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    Really bad ad placement.

    Hilariously Stupid - what were they thinking We call them ambulance chasers here
  2. If there is going to be mnky business it has to be done by me
  3. mnkyboy

    Funny :P

    http://atomfilms.shockwave.com/af/content/...af?mid=84296219 Hilarious and I'm not even American:D
  4. mnkyboy

    DFI Issues

    Me thinks you are
  5. mnkyboy

    degraded performance of the M cpu's

    My 2 thoughts I think it could be the abuse I give it I could just stop crying about not running at low volts and get on with pushing 270 It still runs fine 100*10 @ 1.2V
  6. Despite all the grief my DFI has to offer I had MORE grief with ABIT - esp the AN-7 - went through 3 in 2 weeks The 8RDA+ I had wasn't too much of a problem - but that was before I saw the UV light
  7. I use a soft paintbrush and an airzooka!!!!!! My accountant had a hard time believing that an airzooka was a "tool" Tis a real nice toy - specially coupled with some butane
  8. A couple of us here in Mordor (NZ) have noticed that our mobile CPU's dont have the same ability to run at say 166*11 @ 1.475 - I used to be able to do that fine - but in all my burning in and toaster making I find my CPU needs a little extra in volts nowadays to keep it stable Is this to be expected, cause I wasn't expecting it. I always thought it would be the same. It sort of rings a logical bell that it should degrade but on the other hand ...................... meh I dunno........... Im getting old; like sound98.........OK im not that old I have a 2500m, my mate has a 2600m both AQYHA and we have noticed the same thing.
  9. You really should stop putting yourself down :nod: :nod: :nod: Sorry for the hijack:shake: :shake:
  10. mnkyboy

    Corsair BH-5 anyone?

    I have a contact whereby you can aquire some Corsair BH-5 Its on another forum - but they wont let you trade without 50 posts Id be more than happy to be an intermediary He has 6 modules this is all NZ dollars and does not include shipping 1.. XMS3500 - 1gb - 2x512mb -- $600 2.. XMS3500 - 1gb - 2x512mb -- $600 3.. XMS3200LLv1.1 - 512mb - 2x256mb -- $300 I brought some of the same guy (3.3v 260FSB @ 2-2-2-2-10) Here is a pic of them [bimg]http://mnkyboy.orcon.net.nz/xms.jpg[/bimg] Anyways - I just figured with BH-5 gettting rarer by the day someone might want some
  11. As per the title I have lost my left audio channel (LP-B) Happened to anyone else? Or is this an RMA waiting to be actioned?
  12. mnkyboy

    Toaster Sigs (NF2/AthlonXP ONLY!)

    omg took me long enough to pull the finger from my .......... well anyway here it is [bimg]http://mnkyboy.orcon.net.nz/260x10toaster.jpg[/bimg]
  13. mnkyboy

    DFI NF3-250Gb mobo news

    why? surely a move forward to PCI-E and DDR2 would be a good thing. Altho I see the Corsair pc5400 modules have an horrendous CAS latency of 4. /shudders at CAS4 after being on CAS2 for so long. But dual 6800's in SLI would be uber 1337
  14. What really sucks is being 10000miles away in NZ
  15. mnkyboy

    DFI NF3-250Gb mobo news

    from all accounts these 754's from DFI look to be rather leet. I myself will be hoping they get the engineering sussed on the 939's cause thats where I am heading.