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  1. Ok, updated the profile... It has been some time when i last posted here. But thanks for the help, i believe that new owner of this mobo shouldnt have any problems.
  2. Well, i will do clearing but worried if the mobo flash the 4 led of dead with new cpu. it has done it before.
  3. Hello, one little question. i was having problems when i change my prosessor XP 2500 to XP-M 2400. My bios didnt like mobile XP and didnt boot. so i swapped barton and mobile for some time and got mobile working. this happend about 8 month ago. dont remember what bios i was using. Now i am about sell this mobo and im worried that mobo wont work new cpu. now i have 07/28/2004 dated bios. so, am i worried for nothing?
  4. Yeah, only fortron that i found was 400W nb. Do you have any good ideas about silent, i mean really silent psu. Not these fanless or watercooled, but normal fan cooled psu.
  5. Nope, there isnt any. This is really amusing. I plug in power cord and turned power stand by. And there he go, both fans rolling again. didnt have nothing plugged. It says [email protected] point C. "ATX power suplies need a seperate on/off switch for operating. That switch has to be connected to the mainboard..." and it says also installation note "Please note. ATX-system receive the power on signal from the connected main-board. Please chek either with the mainboard's or the case's manual, if the on-/off-button is properly connected" So i think that i send psu back to reseller and switch it either Antec TrueControl Power 550 W PFC or ENERMAX EG465AX-VE(G) (FMA) 460W. btw. this 300W dtk is it limit. had to lower oc that system "stabled"
  6. Okay, now i think that it has something to do with bios battery. I went my friend to test be quiet psu there, and when i come home a few hour later and tried start pc with my 300W dtk it didt wake. Only clearing bios help.
  7. Yes, i have. My old 300W DTK. What should i test?
  8. any more ideas. this morning when tryed put pc on it didnt work. After bios clear it worked :confused: Last nigt i take power cord off, and morning put it back. everything looks good but then that happened. Maybe it has somethin to do at bios. I put that wake on password option workin yesterday. So the big question here is, is the power or mobo broken/going to broke.
  9. Hello again, just got new power and i have little question. Turned computer off last night and this morning i wondered why fans in the power are working(before i pushed power button). i know that this power has 3 minutes aftercooling when you shut down pc, but why this "after cooling" feature was still working after 8 hours of shut down.
  10. Well, i have two sticks a-data ddr500 and they work 3.0-4-4-4-11 @ 250 fsb
  11. New mobo, new windows. it's not gonna work if windows is istalled different mobo. You could trie repair windows option.
  12. My speakers are creative DTT2200 5.1
  13. Have this annoying problem for a while, only worsened over time. Just listened winamp and suddenly my speaker just died :confused: Restarting pc helps temporarily but it's always make comeback. I use onboard audio whit newest nvidia drivers.
  14. Flashed orig 5-5 bios, no problem. Work like a dream, at least 250 fsb. Running now [email protected] Temp 54'C , cooler Thermaltake Volcano 12 silent mode. Memory still 11-4-4-3.0. CPC on. Tried 8-4-4-3.0, work desktop ok but 3d crashed in 20s. Also tried [email protected], booted windows ok, freezes pc about 40s. Maybe this is all i can get with this cooling and memory
  15. Nope, still EvilouS bios here. Don't have the orig. 5-5 bios. i don't even know what bios is the original because i am so out of these things :cat:
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