimms of memory compared with thier 939 counter-parts. Ive read this at a few places esp in my question to get my memory doing 270 stable with 2*512. Adding 1GB will be a problem especially as the memory timings for 1 stick is going to be much different to that of a 512 stick, memory timings in the bios applys it for all dimms, and that 1GB of memory is going to struggle running it at what you want it to. 3 dimms in use is also more work for the onchip mem controler.
  11. Hi All, Wondered if you could help me, unfortunatly as due to buying an AGP 6800GT I mustled up with the nforce3 250G UT, and have not regretted it. Quite new to overclocking but have picked up a hell of alot lately. Ive been running 250*11 @ 1.65 volts 2.8 volts for the vdimm which is probably overkill for the TCCD @ 250 but havent really tried lower. What ive wanted to happen is to try and run 2.75 using 275*10, or even 270*10 just to get better bandwidth on the memory. Problem is this tccd is really being a pain to run 275 stable. Its OCZ Rev2's using a 3400+ NC [ week 40 of 04, CG stepping so seems to be a good clocker and nice mem controller] using Dimms1+2. I thought I cracked it last night because before I was failing test 4, which I go to pass last night and same with test 5 which game me even better confidence I had got stable. Unfortunatly test 6 come along and shattered me with thousands of errors (also highlighted in red in memtest built into the DFI Board). Using these Settings: VDDR: 2.8v TCL: 2.5 TRCD: 3 TRAS: 7 TRP: 3 TRC: 7 TRFC: 14 TRRD: 3 TWR: 2 TWRT: 2 TRWT: 2 TREF: 4708 TWCL: 01 Scew Increase: 255 Drive Strength: 2 Max async: 7ns Preamable: 5ns R/w Bypass: 16x Bypass: 7x 32B Gran: Disabled I probably thinking from other posts of yours that maybe tref @ 3072 maybe better, and maybe drive strength @ 3? Just fiddled so much and cant seem to hit the sweet spot, would appreciate some help if possible.
  12. I have this problem too unfortunatly. Either one of several things happens: 1. On cold boot the "Detecting IDE hard drives" will take ages, but will finally go through. System will boot first time 2. It will take ages like usual, but go straight to the Nvidea IDE Raid managment and then restart the computer. 3. I will get system disk error, please check disk and try again .. or something to that lines. This is all at stock also. It isnt as bad since ive gone to the 10/15 bios but does occasionaly happen and also put my IDEs onto ide controller number 2. So which of those made it happen less frequent.. I do not know. I will switch back to IDE1 tomorrow when I fit my new VGA cooler
  13. Thunda, do you think 275 can be hit with the settings you posted?
  14. My Creative Rhomba USB MP3 player doesnt alow the Rig to boot when plugged in. Not a biggie but sometimes when i wanna chanrge i just stick it in and want the pc to powerup. but when it gets to booting, it just displays a ";" and sits thier.
  15. LDT @ 3? so 298*3 = 894. Didnt think the 754 NC's could go over 800 at all?
  16. ahh i see, well keep us updated lads im deciding wether or not to drop timings to 2.5-4-3-7 and go 1:1 270 @ 2.9v and have 270*10 and get the HTT faster using LDT * 2.5. Do you think that will be faster than the 2.8 as ive upped the HTT although ive lost clock speed?
  17. Yeah mine wont even Super PI 8M, i get a Result not round error or something like that. that was with 1.75 volts! Jesus shaolin you got 300 1:1 with that ram, what volts and timings?
  18. I got the same kind of clocks as you. Shell post at 2.8 but i gotta put alot of volts through her and isnt really stable at all, hangon ill dig out my thread, Here ya go m8! http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6062 Please could you post your settings?
  19. fixed my disapearing drives somehow. I changed my cables and to 10/15 oscar wu bios. Could have been either !
  20. Shame, thanks for participating in my thread anyway mate Hope you can get yours that bit higher some how, and yeah these TCCD chips are brilliant
  21. nah its as stable as jelly as i just found out. Im sure its the CPU hitting its max too unfortunatly as i gave more juice to the mem and slackened timings. Think more volts would sort it in all honesty but i aint got the cooling, and as said im not that enthusiastic. Im pleased anyhow with what the board has done!
  22. lol yeah, it was cus i linked to the thumbnail Fixed now
  23. Well update for you all [bimg]http://www.meknet.co.uk/280_DFI_3400.jpg[/bimg] Loving this board! Thanks DFI!
  24. Yeah gotta admit that i aint really bothered about nforce4, it seems abit too much enthusiast for me as in i dont really have the water cooling / phase change people are using with the NF4 boards with thier Fx55's and etc. Although I know you dont have to go that far Hopefully it works out better, and I get whats coming around the corner. Looking forward to the ATI Chipsets coming out.
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