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  1. I went for the 2005fpw. Got it from ebay for $390 including shipping (after the $25 coupon). It was a little stretch price-wise but I think it's just what I'm looking for. appreciate the help
  2. What's the response time like on the Dell 2005fpw? Is it okay for gaming? If I can find that for around $350 I'd probably pick it up right now. Otherwise, I might just have to let go of my widescreen hopes and go for one of these: Hyundai - http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16824179014 Samsung - http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16824001066
  3. I own a MX3100 Keyboard and Mouse setup and, while they are both very fast and elegant, the mouse is pretty bulky, and people may find it awkward to use for gaming. But, again, Logitech wireless stuff is fast and always high quality, plus the lag is practically imperceptible. However, I would avoid the g5 or g7... there's only 1 side button which is really obnoxious. 2 side buttons are necessary to page back and forward with your internet browser. So not having that is a big problem. With that said, I would really test of the Razer line of mice. They look very comfortable and I've heard they're extremely fast and reliable. Perfectly suited for gaming.
  4. I'm looking for a high quality Widescreen monitor for my desktop PC. I really like the looks of the Apple and Dell 20"s+, but they're are a little too big (and too expensive). I'd really like to get a 17" widescreen, with ~1440x900 resolution. It's a shame neither company manufacture's a smaller model. I'd prefer 8ms response time because I do some gaming. I'm looking in the ~$300 range. I've checked out the Acer AL1913W Black 19" 20ms Wide Screen LCD Monitor, and the ViewSonic VA1912wb Black 19" 8ms LCD Widescreen Monitor @ Newegg. But they're both pretty fugly, and I don't need bundled speakers (prefer not to have them). What options do I have?
  5. I built and tweaked this PC over the summer, and it seemed to be perfectly stable at its current setup. It ran memtest, prime, and OCCT without errors. Now there have come times where I have the CPU and memory at max load, while multitasking or entering/exiting heavy games like World of Warcraft, and the computer will simply crash with that evil blue screen. Can someone look at my current system configuration and offer any suggests for how I should revise or scale back my overclock in order to prevent future crashes? Thanks!
  6. i found Add/Remove... that doesn't help either... all these Add/Remove clones do is run the uninstall program provided by the vendor of the program you try to remove... effectively the same thing as control panel
  7. That link doesn't seem to have it
  8. That's a nice program, with a lot of useful features, but it didn't help solve my problem.
  9. I am trying to get rid of all my old Microsoft Office components in favor of OpenOffice.org's software and Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5beta, but the Microsoft uninstallers keep having problems (in Control Panel: Add/Remove Programs). It has to do with some sort of XP Pro feature I was trying to install in Word, which got messed up a while back. The MS uninstaller crashes, and so I cannot remove the programs entirely. I had having extra disc space taken up by things like this. Are there any freeware programs that can permanently delete applications/registry keys/all traces etc.?
  10. I use iTunes for music files, and Media Player Classic for most anything video... I think it's a good combo. If you don't want to succumb to the "dark side" with iTunes, well... then I can't say
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