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    unofficial DUAL CORE opteron thread

    Check my sig. I will post screenies once i have some time.
  2. Charbroil

    Opteron 170 problems

    for overclocking. Mine is the exact stepping and is stable at 3Ghz at 1.39v(in ITE). I will post screenies soon. I know for a fact that your cpu is not the bottleneck. Your timings are the reason. What bios are you running? Have you tried the BigToe Bios?
  3. and the outcome is it went back to DFI as an RMA. Thanks for your help, but the board is definitely wacky and not happy. I loosened timings and even tried it at default settings. Default settings actually let me play CS:S for about 10 minutes and then the game crashed and then the system rebooted and continues on it's sudden reboots.
  4. or overclocked it constantly reboots or bluescreens loading into windows. I need to update my sig. I have an Opty 170 CBBWE 0530.....sold the 4400. I want to know if this can be fixed with an rma? I have tried everything I could. I know that all my components are good. My friend got my opty to 3Ghz on 1.37v. But my board will not allow me to run dual channel. I have tried with a 3000 winchester, 3200 Venice and my Opteron 170. I will pm angry games to see if he can rma this board for me. Thanks for your help. Any other things I can try to get this back to dual channel?
  5. Hey Angry Games or RGone, Have you had a problem or issue with the Ultra-D not running in dual channel. My system ran fine up till just a month ago. My system will constantly reboot itself after about 5 minutes. When I take out a stick it runs fine. I tried every bios out there to see if it's a bio thing no. So, I took my system apart and let different peeps try out my ram, power supply and cpu. All worked fine,,,,,,actually it clocked better in my friend's system. He has the DFI nF4 SLI board. Do I need to rma this bad boy? I just want it running the way it used........nice and sweet. Now it's a half system running in single channel. Any help would be much appreciated. Peace.
  6. ....or at least the first core. My first core craps out at 2900 (264x11) and the second core 3190 (290x11). The only I can do is keep burning and praying that the 1st core will eventually get a little bit stronger. My chip is very weird....it only likes the 10 multi with the 510-3 bios. I want 3Ghz so bad, but it looks like 2800 ish is where Im going to be stuck at. :sad: I'll update once I'm done burning this in. The good note is that the first core keeps getting 55Mhz per 2 days of priming(hopefully it will reach 3Ghz).
  7. Charbroil

    Overclocking problem!!!

    What ram are you using? You left it out of your sig
  8. Angry, I'm having a crazy time with the 623 bios. I finally was able to get 300x10 but core1 always craps out in a minute yet my second core2 runs like a champ. What's weird is....when I mess with the ram timings then the second core2 craps out and core1 runs like a champ.????? So, I relaxed my gskills and now priming both cores at 3Ghz. I noticed that the core requires lower voltages with the 11 mutli. I can hit 275x11 @ 1.62v? Go figure.......I thought the Winnie was fun to clock but this X2 is becoming to be more difficult than my girlfriend. What's this Dram Response thing in the bios? I couldn't hit high clocks until i set it too Fastest and set Drive Data Strength(i think this is right but my brain is toasted from the sticky icky) to Auto from 2. ???? Me tired....I will try more stuff tomorrow and get some killin on in CS:Source
  9. Charbroil

    DFI SLI-D and G.SKill 4800la again

    Look in my sig. I know the GSkills will take some time to hit it's sweet spot. Let me know if this helps with your oc.
  10. I'm bored now, so I will try the dividers and see if I can hit 2800. Will post later with results.
  11. Charbroil

    754/939 Users - What CPU COOLER are you using?

    Hey Angry, Do you know if DangerDen is planning to make a block for the NB on the Ultra-D boards? My temps are at 41C idle and 45C at load......but I would like to see lower temps. Let me know. BTW....i'm going to give 316 another go since i have my . close to super stable.
  12. Charbroil

    754/939 Users - What CPU COOLER are you using?

    running sub-zero with a Vapochill LS. :nod:
  13. I will post pics once I get home.....it's still priming and by 3pm, it will be 24hrs. This was some of the hardest work I had to get this bad boy stable. I tried ALL the bioses and nothing beats the 3/10. I thought the on-die mem controller was . but the vapo is the bi reason for this stable clock. I will try to push it a little more to see if i can hit 2800Mhz. My 0502 isn't so bad afterall. I know I won't hit 3000Mhz like I had hoped. This . is blazing fast. I had to loosen mem timings to get it to where it's at.
  14. It's rated at DDR550 but you know how we extreme clockers get........always needing MORE! DDR600 is fine by me. My sandra mem is 8000 and cpu is 12600. I'll post pics after a little more fine tuning.