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  1. Hey Travis, Bump bump........... how is the new cooling going.............. bump bump bump bump bye now..
  2. Hey Travis, this little thing wouldnt be the Cyro thingy that is on the slow boat from China is it ??
  3. G'day lads, Been busy having children lately (last wednesday baby boy 2.9 kgs) and almost missed the conroe fun. Lucky I was checking the site between Drs visits etc. I wonder if its time to get the ole peltier out of the cupboard...I hate to be late on a good OC with a new chip. regs to all Andrew
  4. This is a typical X files conspiracy. FIFA has a vested interest that the top 5 teams make it to the finals. Why? You go into any FIFA merchandise store in Europe and is you dont want Germany, Itlay, Brazil, France or Argentina then you can forget shopping there. I went in looking for an Australian shirt two weeks ago - sorry dont have any, wont get any. ( I am Australian living in Germany) Anyways, we need video refs to get rid of the actors and cheats from soccer. (e.g. hand of god by Maradonna) go Australia in the next world cup! respect
  5. Just tuned in to this thread. Re: Happy, aka Angry aka Travis Either the world has gone crazy, or the medication is starting to kit in. Either way, who will read the riot act then.... respect..
  6. Praz, now I am hearin ya! Guess with a peltier I'm in the grey zone. No biggie... resect
  7. "Isn't this kind of like phase?" temps are in the right direction but not really. actually = 226watt swiftech peltier on the proc, cooled with a water loop and the dual size radiator out the window. respect
  8. Well I guess I'm in as well (3ghz in the OCDB). What is all this talk about a logo ? (I am still waiting for the Toaster when I qualified with the old Nf2 at 2.5 in 2004) respect. Stepping in sig..
  9. All tips gratefully appreciated... I am also not keen on letting TV do the parenting...these things need a little "hands on" effort.. opps how embasassing - I find myself actually talking to the belly - regularly)
  10. Again many thanks for all your wishes, I think this project is going to be a long one...I am particularly concerned about the memory timings, they get really screwed up for no apparent reason at the age of 13.. Might have to do some googling on the topic, though and I just hope the "baby" forums have a good search function... respect to all PS. when pictures are available I will, firstly reduce them to the appropriate size and post em
  11. Thanks Guys, getting a little emotional now........... Will keep the volts low and see what develops. Already know its a he, (thank God for Ultra sound), prolly gets a Samuel we does.. tearful regards to all Andrew (three left feet) :)
  12. Hi Fello DFI ers, After breaking ( not by much) the 3 Ghz barrier in the data base in March I thought my year was complete. Now I am "over the moon" to report that my wife and I will have a little boy in Early November. Cant believe it.....thought I was doomed to bad steppings.. To all you DFI ers I can only say that my next project may prove a little difficult to benchmark. regards to all...................and all the best from Germany Two Left Feet (Andrew)
  13. I am a little above Ghandi also (little left a little low), seems to be the trend so far......
  14. Methane anyone ? I dont know whether anyone is sticking to the thread any more, but I had a old friend who collected pig manure (free of charge) and used to collect / compress the methane. Ran all sorts of engines and stuff. Cost nothing. Seems to be penty of . lying around not doing much....last time I looked anyways. (Most omnivores remove less than 70% of available energy from there food, especially Big Macks etc)
  15. Currently runing a 226 watt Swiftech pelt on my Opteron. Bottom line, alot of stuffing around for another 200 mhz imho. I recommend waiting for the OCZ phase unit for around 350 bucks. respect..
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