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  1. the clocks are reduced when its idle to save battery life.
  2. Through observing other peoples timings and testing out a ton personally with sandra, 3dmark01, etc. Are the level2's bh5? If they are, you can try the same settings, but you will most likely need CPC off. I never found any difference in slew rate settings, so I left them on defult.
  3. on 3.3v you might see 255, but most likely no higher. For alpha timings try: T(RC) - 9 (7 is better if the mem can handle, 12 if cant handle 9) T(RFC) - 12 (15 if not stable) T(DOE) - 1 (0 if you can get it stable) T(RRD) - 1 (0 if you can get it stable) T(W2P) - 3 T(W2R) - 3 T(REXT) - 1 T(R2P) - 1 (0 if you can get it stable) T(R2W) - 3 otherwise some people use 1-3-3-3-3-3-4 for t(doe) through t(r2w). SAE those look familiar? edit: and turn CPC on
  4. send me an infinity for xmas and ill pump 3.9+ and see what it does I would post my dfi vs abit results, but they don't really matter.
  5. I agree with Black99RT, although if I did my WC cooling setup again I would go with a t-line and save a bit of money. Are you just looking for watercool the CPU or do want the GPU/NB WC'd as well?
  6. still doing it? Sounds like a pain in the butt for sure.
  7. word on pcper is that merlin stoped modding nf7s bioses, but hopefully he will still do them.
  8. tictac you still going to be working on abit bios as well?
  9. feel free to IM me if it isnt workin and I will try to help out
  10. sounds like it should be fine... are you sure the gpu isnt overheating and causing the lockup? I was having that problem when I would game for a long time using air cooling. edit: it reboots... hmm.
  11. try 1.95 vcore, 3.3 vdimm, 1.6vagp, 1.9chipset (or 1.8, cant remeber if dfi goes to 1.9), for alpha timings try 1-3-3-3-3-3-4, how are you cooling it?
  12. to answer 3 and 4: Yes, you will most likely gain if you run over 3.3. I can't tell you how much, but my BH6 will past memtest at 260 with 3.v. After that it's the chipset killing it (you should have better luck, the DFI board handles high fsb way better than the NF7). Is it safe? I have ran 3.9v for shorter periods of time, and I run 3.6v 24/7 with no signs of damage. Is it smart? Maybe not, but if it dies it dies
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