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  1. DFI Expert Only about 4 months old. Ran great for me, just no longer needed. It will come in the retail box with all cables except for the floppy cable and two sata cables. All manuals/driver cd/sli bridge is included. (the plastic cpu mount also is included, its just not in the picture. sold USA only. Verified Paypal only. I ship usps priority with d/c Heat is sparkie34 106-0-0 Thanks for looking
  2. Its been on water since I've had it. Idle temps around 30c and load at 40c per smart guardian.
  3. Opteron 148 OEM I ran this 24/7 at 268x11 2.95ghz with right around 1.55vcore. Didn't go any higher because I don't like running high vcore. Overclock isn't guaranteed. Everyone's skill and equiptment are different. This was on a DFI Expert with a set of Ballistix. sold Crucial Ballistix PC4000 2x1GB This has been a great set of ram for me. Purchased from another forum member in December 05 and have been running them since. Stock timings are 3-4-4-8 250mhz I ran them everyday at 3-3-3-8 268mhz w/ 2.8v Overclock is not guaranteed but they may even go a little higher. 268x11 was the sweet spot for my Opty. They will come in their retail package and are warrantied through Crucial. I will include the original purchase reciept to the buyer. From day one they've had a fan blowing directly on them. sold. Verified Paypal only. USA only. I ship USPS Priority with D/C Heat is sparkie34 107-0-0 Thanks for looking.
  4. Please leave any offers to pm's. I'm happy to talk about it there. Thanks
  5. Dell 19inch LCD Flat Panel Monitor E196FP This monitor is only 2 weeks old. MINT condition. I would be keeping this monitor but it comes with a single D-sub and I needed dual inputs for my needs. No Dead Pixels and games quite nicely! Dell sells this monitor for $279 shipped. My price is $195 shipped Verified paypal only Heat is sparkie34 USA only I ship with USPS Priority with D/C and Insurance. Pending Dell 20inch 2005FPW LCD Time to part with my beautiful lcd. 2yrs left on Dell warranty. No Dead pixels in perfect condition. Will ship in its original box from Dell. pending USA only. Verified Paypal only. USPS Priortiy with D/C and Insurance. Heat is sparkie34 Thanks for looking.
  6. RMA it! I had my card for 3 short days. I ran 3dmark and BF2 numerous times in the first 2 days. I Alt+Tab alot! Worked perfect for 2 days and on the 3rd the flickering started. It would run 3d no problem, but as soon as I would alt+tab the screen would start flickering like crazy. It was like it had gotten stuck between 3d and 2d. After fresh window formats and driver installs it did the same thing so I rma'd it.
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