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  1. looking to upgrade to 1 gig 'o ram, will this ageing nf2u infinity take a 1 gig stick, or am i better off with 2x512 ? i know these boards dont like all 512 sticks, so i cant see a 1gig stick going down well ? the stick i may be buying will do 2.5-3-3-8 @ 250ish in an A64 @2.8v edit : sig is out of date.
  2. why on earth did you turn off the computer if the flash failed ?
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    This is how COOL Angry is...

    :nod: cant knock the support you get here.
  4. well, i had a lot of trouble getting to 200 fsb now, i've managed it OK. now work this one out. memory + fsb will go all the way up to 235 with 1.7vdd and 2.8vdimm. however, if i go above about 2350mhz, regardless of FSB or voltage i get errors in prime blend. 225x10.5 = 2363, stable at 1.725 (about 1.7 actual) 228x10.5 = 2400, errors in prime, tested all the way up to 1.9vcore. 200x12 - 2400 as above. :confused: im using 19/6 bios, XP-m 2500, tagan 480w. ask for anymore specs/info. edit : cooling is an SLK900A with 30cfm+ 80mm fan. 49*C max load, 34*c case.
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    can't run at stock speeds

    now priming at 228x10.5 :eek: only differences from when i was having problems are : AGP is set to 66 not auto agp v is set to 1.5 not auto. bios flash protect is off oh and my fsb has gone up a little 166->228 hope my strange findings help the poster to sort their problems.
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    can't run at stock speeds

    OK this is wierd. seeing this post made me try for 200fsb again, so heres what i did, with a reset with EVERY single bios change. : 1.reset defaults 2.disable raid 3.disable firewire ctrl 4. set mem 1:1 (@133) 5. adjust each voltage cpu - 1.65, mem, 2.8, vdd 1.7, agp 1.5 (reseting between each) 5.set 200fsb. 6.set agressive CPU 7. set ram timings (2-2-2-6 CPC on) now im priming fine :confused: im not 100% sure yet, but for some reason that seems to have worked :-s.
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    can't run at stock speeds

    FINALLY ! someone with the same problem as me ! i've been fighting to get this POS at 200 fsb for ages. exactly as you describe, not 1mhz over 166fsb. :mad: i'v tried twinmos value, kingston value, twinmos twister and now corsair XL ram in it. i've tried with cpc on and off. i've tried all auto settings, all manual settings. i even tried 1.9vdd and 3.0vdimm today. - no luck oh and i get same problem with 27/11 and 19/6 bios's. haven't tried any others, want to keep my warranty for what its worth:rolleyes: BTW - i've tried this board on 2 PSU's, currently a tagan 480w, so its not that.
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    NF2 - Poll - your 6/19 BIOS Results

    cant test as i have no spare bios chip or savoir, but this is great news, i really hope everything works out. Im sure all DFI owners appreciate this.