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  1. Just got the latest copy of Pc Pro magazine and in the Pc Pro awards DFI have came out no 1 in the motherboards category. Quote"but surprisingly perhaps,it was DFI that stood out,its customer support figures were simply outstanding,leading the way from its rivals by a considearble margin.It also topped our charts for reliability,and so a worthy winner" We all knew this anyway.
  2. Im on my third DFI board,two NF 2'S and the one i have now NF 4 Ultra-D I also got a RDx200 waiting to be put together.
  3. Oops sorry,just found out how to show it
  4. Thought it was about time i upgraded from an agp system to pci express so ive just got myself a DFI RDX200 CF-DR motherboard and a ATI x1950 pro graphics card,and have a couple of questions on setting the motherboard up. I'm going to use a sata hard drive,is there any preference on which sata controller to use,the Sill one or the Ati one? When i install windows do i need to install the raid drivers or will windows pick up the sata drive? Is there anything else i need to watch out for with this board? This is my second foray with DFI,the first being a NF11 Ultra board some time ago.That was a most impressive board and im hopeing for good things from this one.
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