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  1. This thread is probably the best possible summary of why I'll never buy any DFI product again. My best guess as their motto: Irritable, pretentious, and insulting, the DFI support "team". Oh, and AG, Rgone, you're right; you don't work for Asus, Abit, Shuttle, etc. And there's a reason DFI is never mentioned in the same breath with them: they have GOOD customer service and support, friendly representatives, and products that don't crap out for no good reason 40% of the time. DFI doesn't have any of that. And is somehow proud of it. Tsk Tsk.
  2. found a weird little bug, pretty sure it's caused by this BIOS, but some confirmation would be nice. Since flashing to the 6/19 bios, 8rdavcore now reads the FSB 10mhz low. By that I mean, when it loads and detects current FSB, it detects it as, say, 240 if it's set to 250, or 220 if it's set to 230. Weird, huh? WCPUID and CPU-Z recognize it correctly. however.
  3. Well, I just winflashed the 6/19 on my Infinity. No problems whatsoever, posted straight away. But I always reboot and reset the bios to defaults before flashing. However, I have to confirm what RGone said about the bios not giving even ONE more FSB. Stuck exactly where I was before. Which ain't so bad, I guess. At any rate, haven't tested the resume from S3 yet, but all else seems fine. No post problems, no cold boot issues yet, despite much hard overclocking and rebooting. For some reason, this bios just feels a little more "solid" so to speak, to me. YMMV.
  4. AGP latency set by 8rdavcore won't stick after a reboot, but you can set it to start with windows, and it'll apply then. It's a small program, and monitors temp and voltage too, so it's not a bad deal overall.
  5. well, there's really no telling how much faster (if any) it would be, as it's kinda luck of the draw (plus I don't know how fast your LP.A is). However, there are a LOT more BIOS options (as in more BIOSes to choose from) and there is more voltage available to the RAM and CPU I believe. The combination of a good beta bios and more voltage may get you a lot more speed. EDIT: Doh, just noticed your siggy. Well, that would be considered probably an average to poor overclock on the infinity (but remember, your other components may just not like to OC)
  6. that's some really handy info there ViperJohn How did you calculate the current draw of the processor? And would that be peak amperage? I don't know many PSUs capable of delivering 37+ amps on the 12v line (which is what the CPU gets it's feed from, iirc).
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