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  1. Thanks for the Input so far, I think i will sit it out a bit and wait for the 939 Boards and Go that route from the data i read so far. still not 100% sure. dont wanna end up gettin 754 only to switch again when all the 939 DFI Goodness starts. Whats the Diff Between a Toasted DFI NF2 Rig and one of them DFI UT`s.?> If i upgraded to 754 now i`d expect some major performance improvment, would i get this or would i end up just riding on me Ho again. ?> Will the 939 DFI be able to run a Future Dual Core A64 .?>
  2. ok , me been thinking of this for a while, and now nearly ready to take the plunge. im prob gonna get a DFI UT of Course , but what Processor to go with it.... should i even go 754 route or wait a while, knowing my luck ill buy one then all the decent 939 boards and Processors will come down in price.. 939 vs 754 any major advantages... apart from the dual mem controller.. ???
  3. Get either a Tagan 480 or a OCZ 520 Powerstream if you got a few more quid to spend both superb psu`s..
  4. Just got one of the mentioned cards built along with a new HO for a Freind of mine..... I was curious after modding and flashing me radeon 9800 se aiw to pro.... i used rivatuner to see if i could get any more performance out of it for him was a bit below 9800XT in some benches.. A few PixelPipelines and Vertex Shaders were disabled so i enabled quick time then restarted and bamb no probs and shizzle is humming along like a bumble bee on crack.. thinking of getting one myself , any thoughts on the 128mb 6800`s or should i go for a 6800 with 256mb what ones will be moddable, these Aopens look good for £190 should i get one.. ??? or should i stop being a cheapskate and get a X800XT .... lol thats a joke what with xmas eating up all my dollars an all..
  5. Nice one, SoundX is Always one step ahead of us.!!! Got some Secret Links to ******. Cheers Bud, Gonna get Downloading now.
  6. you dont have to get any image errors to prove the card is not right , some will just not work in the way they should. to be 100% sure of this i would disable the softmod then do some tests. Have you ran it un modded without any errors.. ??? or did you get so impatient and excited about the 16pipes you just modded it b4 even playing with it. as many of us have learnt in here the only way to solve a problem is to, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test, and then do some more Testing just to test that the test went ok.. lol
  7. If the bin`n is anything like the way ATI does it you might have a bad peice of silicone with some defects, hence the crashes and the reason some of the pipelines were disabled. Took me 2 Radeon 9800 SE AIW`s to get a successful mod into a PRO. lucky i had someone to buy it off me ..~ my second was perfect. Luck of the Draw and well worth the try. Any chance you can disable the mod and see if you still have any probs..
  8. The tagans have the same thing , a much neater way than the adaptor.. ( the earlier Tagans had the adaptor as well , mines one of the newer ones with the Tagan badge on the back of the PSU ) and the same for the P4+ one as well , ingenious idea... i am never ever going to build a system without a top of the heap PSU No 1 on the list..
  9. seems as if they are rebranded Tagans Made by Topower . http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/forums.asp?s=2&c=8&t=11314
  10. Ma Tagan weighs a Ton , feels total quality compared to alot of other PSU`s ive had the chance to Play with, the price / 3 year Warrenty and the Quality was just callin me. didnt want to spend on the OCZ so this was the next best thing. +3.3v - 28A +5.0v - 48A +12v - 28A
  11. as always the service packs are available on micro$oft$ website just search the site and you`ll find it. stop being so damn lazy and do some work, next youll want us to come round you house and overclock your mobo for you.
  12. ok , bored.. so id thought id do some fidling and found me mobile does 2.2ghz / 400 FSb @ 1.45 voltz solid as @ rock, is this normal or av i a real goodun . http://server3.uploadit.org/files/Deejayz-SCR1.JPG lets see who can get the highest speed @ lowest voltz, i have a spare O/S for testing so PLS dont go borking your main O/S i am not responsible for any Damage Done.. hehe.
  13. Love ma new Tagan PSU , cheap compared to the other high end ones. av a Look at some reviews and comments on PSU`s in some forums.. it would av to be either OCZ Powerstream / Tagan / Fortron for me Doh.
  14. I believe that has already been answerd.? Here`s a Guide on how you do this , http://www.windows-help.net/WindowsXP/winxp-sp2-bootcd.html * noobs , use google its the most powerful tool in the universe.. dont be afraid. you too can have the force.. Nforce
  15. both exellent cards.. pehaps this will push you in the right direction, http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.cf...hreadid=1420732 id get the ATI myself.
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