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  1. JnPrather

    Evercool chipset cooler comes today!

    That's about identical to my experience as far as previous temps and temps after the installation. It's a sweet cooler!
  2. My chipset was running at 51-52c idle, 55-56 load with the stock heatsink, and the fan was making some funny noises... so, I picked up one of the evercools from SVC, it arrived today, I stuck it in and my chipset is sitting at 46-47c idle and it doesn't budge under load! If I set the fan to run 100% it drops to 44c and stays there solid under idle or load... Installation was the usual pain, but it worked out great... highly recommended...
  3. Hi guys, ran into something very strange today, any input is appreciated. Anyway, my Lanparty Ultra-D has been running stable at the O/C settings below for a long time now, with no issues. About an hour ago, I reboot to check some bios settings. While I was in there, I took a look at the Temp/Fan menu, and to my surprise the CPU/Chipset/MB temps were all listed as "-128C". Also, the CPU and Chipset fans were listed as "0 rpm". I open up my case and sure enough, both the CPU and Chipset fan are not running. I look around but can't find a way to force the fans to run if the bios thinks the temps are that low. This is where it gets a little weirder. I immediately think to check/try a new bios (I had the official 3/10 in at that point). I reboot and start getting blue screens either during boot or shortly after loading windows. This tells me everything has probably been running fine, and the problem probably started right before I noticed it (I haven't had a blue screen in ages with this computer). Anyway I mess with the bios settings trying to get the thing stable (it seemed to be stable when I up the voltages a little and set the CPU really low like 200x6 (as opposed to the 255x9 I was running before). I manage to flash to a newer 7/03 bios I believe, but this doesn't fix the problem and the computer is even less stable. I grab the latest official bos (6/23) and flash to it. The problem is still there and the computer is really unstable, im not really able to get to windows. After 4 or 5 reboots and playing with settings I notice that the CPU fan is now running after boot. I look in the bios and sure enough the temps are correctly listed and the fans are running. I went ahead and put my old settings back in (254x9) and rebooted and here I am, everything seems to be functioning normally again. Weird, huh? Any thoughts? John
  4. JnPrather

    Replacement Karajan Module

    Yeah, the board is about 5 months old. I haven't checked into warranty because with such a small part I figure if I can get a cheap replacement somewhere I wouldn't worry about RMA/warranty... John
  5. Hi guys, I was wondering if anybody knew of any places to purchase a Karajan Audio Module for my DFI LanParty Ultra-D... I've had the board for a few months and it's run great but I think the Karajan Module on my board is crapping out... About a week or two ago I noticed that the output (I only use the Green Line-Out and Pink Mic-in ports on my Karajan) was getting corrupted. That is, it would cut out or would actually cut out to a different signal, almost like a muffled sound. It sounded to me very similar to when audio jacks begin to go bad and you hear only parts of the sound (center channel is gone, but other sounds seem to come through, etc)... Today, I turned my computer on and found that my microphone was no longer working, at all. Also, the sound output seems okay right now, but the noise floor is much much louder than usual (if I turn my headphones up you hear the ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff noise much much louder compared to the signal). For kicks I went ahead and re-installed the chipset and audio drivers, as well as flashing to a different BIOS, with no change. Also I tested the headset on a different computer, and the headset is fine. Anyway I have a hunch that a new Karajan module would solve the issue so if anybody has any leads on getting ahold of one, or has any laying around let me know. Thanks, John
  6. Hey there, I just stumbled onto this thread because i've had to run full mic volume + mic boost for me to be loud enough on skype, with various headsets. Although it doesnt sound like I have the same problem as you, I would tell you to check the skype options and find the box checked "Enable automating sound device settings adjustment". This is checked by default in Skype, and it may very well be that for whatever reason, Skype is turning you down automatically. Uncheck it and manually set your volume. Long shot, but I figured i'd throw that out there John
  7. JnPrather

    Need a PSU for under$100

    Fortron Blue Storm
  8. Very, very quiet... I really wasn't expecting a PSU at that price to have all of those features AND be quiet but I was pleasantly surprised that it is virtually silent as far as I am concerned. Highly recommended all around... John
  9. JnPrather

    Windows tips and tweaks ?

