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  1. great thanks! What clocks and temps are you getting with your setup like that?
  2. oh hehe ok gotcha. I never even thought of the lack of airflow lol. I was just worried about the pcb/fan shroud of the card obstructing the installation due to it possibly physically hitting the VC-RE itself. I am really not wanting to dump anymore money into this setup in terms of modifications, new heatsinks etc. I am eventually going C2D or Barcelona this fall so will worry about all that when I get another motherboard which will have a whole new layout and possibly new options for modding and cooling etc. The Video card now can always be transferred over later so I suppose I will just have to live with the increase chipset temps. They can't be any worse than they are now with my Accelero X2 from my X1900 dumping all the hot air right onto it. I appreciate your response yet again.
  3. thanks a ton for the reply. Are you saying it is GUARANTEED not to fit on the DFI NF4 Ultra-D or are you speculating based on the layout of the board? My X1900XTX covers the chipset without issues so would hope the 8800GTX would. If the PCB makes it I am just worried about the fan shroud. I appreciate your reply none the less. If you or anyone else has anything to share please do!
  4. Hey guys, haven't visited this forum in eons but thought I would pop back in to see what was up as well as to drop this question that is bothering me. I currently have a DFI NF4 Ultra-D with the Evercool VC-RE installed on the chipset in replacement of the stock fan. I am thinking of getting an 8800GTX but am a little weary on whether the card is going to properly fit. The card is extremely long compared to my X1900XTX and am wondering if I will be able to be properly seated without it hitting the VC-RE in any way. It looks like it is going to be a mighty close fit but need to be sure before I spend the money on the card. The PCB looks like it may JUST clear it, but what about the fan shroud on the card itself? If anyone can give me a definite confirmation on whether the 8800GTX will, nor will not fit with the VC-RE I would really appreciate it. As well, I use all 4 SATA ports, will the long card interfere with me using the top two ports? It too looks like it will be a very close call but with the end of the card being only PCB it looks like it may JUST clear the top two ports, even if it is tight. Confirmation on this as well would be sweet. Thanks.
  5. I am wondering if anyone has tried installing this XTC cooler on an Ultra-D with a Thermaltake Big Typhoon installed? I am wondering how this will fit and if it will be obstructed by the heatpipes on the Big Typhoon. I want to be guaranteed it is going to fit before I spend my money ordering one. I have my 2 sticks in the Orange slots.
  6. Wondering if anyone knows how or whether if the newly released OCZ XTC Memory cooler will fit on an original DFI NF4-Ultra-D board WITH a Thermaltake Big Typhoon installed on the cpu. Will there be clearance issues with the heatpipes of the cpu cooler? Hope to hear something soon. Thanks.
  7. I have no clue what is causing that, however, I also run my PCIE at 105mhz and have done so since I got my X1900XTX, and have never experienced that.
  8. I have my CPU volts at 1.68 for over 9 months now with zero issues.
  9. what does this 410/430 chipset bring to the table over our current chipset?
  10. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25632 I had this same issue with my Ultra-D and had to RMA. You will see my post in the above thread as well as many others.
  11. Now this is majorly interesting. My First Ultra-D that I bought back in February had this EXACT SAME ISSUE. I had a 600w OCZ powerstream so don't tell me that was an issue powerwise. I too thought it must be a psu issue as hey, its the psu that powers the board right? Plugging in the 12v connector had the board turn on a split second then back off again immediately. Unplugging the 12v had the board start up but with 4 solid leds that would go no further. Plug the 12v back in and right off it went. I contacted OCZ and they said they had no issues with their powerstreams with any of the NF4 boards they tested but they were willing to help me out so overnight shipped me a brand new 600w powerstream. Confident that the psu was the issue I reassembled my case when my psu arrived and wadda ya know. Immediate shutdown upon power up. Unbelievable that two psus like this would be bad especially since the first powerstream was working on my previous setup before moving to the NF4. I had no choice then but to RMA my brand new board. I did so and the new board powered right up without issue with all power connections filled on the board as should the first board have. I am still on my second board as it is working just fine. Still on my Winchester too.. why? Because im afraid if I take this case apart it won't power back up again. Honest truth. As stupid as it may sound this build was a disaster from the start and I am willing to miss out on a faster processor to avoid any possible problems I may encounter.
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