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  1. It seems like bios version 623-3 fixed all my problems. I can use my X-Fi now.... Still stable testing tho. goo Ahh, thx Torm
  2. My comp wont boot either with a X-Fi Music installed on my NF4 Ultra-D board :/ I just dropped a e-mail to that address that Angry gave too. goo :drool:
  3. http://upl.silentwhisper.net/uplfolders/up...hiip-x800xl.jpg This is with the PowerColor X800XL.
  4. i wish that i had a working prommie :sad: then i maybe would give u a match :nod: well well... NICE clock anyway
  5. Well, i cant play anymore Prommie was broken and im selling my rig. i wish that i could go on. bye bye then. ggl
  6. Sorry exeter_acres, i have to fix my prommie before i can play some more... with super pi / 3dmark etc bye bye then ggl EDIT: i could not go over 2950MHz if i used multipel 12.5 or lower. but with 13... well 3153MHz! bug? :confused:
  7. http://upl.silentwhisper.net/uplfolders/upload0/3153mhz.JPG Maaaan i love this rig! :shake: :nod: heheh It was one of my big dreams to beat +3GHz with a s462 cpu. I could actully do even more... 3.2GHz! but............... my prommie doesnt work any good at all. :sad: got some real problems with it.... well well but thats another story. Thank you for all support gabbax, loabanan, mackan, ekiiis, LV and DFi for a great mobo of course! :angel: :nod: i hope that i didnt forgot someone Bye bye then! ggl
  8. i checked it with my multimeter and it says 1.5v. :eek: EDIT: OPS! it was 1.62v *DOH* :shake:
  9. Well, u could hotflash if u have another NF2 mobo but it is risky! but u should try a really BAD stick... with Cas 3.0. it solved my probs last time
  10. do you have any Cas 3.0 mem sticks at home? EDIT: some really bad Cas 2.5 sticks should also work. if it doesnt boot with a pair of thoes mem's... then u have for sure a corrupt bios
  11. As i said before.... im just checking with u guys :angel: btw, Thank you! everything was correct!? right? :eek:
  12. http://upl.silentwhisper.net/uplfolders/up...0/warL12mod.jpg is this correct? Red = war mod, L12 @ the top. just checking! im a bit slow^^... J/K
  13. Set CPC to OFF. then it shouldnt be any more problems at all! i had exactly the same problem as you, when i recived my new mem. (Corsair PC3200LL 2*512Mb) didnt work at all with one of thoes Corsair and my 2x256Mb BH-5 sticks in DC. :/ CPC On. but with CPC Off.... it works just fine! @ 11-2-2-2-2-9-12 2.6v ggl
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