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  1. I can't find it either. Ask Angry for it or post your email and i will send it to you. How to flash a bios is descibed here, http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1541
  2. poyozer, first make sure that you have a working and stable system. If i were u i would flash to 9/14/04 which have worked great for me, mabye the later bios are ok but i havent tried them so i don't know. Format HDD, reinstall windows, set FW to off and use 6.37 chipset drivers amd 77.30 nforce, you will find them both on www.guru3d.com. Best of luck Gainward 6800GT GS @ 400/1100
  3. Well i disabled FW and with 6.37 and 77.30 it works great in CSS and BF 2
  4. Im about to get seriously mad, i have tried all new video drivers as well as the 5.10 and 6.37 chipset drivers. I don't get it to work very well, i have to use an old 66.97 driver than all games work well except the new lovely BF 2 which requires newer drivers like thoose in the 7x.xx series (77.30, 77.50, 77.72). If i use thoose new video divers 7x.xx my frame rate in CSS drops from 145 too 108 and i get sudden freezes for up to 5 seconds in booth CSS and BF 2. I think Nvidia have some serious problem here. Any tip on how to resolve this issue except from what i have allready tried would be greatly apreciated.
  5. I tried it and it didn't do any good so i switched back to stock settings. //
  6. Interesting info there. I switched from NV due to one incident when copying a large amont of data between my two discs. In atto, windows driver performs better then with the NV drivers. However in HD tach they performs worse. In real world i hardly can tell any difference, it looks like copying large amount of data between two disks acctually tends to be faster in UDMA 5 with windows driver then with NV drivers set to UDMA 6. Thats how the story goes..
  7. I just switched to Windows IDE driver from NV. The prob is that windows detects my drives as UDMA 5 when they should be UDMA 6. Credit to NV for that part since NV detects my drives as UDMA 6. However i got some other issues that makes me want to use the windows drivers. It's not possible to change the UDMA setting in the device manager when using windows drivers. The choice are limited to PIO mode or auto detect. Anyone knows how i can tell windows that my drives are UDMA 6?
  8. I'm now running memtest and i have past 3 hours error free. To me with my current setup it looks like the two most important things are to lower the skew value and to run DS=1 @ 2,7 volt. With skew @ 255 i got much worse result, when lowering to 128 i got better results and now @ 64 with 2,7vdimm DS=1 it looks promising. Also in all my tests i found that 2,7 volt is the optimum for my TCCD.
  9. I guess i have to digg in to the rest of the settings then. And i agree that DS is very important. I have just made some memtest runs, playing with DS and Trp, Trcd and Vdimm. When DS=4 mem fails in 2 minutes with DS=1 it ran for 1 hour 56 minutes. It's gona take some time to get this rig 100% stable Thanks again thunda and culinist
  10. Thanx for clearing that one up with DS culinist, well all extra timings are at auto. I have not yet played with them. I worked from OSKAR WU:s settings for TCCD memory. And one thing i found is that these TCCD chip i have don't like to much voltage. I have tried DS @ 1, 2, 3 and 3 does not work at all. So far my chips tend to perform best @ 2,7 volt DS 1. But mabye if opting the volt i need to set DS higher. About memtest, well i need to make a run on that and come back. Thanks all for contributing, i will work with your ideas and see if i get i completely stable.
  11. I run 260 HTT and mem is at 1:1. I have tried at 2,9 before but you got a bell ringing, i have not tried at 2,9 with curent settings in bios. I will try that By the way, what is "DS=4" i looked for it in my bios, cant find any? Thanks for replying
  12. I have got a fairly stable set up which works well in games. But i dislike that it can't stand prime 95. I have done a lot of changes in bios to obtain a stable setup, (who has'nt). However i made a certain finding that when lowering the DQS skew value from 255 to 128 i doubled my error free time in prime from 5 hours to 10 hours and 24 minutes. What i woud like to know is if someone has any idea on with what i should continue to work with. Is a 10 hour prime and then fail, a sign of poor cooling or wrong settings in bios? These are my settings; http://web.telia.com/~u15517755/Pictures/Bios1.JPG http://web.telia.com/~u15517755/Pictures/Bios2.JPG I appreciate any good tip so i can beat my boring Dell computer that just keeps primeing but in most other aspects is useless
  13. OK this is my best stable (>10 hour prime) so far with 2*512 http://web.telia.com/~u15517755/Pictures/sandra.JPG
  14. After a day of testing i found that on my rig it seams to work best on dimm 1&2. Prime rigged? Why should it be, what might be the reason? As in my case, prime fails after 5 to 6 hours but every game and benchmark works flawlesly. That makes the results somewhat not applicable to an every day situation but it does indicate a problem.
  15. I'll give u two links i have had great use of. However keep in mind that what OSKAR WU wrote applies to TCCD memory. I don't know what u have but he has played a lot with the settings. I use most of them and it works great. There is no need of a special AGP lock. I have my AGP set to 66 and run @ 265 HTT. Some people here use AGP @ 67 and claims that to lock the AGP. http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=329627 http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=43534
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