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  1. Right, I forgot about that. A soundcard is the tough part. The EMU cards are fairly cheap and the 1212m model has great converters and excellent sound quality. I owned one until a short time ago. The driver software is a little hard to configure at times. This is a good, economical choice with real 1/4 inputs and other choices like pro quality SPDIF to work with. Personally I prefer a firewire interface these days. I have a Focusrite Sapphire Pro with 8 channels, but that's fairly pricey. Focusrtite also make smaller firewire interfaces. Shop around and read some reviews. USB 2.0 might work OK, but I haven't used one. Standard USB has sucky bandwidth limitations, so stay away from that. I hope this helps.
  2. Hi Dan, I sort of read the posts here (lots of info). AG is pretty much right on. If it was just a music box, any old video card with at least 128mb of RAM would do. For CAD, I would follow the software supplier's recommendations for video. For a CPU, I would say a dual core should be just fine. I doubt a quad core would be put to full use and you can save some $$$$ for a better video card. For RAM, 2gb would be just fine. I would avoid Vista and stick with XP for obvious code bloat and driver issue reasons. I run Sonar 5 (it's up to version 7 now) on an X2 3800 running on a DFI Expert NF4 board with 2gb of RAM for my music stuff and it's fast enough that I haven't thought about upgrading. I use a 7300 GS (as I remember) video card and that works fine. A good gaming rig would do everything that you need actually. Use at least 2 hard drives; have the OS an applications on one and the music and CAD files should be stored on the other. Direct the programs to drop the CAD or music files on the 2nd drive. That will speed up disk access a whole bunch. If you have any questions, just ask.
  3. It amazing how much crap you can run off one of those Honda generators that you get at Home Depot, eh Travis? When I lived Mink Creek Idaho, we used one of these generators. Worse part is that our trailer was kind of like the Green Acres house. The refrigerator was a 2, the washing machine was a 2, the window air conditioner was a 3 and each 75w watt bulb was a 1/2, and my computer was a 1 1/2 unless I fired up Quake 3, the it was a 2. If you went over 7 1/2 total the damn thing would blow a fuse! Man, I still have nightmares about that. And yes, that's why I moved out of Idaho!
  4. Hi guys, I have lived in Idaho and here is what I have seen: It's not uncommon for some areas of rural Idaho to go without power and even running water for a year or more after they build a subdivision. What really gets pisses me off is that they have no laws governing this and it's perfectly legal to sell a home in a "dark" neighborhood. This "dark" neighborhood scam has been going on for years! The damn home builders must pay off everyone in the Boise Capital to get away with this. In California we have laws against such things!
  5. My Daddy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux6N00CwudA...related&search= Now that's what music is all about!
  6. You kids are making me want to get a game system so I can "be a guitar hero". I wonder if they have a blues level?
  7. HAHA, maybe one day soon after the peops hear are less ill.
  8. Looks pretty good. That game cracks me up!
  9. Haha. too funny. ATI and Nvidia are the ones making big bucks off these deals for sure. I don't think they need support staff and RMA resources to service thier logos.
  10. Hello guys and germz, As far as the ATI Certified memory: Of course we do our best to insure full compatabilty with all chipsets on the market. The ATI Certified memory does cost a bit more. The largest part of the price increase has to do with the cost of ATI certification and paying for the use of their logo. Feel free to buy the non-certified product. Some customers want the ATI certified products because they feel better about it and then have a fully ATI certified system, while others that are more experienced are just as happy doing some research and finding out what will work. Either way you get OCZ's great support and you have me to help if you need it.
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