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  1. no, you want the jumper on 1-2, I am amazed that you got it into windows in the 2-3 position, any board I have ever owned has never booted in the clr position, and the few boards that I have seen that DO boot in the clr position, only go to a BIOS settings screen that lets you reset the BIOS. Hope it keeps working for you.
  2. what kind of temps are you getting? IMHO you can never have too much cooling, even if it is passive. running higher voltages means higher proc temps, which in turn means higher possibility of instability,
  3. if it has XP on it, then boot to the XP CDROM and into the recovery console, and then fun fixmbr and fixboot I believe, hit /? in the recovery console and it will list the commands for you, they are a little different than DOS
  4. leave the jumper on clear cmos overnight, and take the battery out, then set it back the next day and put the batery back in and give it another go, also reseat your proc, and your ram, and your vid card. if that still doesn't go, then unplug your IDE devices and floppy and pull all the cards out cept the video.
  5. guess i'll add mine to the list. . .don't kill me beacuse it's an abit, these are pix of my #2 machine, I am saving up for a smaller RAD so I can fit my wawa system in there and then I will move my LPB into this case, I have it in a monster full tower right now, I will try to get pics of that up later.
  6. there was a restart yesterday so if anyone is interested in joining my team an playing from the beginning here it is http://www.kingsofchaos.com/recruit.php?uniqid=2m4378a9
  7. the xtra 12v power isn't necessarily processor dependant anymore, it is mobo dependant, if you haven't gotten another PSU you really need to, you will have probs as long as that 12v connector isn't powered.
  8. I am interested in seeing how it works out. If you get one let us know your results.
  9. Is anyone interested in playing? I have been playing for a little while now and it is pretty fun. http://www.kingsofchaos.com it is a lot of fun. if anyone is interested in playing, and you want to help me out and sign up under my link that would be great, but even if you just sign up and play that would be awesome, the more the merrier!
  10. here's mine. . . at work anyway, i will try and find some time to post a pic of mine at home as well. desktop pic
  11. you will get hooked on the wawa, and then eventually have to move to phase change, if I had the $$ I would be there already. I ahve a custom water setup with DangerDen blocks and it rocks. I idle at about 30~31c and load @ 34C @ the settings in my sig, and when I max OC(and voltage) to bench i prolly max temp out @ 38~39c Water rocks, your setup is good enough to wet your appetite.
  12. yeh, I just read that somewhere else about 20 minutes ago. . . kinda sucks, I have been using mbm for going on 5 years now. . . I am gonna miss it when I upgrade to a board that it doesn't support anymore. . . it was definitely the bomb when it came to monitoring temps
  13. click of death has been around for as long as I have been in the computer business (and I am sure as long as there have been harddrives) when your drives start clicking, if you have your case open, put your hand on a drive, and you will feel it when it clicks. . . that is the easiest way to tell when you have multiple drives in a RAID array. if you weren't in RAID, I would just plug the drives in one at a time to see which one was clicking.
  14. if your drive is clicking that is a bad sign. we usually call it "click o' death" if that tells you anything. It will get to a point where it will no longer be able to access data on the drive, and then to a point where it won't be able to even recognize in the BIOS. Everytime it clicks the read/write heads are returning to the home/park position and then going back to trying to read fromthe platters, hence your "pause" in system performance. If you have only had the drive for a few months, it is a defective drive. Get it RMA's through the manufacturer if you can't return it to the store you purchased it at. If you tell the store or the manufacturer that the drive has click of death they should swap it out for you with no more questions.
  15. you may also want to try installing with only 1 stick of memory installed. i would also go ahead and clear the CMOS since you are having some issues, and then reset defaults, and reset your CPU / memory back to default settings again.
  16. whenever you change platforms like you are doing, you will need to do a clean install of windows to ensure minimal problems
  17. Are you oc'd? if so bump up your voltage or go back to stock settings for the install.
  18. OK, I understand better now. . .I have ran into the same thing, and the only thing that I was able to do to remedy it was to install windows first, and then add yor other drive in. that is the only way I know of to get your drive letters different.
  19. there should be an optiong that will make scsi=sata, and then set the boot order for scsi. that should do the trick
  20. personsally I would rather a RAID 0 for my OS drive. . . RAID 1 would slow it down tremendously, waste the space of 1 whole harddrive, and only be helpful in case of physical harddrive failure. If you have extremely important data, I might consider a RAID1 array for backups, but you will see overall performance increase by going to having your OS on a RAID0 array.
  21. i have worked with 3+ controller cards in 1 machine and had them all working, but they were all the same brand/model cards, I haven't had the opportunity to mix w/ SATA, and that prolly throws a whole new set of potential issues into the mix. It "Should" be possibel, but "should" and "works great" are 2 different stories.
  22. I can never remember which is which off the top of my head. . .
  23. and by 2006 fcc is making all the stations complete the move to HDTV signals. . . .
  24. AG is correct, having 4 drives 2 striped and 2 mirrored would give you RAID 0+1 (basically mirroring your striped drives to your second set of drives) you could also have a seperate mirror array for backups etc. . .
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