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  1. Trust me when I say that the processor is gone. It may memtest day and night, but we all know that memtest stable != windows stable. I get reboots now as soon as I enter into Windows. Additionally, I have begun to see artifacts on my screen during posting, ESPECIALLY if I try to run high voltages through the processor. This leads me to believe that the processor may have been damaged (albeit not 100% dead) to the point that it would make more sense to replace it altogether (which I have). deception``
  2. Just wanted to say that I had my 3000+ Venice die on me (I think) due to this bios. I was getting a few reboots here and there, and then they progressively began to worsen over time. Over the past two days, I have flashed from bios to bios, thinking it would solve the problem...unfortunately it did not. I now experience occassional BSODS (first time ever) and the system will barely still in Windows. I did not use any VID special setting about 113% at any given time, also. I have another processor en route to me as we speak....my question is it just the processor that went bad, or perhaps the motherboard, too? I really don't want to put a new CPU in the board with the risk that it might die as well. At the moment, the board is currently flashed to the 6/18-3 bios. Based on the information provided, it appears that only the processor should be affected, but I just want to make sure. SPECS: 3000+ Venice (bad chip) @9x300 1.4 vcore DFI NF4 Ultra-D 2x512 MB OCZ PC 4800 Platinum XP-90 with Vantec Tornado MSI 6600GT PCI-E deception``
  3. 1. DFI used the same PCB for two reasons. First of all, using the same PCB makes for lower production costs. In other words, it makes much more sense to use the same PCB for both the UT and non-UT versions, as opposed to making various different boards per product. Secondly, the same PCB was used to provide consistency in overclocking. This way, anyone with a NF4 motherboard will have the same possibility of seeing high scores, regardless of whether you own the most expensive motherboard or not. 2. I'm sorry, but it's a little hard to understand your english here perfectly. If you could rephrase I am sure that someone could be of more help to you on this matter. 3. The DFI motherboards should have no problem supporting the revision E Athlon 64's. Also, initial dual core chips will be s939 compatible, so they should work fine in current motherboards without a problem. Unfortunately, no motherboard manufacturer can give you a definite answer concerning dual core support. deception``
  4. http://www.ocforums.com/showpost.php?p=3441143&postcount=43 deception``
  5. http://www.ocforums.com/showpost.php?p=3441143&postcount=43 /yawns deception``
  6. Are you running a 20-pin power supply? If so then that is most likely the problem. Also, I used to have a similar problem with one of my older Lanparty boards. It turned out that I simply needed to give some components (such as the video card) their own dedicated line. Once that was done, everything went back to normal. deception``
  7. Why would a non-SLI motherboard intentially ship with an SLI bridge? I'm sorry, but that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. And for the record, often times we will find that various retailers initially sell products based on immature photos. I would find this misleading, but this is a very common practice amongst newer products. The point is this: if you buy an Ultra motherboard, then an Ultra board you get. deception``
  8. No, not at all. Unfortunately, the NF4 boards are very new, but I'm sure someone will give you a hand soon. deception``
  9. Just to make sure......the way you "load SATA" is to keep it set under advanced bios menu? deception``
  10. Take a look at my DFI/NF4 thread. It should things very easy for you: http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=355145 deception``
  11. I think you over-analyzed my thread: 1. There might be memory incompatibilities with any motherboard. Nonetheless, I still wanted to provide suggestions as far as what to look at. Besides, if you had looked at some of the results from XS, then you would know that the NF4 boards have pretty much been tuned for Bh-5 and TCCD, which is what I recommended the most. 2. I plan to make the 24-pin mention soon. 3. I also mentioned that the Rev E cores were not yet available. Some more thorough reading would have made this known. deception``
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I will look into this and make a change if necessary. Once again, I appreciate the criticism; above all, it's most important that I provide people with factual information. Keep up the good work. deception``
  13. No offense, but with the paper launch of the s939 DFI boards, there's absolutely no good reason to consider dual channel at this moment. This doesn't mean that your proposed system will be slow by any means; rather, I simply mean to say that s939 and PCIe are the future, and you should definitely be looking ahead especially if you're doing an all new build. deception``
  14. Are you already in possession of a DFI system? Or are you currently looking to buy one in the near future? If you are waiting to buy, know that s939 is the best route to go at this moment. I have a thread located in the "ASK DFI" section, which should get you on the right path as far as choosing some components. Take a look at it before you post any more questions: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...=&threadid=4254 deception``
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