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  1. JDizzle

    I love this board!!

    I've had 3 different DFI boards from 3 different generations (Ultra Infinity, NF3, NF4) and the NF3 board was the most consistant of all 3. That's a damn nice overclock for a sempron though;).
  2. JDizzle

    06/18 NF4 BIOS Out

    I keep getting the install new hardware thing from windows after flashing to 6/18. It wants me to install some nvraid deal.
  3. Yao Ming falls into none of those categories, he will turn the NBA around . Oh, and I'm from... <====
  4. JDizzle

    silent PSU for Ultra-D

    Fortron Blue Storm 500W That's what i currently use, this thing is dead silent, I can't hear it at all. I think SPCR has a sound clip on their website.
  5. My temps don't seem too bad right now, I'm getting 23C, 29C, 38C. I have one fan blowing directly on top of my ram and I guess I'll put another one on top of the mosfet heatsinks. I'm also going to flash back to 414-3 and see if I can get more luck the second time around.
  6. Strange, I'm having lots of trouble getting stable above 2.4GHZ. I have no clue what it is but most people with my stepping are hitting 2.7GHZ. I can post at 2.6GHZ but it's nowhere near stable, it won't even run SUPERPI 1M. Right now I don't have a case so I'm just running it on top of a table and anti-static bag that came with the motherboard. Does that effect anything?
  7. Which Lian-Li do you have? I bet his temps are pretty nice since he has 2x120mm's in the front. What happend to your Silverstone case Thunda? Was it you who said it was the best case ever?
  8. No but they have Turions.
  9. I have a 3000+ on pre-order from Monarch. Winchester prices have already started to fall. Monarch has had a few sales where the 3000+ was only $115 shipped.
  10. I just powered on my DFI Ultra-D after reading this thread to see how loud the fan is. I just plugged in my PSU (I have no CPU) and turned it on and with the motherboard outside of the case I must admit the fan is pretty loud. I wonder how loud it'll be inside a case though.
  11. Isn't your Thermaltake PSU a 20 pin psu? If so, you should look into getting one with a 24-pin connector. Something like the Fortron Blue Storm.
  12. JDizzle

    Windows XP Problem - NF4

    Put your XP CD into your cd-rom drive. Restart your computer. Go into bios set cd-rom as 1st in boot order. When it says press any key to load cd-rom, press a key. Format your hardrive and install XP.
  13. I just read a few reviews and that PSU looks pretty good, expecially for only $70. So now I've got a decision to make, Skyhawk or Fortron. How's your Skyhawk doing AG? EDIT: Ice czar, a PSU guru over at [H], has stated that Skyhawk = Eagletech http://www.eagletech.com.tw/ eagletech = L&C Technology = Deer Computer Group = Foxconn Be careful with that PSU AG.
  14. I plan on running it with a Ultra-D. I guess I'll just wait for the Fortron Blue Storm to restock.