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    No post, power led flashing

    My power led flashed as well with my old cpu and my Lanparty UT 250gb. Put in a new cpu and things worked again. I haven't gotten any answer myself on what exactly the flashing power led means but i *think* if might mean cpu failure. Then again things could be different for the NF3 Ultra-D's.
  2. jumanji9696

    nF3 250Gb Dedicated Thread.

    Love the idea, I want to get into tweaking my board more and sometimes it can get tedius searching through a bunch of threads. My board though is very picky, won't allow overclocking in windows and the agp slot does not display video after a cmos reset. I have to use a pci card to get into the bios then change init display first to agp.
  3. jumanji9696

    Flashing Red Power LED

    I'm nearly 100% sure its just the cpu. How do I know which build? edit: Basically I just want to make sure flashing red led means cpu dead and not something else.
  4. Setup: AMD 64 2800 newcastle DFI Lanparty NF3 UT 1 x 512mb Twinmos bh-5 fortron 530w psu pci video card Whenever I plug the power into the motherboard the led under the pci slots just flashes. Anyone tell me what this means?
  5. jumanji9696

    DFI mobo odd bootup problems

    Update: Problem isn't really solved. I've found if I have to clear the cmos, the board goes through this same crap. After a cleared cmos I cannot boot from my agp card, sometimes I just get a blank screen from the pci card and it hangs for 3-4minutes at the "Lanparty" logo before I can get into the bios. After I get into the bios for the first time and switch video back to agp display first and everything works fine again. Edit: Offical BIOS 5/4/2005 installed.
  6. jumanji9696

    DFI mobo odd bootup problems

    Finally got things working. I really have no clue what was wrong but now things are working. Basically I just ended up resetting the cmos and removing the battery about a dozen times. I *think* the agp slot might be bad though. The computer fully detects my card in the slot but will not show any image with the monitor hooked up to it. Same card was just tested in my other computer a few minutes ago. edit: Windows detects the 9500n/p but still no video. edit2: Fixed, 'init display first' needed to be set to agp
  7. Here is my setup: DFI Lanparty NF3 250gb AMD Athlon 64 2800 - Newcastle KHX3200 ram BBA 9500n/p and PCI Video Card Fortron 530w PSU -----------------------Before---------------------------------- Alright, when I first setup this computer I had a few issues where I was getting either blank screens or a bios checksum error. I somehow fixed that by clearing the cmos and leaving the battery out for periods (I did this many times before problem resolved). Finally after hitting the reset button a few times the board booted up. Everything worked fine and I was running great in no time. I ran prime95 all night with no errors. I was able to reboot and do everything I wanted perfectly fine. -----------------------After---------------------------------- Today I thought my temps were a bit high so I took the heatsink off (stock heatsink) and reseated it with some new AS5. Now when I try to turn on the computer a few things can happen: 1) If the monitor is plugged into the BBA 9500n/p, nothing will show on the screen. Sometimes I get one beep, other times I get no beeps. 2) If monitor is plugged into my pci video card. Sometimes I get a flashing white cursor in the top left and sometimes I get one beep then nothing at all on the screen. 3) If a different video card is plugged into the agp slot. I get Bios checksum errors or 1 beep and nothing shows on the screen. I have cleared the cmos many times, I have left the battery out for hours, I have tested all video cards and ram in other PC's. I would find it hard to believe the processor died as it was working flawlessly earlier in the day and I've never raised the voltages. Any other ideas on things to do? Somehow I have a hard time thinking something is seriously wrong as this setup was working great yesterday.
  8. jumanji9696

    DFI Infinity BIOS chip????

    Yes but if I flash a beta/modded bios and it goes fubar, I have no way of fixing it (even though I do have another bios chip and bios savior). If I had a bios socket I woulda already been though about a dozen bios'. edit: Eh guess it's just my choice and a chance to see how big my [email protected]$ are...
  9. jumanji9696

    DFI Infinity BIOS chip????

    I believe its 6/19, especially since this board was RMA'd back in August of 2k4. Edit: Shinobi, do you live on these forums :shake:
  10. jumanji9696

    DFI Infinity BIOS chip????

    One last thing since I now have this board working. Who thinks I should even risk doing a bios flash? Just to a newer official bios of course but then again there's the old saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." And if the flash does go bad...haha.. p.s. Hooked things up with a crap 300w psu and had my ram running 260mhz almost errorless in memtest(2 per run) with very little tweaking.
  11. jumanji9696

    DFI Infinity BIOS chip????

    Yes, especially since I was the one that broke the board (and told him) and the board had vmods. I mean wow thats just awesome.
  12. jumanji9696

    DFI Infinity BIOS chip????

    Well Frank Wong said he would have had an RMA engineer fix it but things just got too busy and he forgot. I can't complain though, he had my volt modded board fixed (broken resistor) and sent back to me free of charge. I figure I'll either: 1. Take it easy on the board and pray for no bios corruptions 2. Just sell it, let someone else deal with it I'm far too crappy at soldering and know of no good people personally to have it done. Sending it to someone will probably cost $30-40 and in the end I could have just bought a whole new darn board.
  13. jumanji9696

    DFI Infinity BIOS chip????

    Sorry to dig up an old thread but it seems that DFI does this on a few slight boards to save a little. I'll live with it while I have the board, just thankful Frank Wong has been so helpful to me.
  14. jumanji9696

    NF3 Ultra-D 939/AGP

    Heh I don't mind it being that easy, I just want a good overclocking AND fairly solid board. Something I can put a moderate overclock on during school and be reliable. Hell I build computers because I enjoy tweaking them, as long as putting some time into it makes it a solid board, that works for me.