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  1. it does to a limited extent, if you want them disabled, disable them after you install windows (although that can potentially cause problems) otherwise you will be stuck with a manual shutdown. Personally I haven't seen it maked enough of a difference to leave them off, it hasn't even been noticeable the times I have tried them.



    and having ACPI disabled while installing windows is the only thing that I am aware of that causes you to have to manually shutdown.

  2. sounds like you had ACPI (or is it APCI?) disabled in the BIOS when you installed, you can try changing in device manager your computer type to Advanced Configuration and Power Interface PC and see if that helps, but that may make you need to re-install as well. Make sure you ahve your ACPI enabled in the BIOS before you do a windows load.

  3. i run mine @ 22225 timings @ 220 fsb everyday, stock voltage. I haven't had the time yet to push my memory faster than that but I am sure I have more headroom since I am at stock mem voltage. I have 2x512 (double sided) OCZ Platinum sticks, and they haven't given me any problems yet w/ cpc on (although I have yet to try higher than 230.) pump up your volages and get your timings lower.


    Edit: most places you read say that the NF2 boards (LPB in particlar) like timings of 2-2-2-2-11, but mine won't run at that so I run @ 2-2-2-2-5

  4. have you checked the jumper settings for front panel audio? I know on a lot of boards if you had front panel audio jacks connected and then took them off you have to put the jumpers back or it screws your sound, also you might want to try plugging in front panel (if you don't have it already) and seeing if headphones get sound? Just thinking out loud. . .

  5. This is more an annoyance than anything, my onboard sound works good, sounds great, except in Windows Messenger. Instead of getting the regular Windows Messenger sounds when someone logs in or msg's me, MY PC Speaker beeps. I have looked at the sound properties and the correct sounds are set, and if I hit the play button the sound plays correctly, but Messenger refuses to do anything but beep the PC speaker. I have installed my Audigy and it play the sound the way it should, but the onboard won't.:mad: But it plays everything else great. Maybe I will just have to live with it til my next reload. Any Ideas?:confused:



    Edit: sorry, just realized that I was browsing in the wrong place when I posted, plz move to the AMD side. (although it prolly don't matter) Thanks.

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