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  1. Well, it being an LCD if it's working properly should not give your eyes any trouble. Mine is set back a little more than an arms length away from me and it works great. You can move it closer to you since the resolution is pretty small some things are tiny on there if you're having a little bit of trouble seeing text ot whatever. Just scoot it up a bit, it's not going to kill your eyes (more than they already are ) ). LoL Nah, but try it about an arms length away and see how you like it. Also adjusting the brightness can help as well as using the appropriate modes for what you're doing (Desktop, Multi-Media, Gaming). The default brightness was at 50 and I almost needed sunglasses ! So I dropped this thing down to 30 on the brightness and it's working out great. BTW I also think it's silly that Dell didn't include component on the 3007 but they did on the 2407. I mean, if anything it should be the other way around seeing as how the 3007 is 6" bigger....
  2. QFT The only cards that can run this in 2560x1600 are the 8800's. Untill the R600
  3. I agree with you guys, I think this guy's posts are pretty funny now. Here's his reply to my last post:
  4. I replied along with another forum member: Other member: Here's the thread in-case you guys want a funny read
  5. So I was recently posting in a thread over at the [H]ard|Forums and this guy claims: Sounds pretty cool right? Well I then ask him *the* question: Now it's a legitimate question right? His response: Now I haven't typed up my response but it's going to go something along the lines of "we get our CPU's 100% stable, it's nice to know that your proc isn't going to error out or freeze on you" etc... It got me thinking why we do prime/orthos for as many hours as we do. Well, when multi-threaded games come out I believe both of the cores will be at 100%. So we'll see how stable his system is then.
  6. Yeah I fiddled around with ATi Tool's Beta 25 pre 8 or whatever and I overclocked to what I said earlier keeping the fan speed where I wanted it. I just couldn't deal with a loud fan when my pc's watercooled with the radiator fans at 7v along with all my case fans. My case is quiet and the x1950's fan on 100% just ruins in the whole experience So it's staying at stock speeds, with the core slightly OCed. Plus I just don't need the extra speed right now. Thanks
  7. Actually today I loaded up the CCC and ran the automated clock configuration utility and it overclocked the core to 668Mhz keeping the memory at stock. I'll just leave it there as it seems to run great
  8. Alright well happy thanksgiving to you sir, you have a great weekend I'm looking forward to those results so good luck.
  9. Well I've got a Sapphire X1950XTX that with ATi Tool managed to overclock slightly. The default core is 648Mhz, I got that up to about 665Mhz. The default mem is 999Mhz and that went to about 1030Mhz. I kept the fan speed setting stock because I like how it operates. It idles around 12% and kicks up to about 56% to cool it down. If I would've cranked it upto 100% I could have probably went futher but I hate how loud it is up there so I decided to just leave the whole card stock because it's way too fast stock and it doesn't overclock well without turning the fan up to stupid levels.
  10. Hey guys, haven't posted here for a while but I'm wondering what the update is! I'm very interested in these conroe chips and will probably switch my system over once the lanparty board comes out as I've always bought them and love the boards to death! Thanks. P.S. I also liked your first post, I'm one of those in the top 10-15%. I love my 2407 and 1920x1200 res
  11. Hey all, I'm currently running 1GB of PC3200 BH-5 Kingston Hyper X. I have BIOS 6/23-2 (the one that was recommended for BH-5 RAM) but now I've ordered this other stuff that is low voltage UCCC and was thinking that I might have to switch BIOSes. Is this the case? if so, which BIOS would you recommend that I use for my new UCCC RAM. Btw it's the G.Skill Extreme Series PC4000 3-4-4-8 2.6-2.8v RAM Forgot to mention my board is the DFI Lanparty nF4 Ultra-D
  12. You are one of the lucky ones. Come on guys, lets hear from A_G or RGone on this one, please.
  13. My friend's got the nF3 Ultra-D and it freezes for like 10 seconds when he gets into CS: S and other games. In CoD 2 it freezes and is unplayable because of this. Comp Spec: AMD A64 3200+ winchester DFI UT NF3 ULTRA-D PNY Verto 6800GT 1GB Hyper X PC3200 520 GB of 3 HDDs Creative Audigy 2 ZS Antec P-160 Case Antec 430watt TP The rig is stock right now, it's on the stock BIOS, he tryed flashing to the 8/24 BIOS with crappy results so he was able to flash back to the stock BIOS. Chip set drivers are on and everything. He is at his wits end and ready to throw his board out the window, and frankly I don't blame him one bit. This board is a scar on the face of DFI, why they put it into production with this many bugs is beyond me. Can you please lend your assistance? What do you suggest we do to it to cure this problem?
  14. Hey guys, what's the current best BIOS for this board? Sorry, I didn't have time to read through this thread this far, generally what's the best bios? how's the 8/24? My friend has this board with a 3200+ Winchester and he's getting 12xxx 3dmark2001 at stock with a 6800GT and 1GB of RAM. I have to get over there and tweak it but I'm just wondering what bios works best.
  15. I think the XP-120 should fit on the SLI-DR. I'm using it with a nf4 Ultra-D with no problems, and it cools GREAT!
  16. Wow man, those are really crappy timings for what that RAM's doing lol. Do you still have that crappy stuff? or are you running the stuff in your sig?
  17. Norton's good, never had a problem with it. That looks like somebody just having some fun over at futuremark.com :nod:
  18. Could you describe how to do this in detail please.
  19. Update From testing so far, I took my vcore up to 1.62 (1.325*123%) and I hit 2897Mhz in ClockGen before Prime threw me an error. I then lowered it down to 2855Mhz and it primed for 7hrs before I stopped it, then I lowered the voltage back down to where I had it before; 1.40*113 = 1.58. I started priming this morning before I left for school, I'm now at school and when I get home tonight I hope it will still be priming. I'm contemplating giving it 1.66vcore to see if I can bust through 2.9Ghz. My load temps with 1.62Ghz @ 2897Mhz with prime going before it errored were about 48C, that's getting a little high for my taste, so even if I could run 2.9Ghz, even stable, my temps *might* just get too high. We'll see though, It might not break 50C, in that case, I might just run 2.9Ghz. The other thing is, I'm not done testing my RAM fully. I got to 250Mhz with 6-2-3-2.5-7 @ 3.2Vdimm. I'm gonna try relaxing the timings more now (as per A_G's mem guide). I also just found out my max HTT @ 1.62vcore, I hit 307HTT and my comp bluescreened, so I'm thinking 303-305HTT is gonna be my max... Any, advice/comments/input would greatly be appreciated
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