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  1. problem solved! done the flashing ,and 4 sticks are rocking! thanx to all.
  2. x-seed

    temperatures on san diego

    i got an x-flow (waterblock) eheim 1048 pump ,a 120 radiator (BIX) ,a 240 radiator (BIX2) ,and the 6600 gt is watercooled too. the flow is ok. maybe it has to do with bad contact with cpu...i´ll check it out.
  3. hi there,i got a san diego 3700+ ,in ite smart guardian i got 1,36 volts and [email protected] 37º. if i start a program like super pi ,the temperature will rise instantly to 65/70º! is this normal? i want to overclock this baby,but i´m afraid of the temps. i got it WATERCOOLED,with one black ice extreme 120 and another black ice extreme 240. are this temps normal?
  4. sorry m8 i thought u were fouling me,cause of ur "mrgreens". i tryed finding out how to do that,but my english is not very good,anda dont feel confortable playing with that program. if u can help me in some way ,thanx. sorry for that misunderstanding.
  5. thanx for the help ppl. im not sure on making those changes on these mems,so i rest my case.- maybe i just sell them. thx anyway.
  6. yes i tryed 2T ,no good. i updated to the newest bios from dfi site,still no good. (done with da sig. ) i tryed mixing them on dual channel ,but the board just beeps. two sticks at a time it works (same brand). i thought i would have no problems ,cause they are all BH-5 ...but i guess there is nothing i can do ...right? (pls say no...)
  7. hi there,thx in advance. i used 2 sticks of kingston hyperx bh-5 in my dfi ultra d ,recently i bought 2 more ,bh-5 but winbond original. it wont work. the motherboard only recognizes 2 of the sticks. 2 winbond works fine,2 kingston works fine,4 sticks ,it only recognizes 2 of them. if i mix the sticks 1winbond and 1kingston beeps all over the place. can anyone help me pls? :confused:
  8. thanx m8! i´ll do it this week and post results.
  9. i see,i have no need for that mod. as for ur resistor how many ohms or kohms are u using,and how much did it raised ur v-core? thanx
  10. it raises the v-core? what are u talking about m8?
  11. ok i´m planning to this ,as i need little more v-core for my mobile. the more i get the best. i have some question,and i will be pleased if u help me out,so thanx in advance. about the 50k pot. if the pot is set to 50k (maximum resistance) there will be no gain in v-core ,right? if it is set to 0(zero) minimum.what will be the gain in v-core? could i use a diferent pot,like 1k? thanx ppl.
  12. x-seed

    see i think drugs have done .....

    well here is my view of that: i´m 29 years old have 2 children ,6 and 1,5 years old. i´m married,i work and live as most ppl do. i used drugs from the age of 16. first coffe,then smoking,then drinking,then smoking pot,then tryed couple of times cocain,discovered extasy,and finnaly LSD. so i think i can talk bout that.i used to play guitar in a band. yes drugs are not good for ur health. but the greastest songs for me were written under the influence of drugs. as ur overclocks make great benchmarks,they are not good for ur cpu. smoking is the only thing i´m still doing,and i find it hard to quit,can´t do it till now. alchool destroys family and everithing arround u,but it´s legal. pot ,i smoked all my life,never done anithing bad to me.one day i decided i did not want to smoke it no more i did not.no problems at all. cocain destroys everytingh,don´t mess with that,i tryed it couple of times,it´s nice,but not my kind of stuff,never had it again. extasy was great times,i loved that ..but it has screwed my brain and my body real hard,i still suffer from the use of it today. was hard to quit,i had to struglle ,i won.my older child was the reason i won.was born in that time. LSD was the most fascinating stuff i had ever tasted. i quited using it for the same reason i quited extasy,my child. i quited it easily.no problems. this drug was awesome,and many of the music made in the 60/70´s,was made by using this substance,or were made thinking of it.for me the best music was made in those times. extasy for example ,yes it is a drug,but did u know cientists know now that mdma in the extasy have awesome results in treating parkinson desease? everithing in this world has good and bad things. nothing is bad or good. peace to u all. must go smoke some tobbaco,i´m desperate.
  13. x-seed

    Heres a good question

    SAGRES pt beer