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  1. For the hell of it, I've taken a picture of my IRQ setup with the 9/12 Oskar Wu BIOS. I'm not sure what to make of it, but tell me if it looks weird... AngryGames or RGone, assuming that both of you are stumped on this, what is the "next level" of tech support? I feel like this has to be a simple fix, shouldn't it? I'm going to wait a few days to actually send it back since GameVE isn't expecting them in stock again for about two and a half weeks, and while I have it, I might as well try to troubleshoot it a bit.
  2. ... to have hope so I installed it again, and still no PCI card recogniztion. I must say, however, that this is the most bizarre symptom I have ever encountered with a motherboard-- having no PCI slots. AGP slot works perfectly. I have to say I'm most pissed that I won't be able to get my RMA replacement for two or three weeks due to them being out of stock. Oh well, back to Epox temporarily. [/end of rant] Odie
  3. Well, I just threw my Epox back in, and everything is recognized. Blast this DFI board. Here it goes... RMA city.
  4. Samurai Jack, I have tried to enable "Reset Configuration" and it did not seem to help. I also tried to enable VGA/Palette Swoop, and that did not help either. Thanks for the effort RGone, I only tried my sound card with my capture card to verify that the sound card wasn't dead somehow. I find it hardly likely that both would be defective all of a sudden. I've turned onboard audio on and off so many times in BIOS that my head is spinning. I tried reflashing the BIOS for gits and shiggles and I'm still at square number one. Both ACPI and APIC are turned on and were turned on before I installed Windows. Otherwise, the only things I have in there right now are my processor, SLK948U, BFG 6800 Ultra, and 1 stick of PQI Turbo TCCD. I'm running off of a SATA RAID on ports 3 and 4. Oh, well I dont konw if this matters, but I've actually only tested PCI slots 2-5 because slot 1 is blocked by the VGA coolor. Unless there is a weird switch that would inhibit slots 2-5 from working unless slot 1 is filled, I haven't the foggiest... Seeking help yet, Odie
  5. Hey all, Just fired up my S754 Lanparty, and none of my PCI slots work? I've tried my sound card and my capture card in every slot, and nothing. I updated the BIOS and cleared CMOS and set to optimized defaults. I also reinstalled Windows XP. What's the deal? Did I miss a BIOS setting? Odie
  6. OKAY. Things are great! but I have one issue. I have no LAN! I've reflashed the 6/19 BIOS twice and reinstalled Windows with the latest NForce drivers and no LAN still. What's the deal? Is this a known issue with this BIOS? EDIT: I fixed it by inputing my MAC address in the BIOS. Thanks, Odie
  7. Turns out I was able to simply put the DFI chip in my ASUS board and flash the 6/19 BIOS. Saved me a step and I still have two working boards. HOOAH. I owe you Hellfire. Goodnight. Odie
  8. I see. Thanks so much. I'll post back with results.
  9. What does the /tiny command do? Could you just write exactly what the flash commands should look like? I can figure the rest on my own I think.
  10. It's gone, but I DO have an A7N8X Deluxe? will that work?
  11. I don't have my NF7 anymore But thank you so much. Is anyone willing to send me a flashed BIOS chip? Temporarily even, just so I can repair my board?
  12. I see. I believe I misunderstood what you originally wrote. I thought you figured me to be trying to flash an actual NF7 BIOS file to my Infinity, which is not true. But, right, the NF7 chip with an NF7 BIOS on it does not work either. So we're both right. Glad we're clear But back to Angry Games and RGone: What can I do about getting my chip repaired? Do I need to send the entire motherboard, or just the chip? How do I do this? Would appreciate some official DFI help Odie
  13. Yes Popcicle, that's what I wrote above. I have the BIOS chip from when I owned an NF7-S, but I cannot get it to POST in my Infinity as it should to boot the floppy. I replaced the Infinity BIOS chip with the NF7 BIOS chip. Then I turned on my computer, but I get no display, thus inhibiting the act of hotflashing. Is this clear?
  14. Okay, well I tried it and nothing will work. With the NF7 chip I get no POST so I can't boot floppywise. That said, RGone or Angry Games, How can I get my board reflashed? Thank you, Odie
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