    If you really want to get fancy, check out nLite: http://nuhi.msfn.org/ nLite allows you to do all sorts of cool stuff with XP... it was originally designed to be able to easily make "unattended install" CDs but it's been expanded to include component removal and tweaks.... you can even remove services completely from XP before installation. For instance, my services.msc page only has 23 services (only 5 are running)... it also includes about every popular reg tweak and then some. John
  10. Interesting discussion, there hasn't been enough talk about the nvidia firewall. The "hardware" firewall was one of the really neat features I was looking forward to in the NF4 chipset. I had been using ZoneAlarm as always but a week or so ago I decided to go ahead and install the Nvidia fiewall and try it out. A few observations: - Installation and setup were pretty easy. I had seen several people complaining that they had hassles getting it setup properly but I didnt seem to have any. It didn't seem any more complex really than setting up Zone Alarm. - Installing the nvidia firewall added 3 or 4 new services to my windows install that were running all the time and needed to be on for the firewall to function properly. A couple of these were "extra functionality" services like the web-based interface and command-line interface (each one has its own service running eating up several megs of ram!). -These services used up a total of about 12-14 megs of ram. The base firewall service uses 5-6. ZoneAlarm by comparison uses 2-3 megs. An extra 10 megs of ram usage really isnt a big deal if it does provide a smoother overall solution but I was still surprised. -I tried installing the firewall without those extra components BUT then the tray icon would not load and give me a missing .dll error. I manually installed the .dlls in question trying to get around it. The tray icon would in fact load, and the firewall would appear to be running, but it's functionality seemed limited and it didnt seem like it was picking up on anything anymore. - As far as CPU utilization goes, task manager never shows zone alarm using more than 00% of the CPU cycles at any given time so i'm not sure how much less of a draw you can really have. - Shortly after installing the Nvidia firewall, I started noticing the "weird" blue screens that I saw people mentioning. They were pretty random so it's hard to say that they were caused by the firewall. Another weird thing is that they persisted even after I uninstalled the firewall. I have since re-installed XP and the blue screens are gone. For now i'm going to stick with Zone Alarm but i'd love to be convinced that the Nvidia firewall is the way to go. Outside of ram usage and cpu cycles I dont know of any other way to guage the firewall's efficiency or draw on the system. If the things Nvidia claims about the firewall ARE true it would be worth the time and effort to get the Nvidia firewall working even with what seems like excessive ram usage. I would definately give it a shot in XP64 but I still haven't managed to get XP64 installed (blue screens during device install!). John
  11. JnPrather

    Rip 1700xp

    Hey, Well, I would agree with the mobile recommendations, I just upgraded to s939 but was using a mobile 2500+ for about 7 months prior and loved it. I actually have that mobile (and some other items) up for sale here if you're at all interested: http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.as...1&enterthread=y FWIW the chip was always stable around 2350-2400 mhz but I never pushed it much higher than that as I didnt want to run 1.7v or higher. John
  12. JnPrather

    NF4 UT D Cache & PSU

    Great! I don't think i've ever seen anybody regret putting the money down for a quality power supply, glad to see your experience is no different John
  13. JnPrather

    NF4 UT D Cache & PSU

    Check this thread: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7619 Amperage is what is important, as well as the proper 24 pin connector. Having the latest ATX support is also very nice for these boards which is why the Blue Storm is getting so popular around here
  14. JnPrather

    NF4 UT D Cache & PSU

    I really doubt that your PSU is good enough to run that system stable, even without overclocking. It's hard to say without having the rail amperages for your PSU but from your description it doesn't sound like a high end 350w PSU which is what it would need to be to run that thing stable. Do yourself a huge favor and invest in a nice PSU. However, if you haven't, you might want to try connecting the floppy and 5v connectors to the board. Even though you dont have a 24 pin PSU, plugging in those connectors (if you haven't already) would likely help in the meantime until you can get a nice PSU. I highly recommend the Forton BlueStorm. It is a pretty good value for under $100. I know it might seem like alot for a PSU if you haven't ever spent that much on one before, but I doubt you'll ever regret the money spent on a quality PSU... John
  15. JnPrather

    Fortron Blue Storm Opinions

    The Blue Storm is badass. my rails in the system below are 3.32v, 11.97v, and 5.01v