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  1. AW Krap!! first it was Ren and Stimpy, then Pinky and the brain, followed by south park, Ed,Edd and Eddy, I am Weasel!, then Chicken and Cow, Dexters Lab, Sponge Bob, Duck Man, The Clerks and now ??? Aqua Teen Hunger Force?? sheesh the house work will never get done.........lol
  2. Sleep! those little slices of death! - how I loathe thee
  3. Hey Thanks alot Alexia, once I can get my scanner working and phototools loaded back up I'll post a pic to frighten the most stable of minds - a pic of ME
  4. ok how do I post pics up here?? step by step would be good... cheers dudes....
  5. Thanks for the replies, Yes I disabled the APIC before I installed XP and I always have a partition of 10Gb set asside just for the operating system, there are/were never any blue screens of death and I had/have a beta version of SP2, hey look I'm not saying none of these aren't possible solutions, they just never worked for me, now that I got Server 2003, my troubles just vanished......
  6. Being broke is definately character building stuff, I went from a $50,000(AUD)/ year job in Australia to a $26,000/per year job in New Zealnd 11 months ago, just to be with the woman I love, she has 2 (s)kids and we are now engaged, buying a 36acre farm to raise sheep and cows and breed horses..... My last upgrade cost me my car stereo (Pioneer cd system) and my entire Porn video collection, see character building stuff...LOL
  7. I got a broken mouse collection to prove this theory too )
  8. What the heck are Lakers and piston's??? and what kind of game??? this one baffles me....
  9. Oooh I see that was a different page...... Ok My Real name IS Tristan and I live in New Zealand (NZ) used various other handles from Unforgiven_au to Master Wolf, fed up with trying to find one that sticks and childhood nicknames to describe me I wouldn't post such vulgarities...hehehehe
  10. mm could have sworn I'd posted an intro here......
  11. Tried that too, I'm very happy with Server 2003 and won't bother with Xp anymore, although I did have the language bar on the taskbar, but this could also be an issue with different Xp releases I noticed from various other forums there are alot of issues with Xp causing hangings... think Microsoft should retire it and put it in the same draw as Win95, but hey its good to hear your issues cleared up cheers
  12. Hi Gang, well its been three weeks since I built and fired up this rig. And since then reading these forums I was able to slowly debug the system from regular hang ups to game crashes and the occasional screen freeze. Last week I received a copy from Microsponge (we are microsoft all will be assimulated) an eveluation version of Windows Server 2003- Standard Edtion..... Running and formatting XP to accept the drivers and general hardware configs caused a few headaches and random mouse breakages ( I have a very short fuse) I downloaded all the patches all updates and still I got the random system hangs. OK they were far few between but they still happened... So I thought I'd change the operating system to the 2003 server, WELL.... strike me pink not one issue popped up no hang ups no random freezing and even accepted my drivers with out all the fuss XP did.. which got me to thinking..... (Dangerous past time I'll admit!) XP ran faultlessly on my Intel chip, but not my AMD Win2000 ran faultlessly on my AMD but not my Intel 98 ran on my intel no probs but not very well on AMD... Is this a pattern for anyone else.?? If you run XP and still get hang ups I'd recommend either 2000 or Server 2003 be given a look at ( as well as updating your driver and a few other tips given within these forums).... i'm more then impressed with 2003 so far... games run fine and most of my software run as a XP compatible enviroment.... hey its worth a shot right?? works for me One Happy Chappy :nod:
  13. right I think Linux should use and patent a cricular motion of a mouse to open an application how many times have people using Microsponge Windoze moved the mouse in a circular motion frantically out of frustration when a system hangs???
  14. Hi Peoples, Thanks for the tips, some of he links wouldn't work though, will try manually searching for suggested links and proogys?? guessing its slang for programs, I read several reveiws on this graphics card not liking overclocking much due to the samsung chips it uses, not what I intended (O/C) choose this one to eliminate my Pinnacle Capture card thus freeing up another PCI slot. Although if there is a way to get even more performance out of it I will investigate at a later date My first priority is to get it all stable first, Last crash was Monday night during a session of Vice City of all things (yes I looked for patches for the game but its not only this game it crashes on.) saved links to the other forums you guys suggested Thanks Tristan
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