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  1. Hi all, I would like to get some good timings and BIOS settings to start with on the systems in my sig. I have seen posts showing timings on the Expert running various CPUs, but since the CPUs were all different to mine, they might probably not be applicable to my systems. As showing in my sig, one is running a San Diego 3700+ and 2X1GB G.Skill HZ ram while the other an X2 4400+ (85w ADV version) and probably the HZ ram, also. Also, which bios would be good for the CPU and the ram? All comments and suggestions on anything are very welcome. Thank you very much.
  2. Hi all, I am thinking of going dual core because of the recent price drop. So I'd like to ask a few questions as follow: 1. Will I just be able to replace the SD 3700+ straight away? I think my BIOS is the 2006/04/06 one (I do not remember the exact code). 2. Will I need to reformat the HDD and reinstall the OS? I am kinda lazy:p atm but if it needs be I'll do so. 3. What patches and drivers should I install for the X2 cpu? I kinda remember that I have to install some dual-core enable patche or driver? I do not remeber that it was for the game or universal use of the dual-core feature. EDIT: 4. I currently use Windows 2000 Pro and have no plan to upgrade to Win XP, will there be any disadvantage of using Windows 2000 Pro? Thank you very much.
  3. Thanks all. Can I ask how neccssary the -5 and -12 rails are? What are they for? And why those new PSUs don't have them anymore? I just found out today that the 480W TT Purepower PSU that I bought about 2 years ago and am using it as a temporary solution for my dying Enermax, is supplying 1.1X V on the -5V rail???? Is it bad?
  4. Hi all, I am looking to upgrade my PSU to something better. My PSU in the 2nd machine in my sig is on the way out. So I am looking for a good PSU to replace it. Since I have not been following the PC technology for some time, I find that many PSUs do not have the -5 and -12V rails anymore as they are not needed in the newer generation mobos; my previous Enermax Noisetaker 600W and my Silverston ST75ZFare for examples. In fact, I have TT 480W and 560W Purepower PSUs, but I am not sure they are good enough because I bought them from a friend's shop when I was not much knowledgeable. So, I would like to ask you guys which brand and model would be good and reliable while providing what the LP NFII B wants. Thank you very much.
  5. Yeah, thanks. I will pay about $USD 260 for this in AU when it arrives.
  6. I ended up ordering an ST75ZF because it was the only viable choice I could make. Hopefully, it'll be fine for a few months before I settle down in the US. How many HDDs you reckon I could have connected to this PSU? And how I should connect them based on their rails configuration? This is gonna be the first system in my sig.
  7. Exactly. That was why I posted this thread to ask for opinions. I just found that the shop that ships to AU has "FSP Group 700W EPS 12V 24/8/6pin PFC ATX Power Supply FX700-GLN," would this one be the good/best choice for the Expert? The link can be found here: http://www.compuvest.us/ProductDetails.asp...goryCode=CAS_PS
  8. None of Fortron, FSP, and Sparkle PSUs exist here. There are some Tagan PSUs, though, but the biggest one is 580W Easycon. So, the 700W OCZ and Fortron PSUs are more recommended than the Silverstone ST75ZF? Those shops (Newegg, ZZF, and etc) selling these OCZ and Fortron PSUs in the US do not ship to AU. The only place which ships to AU and seems to have this 700W Fortron PSU is here: http://www.compuvest.com/Description.jsp?iid=197084 which I am not even sure of it is the same FX700-GLN recommended. It says the manufacturer "Global Marketing Partners"???? The PC case is a Thermaltake Armor which is full-tower.
  9. Hi all, I am in the Down Under. I just made a little upgrade from an SLI-DR to and SLI-DR Expert because I needed to have another 1 PCI slot for the interface card for my work. I just realize that my Enermax PSU only has a 4-pin connector and does not have the 8-pin connector as it is the older Noisetaker model. I am not OCing but I reckon that my work involves heavy computer simulation which at times runs 24/7 at 100% CPU load for weeks. So, I need a completely stable system. From the sticky made by Dave, it seems like I do not have many choices here, unless I have to order from the US where most shops don't ship to here. OCZ PSUs used to be here but I have no idea why they have all vanished now. So, I have only two choices now being the PCP&C 1KW Quad SLI and the Silverstone ST75ZF. Since it's mentioned in Dave's thread that OCZ ones have had the least negative feedbacks, I would like to ask you guys for your opinion or experience with the PCP&C 1KW Quad SLI and the ST75ZF. Also, I would like to ask the following: 1. Has there been any issue on the PCP&C 1KW Quad SLI and the Expert, which keeps it unlisted as a recommended PSU? 2. Since it's mentioned in Dave's thread that OCZ have had less complaints, so how is the ST75ZF when compared to the OCZ GameXStream PSUs? And what are the common issues people have on this particular model with the Expert. 3. There are also the ST65ZF and the ST60F models, which are about $AUD 100 cheaper than the ST75ZF, but they are not listed. Would they be just as good, too? Thank you very much. Best regards, FLD
  10. Thanks a lot, Sharp. Does the Expert support eSata and Firewire 800?
  11. Hi all, I was just wondering if I change my current mobo which is an NF4 SLI-DR to the SLI-DR Expert, will I need to reformat the HDD and install the OS and software? The reason is that I need to have more PCI slots. All, so in the SLI-DR Expert package, as it has the "UT" term, it will not have the accessories as provided in the SLI-DR, right? Thanks very much. Regards, FLD.
  12. Hi all, I thought I once saw a link to a page where they provided recommended bios settings for the LPB which were also applicable to th UI. I waqs using those settings and the system worked very well. Until recently I had to reset the bios just to find out that I lost the printout. I remember that on the page they also had various modded bios versions for download as well Can any please tell me what the page might be and where to find them? Thanks a lot.
  13. After the corruption, I tested the 2 HDDs using WD software's comprehensive test in DOS mode without moving anything. They both tested OK. I have had this mobo for like 3 - 4 months and this was probably the 3rd time I had data corruption. The previous 2 were on the SATA II HDD, which I was using as the boot disk. But this time it happened on the PATA HDD and then the SATA II HDD. After each corruption, I always tested the HDDs using WD software and there was no faults on them. So, from what you suggested, I should be able to say that the HDDs are OK and were not the cause of data corruption. Now, what should I do next? EDIT: I remember once I posted my OC results someone pointed out that the temps at full load at stock and OCed speed were too high especially when @ OCed speed. Do you think this could have caused the data corruption? The the term high is subjective. Normally, what should be the temps on the NF4 chipset at fullload and no-load at stock speed and when OCed the maximum temp that it should never ewxceed?
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