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  1. Does anyone know if there is a bank interleave option in the LanParty Nforce2 Ultra400 rev. B bios? Also, is there an option to set to T1?
  2. Thanks for the input. I'm down to 3, but am having a tuff time deciding before ordering tomorrow: Mushkin Redline PC3200 or PC4000. I'm also strongly considering the OCZ 3200 Platinum R2. I'm leaning towards the OCZ due to the fact that I read the Rambooster from OCZ is not compatible with the Nforce2 LanParty Ultra 400 rev. B boards. I feel that with the Mushkin the booster will be necessary to up my dimm voltage above 3.3v to get desired results. (I'm not comfortable doing a volt mod on the dimms). Do you or anyone else have any more input that might lead me in the right direction? Thanks again.
  3. Looking for some suggestions on either adding to or replacing 2 sticks (2 x 256) Mushkin Black Level II memory. These sticks allow me to run at 5-2-2-2 at 248fsb @3.3V .. The problem is, with more and more stuff having to be running all the time with my computer, I'm running out of memory. I've got to upgrade to a gig, but I don't want to lose the high fsb + tight timings. Is there anything out there today that can withstand the high voltage like these current BH-5's?
  4. Lesson well learned. I am so glad that I was able to venture so many avenues to find the problem; and accusations towards the Lanparty came way way too soon. I tried my best to blame the board, but after an hour or so with my old old setup, I rebooted.. then all a sudden everything shut off!.. I for so long thereafter sat there wishing so hard for a fan to spin; no dice. After about an hour of this, I decided that the board must be too old and lost it's legs. I took out the old Abit board and reinstalled the DFI in hopes to at least get the fans going; no dice again. Really flustered, I grabbed an old 250 watt supply that's been in my closet for years, plugged the atx cable only to the board, and fans started right up! So, hard for me to believe that it could possibly be this great Antec Truecontrol 550W psu costing $120 I bought 8 months ago (oops, the second one due to the first one failing after 3 months, and had to wait 2 weeks to use my pc again) ... but I immediately went to the local PC store, which has no gr8 name products to speak of, picked up a 600W psu for $60, which brand name I've never heard of.. Installed, reinstalled Windows and now I'm 100% back to where I was before all this started... and for the lesson learned? If this one goes bad, I've got a guy that will take care of the problem 3 blocks away...thx again for the tips. John
  5. Thanks for the tips, but I had already checked and tried those ideas...thx very much though.. I reinstalled WinXP again, with no luck...Then stripped the case, took out the DFI, put in my old old Abit KX7-333, reinstalled Windows and wahlah.. found that the board was the problem. What could it be though? Scratching head :eek:
  6. I've been running 251x10 for months with absolutely no probs at all, up until 3 nights ago. All of a sudden, while just surfing the web, the computer would reboot itself every 3 mts or so.. I set the computer "not to reboot on error", but it still rebooted, and no errors listed in adm. tools at all. Here's the steps I've taken to find the culprit.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. 1. Changed processor 2. Flashed to 6/19, then 1/21, then back to original 2/15 bios. 3. Power Supply rails are, and remain dead perfect. 4. Ran Memtest86 for 10 loops at 251x10.. No errors found. 5. Dropped down from 251 to 200, then 166 then 133.. prob still exists. 6. Set Memory to optimal. 7. Reinstalled WinXP 8.. The ONLY SOLUTION is to set system to "optimized defaults"; which boots to 800mhz with both my 2500+ or 2600+ mobile processors. It seems there must be something wrong with my board.. How to test, and what to do?
  7. I have that problem every time I reformat WinXP, until I install my mouse drivers. Then the prob is gone.
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