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  1. very nice oc dippy! (on a side note- the 3ghz air cooled barrier has been broken for quite some time now, check out xtreme systems)
  2. yea it prolly isnt my mobo anyway. gonna reformat and try a diff driver installation method. sorry for jumpin the gun guys
  3. LOL LOLOLOL OL OL O L O LL LO OLOL time to go A64 baby
  4. king- yea tested 3dmark. at 245x11 (2.7ghz) I get ~14k in 3dmark. over at xtreme systems, we had a big discussion about it.. u can read this thread for more info: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...42&page=1&pp=25 wez- ive only done that about 20 times.. literally.
  5. how long is the warranty on these things? my board has almost completely crapped out (its dying), and I am 110% sure its the board and nothing else, because Ive tested EVERY other piece of hardware in my system in another and theyve worked fine. here is the problem: this board cannot handle high fsb (even 200fsb cripples my system). for example, in SuperPI 1MB, at 245x11 I get 57sec, and anyone who has run the program before knows that that is the time for like a 1ghz system. I lowered FSB to 200x13 and got 1min 7 sec (comparable to my 800mhz duron system). its strange because I used to be able to run 250x10 on this sytem fine for benches and stuff. I got the board prolly around 6 months ago. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. wow im gettin some hardcore lan and usb drops with the 3EG bios now. strange because I never used to get them. is anyone using the 8kA rev 2 bios here? have u experienced any lan/usb drops? and where did the link go where i can d/l it at?
  7. I paid $110, bout $20 more than a new mobile. u could save that money and get one from newegg like u prolly did, but u may end up with a crappy one like yours, or u could get one that is guaranteed 2.7ghz for $20 more. I guess u could consider it "WAAYYY TOO MUCH".. up to u. "showing off"?? :confused:
  8. lol just got this chip and it keeps going and going and going. all on a SP-97 and thnx to the cold air down here in TX edit: pic was too big, click HERE for pic gonna run 3dmark and see if she can pull through. does 36 sec sound about right for that speed? pretty sure its a IQYHA 0401XPMW. 245x11.5 @ 1.925vcore in bios, 3.2vdimm, 1.7vdd. temp @ 41 C. (I think my LP-B is dying.. any fsb over 245 "disables" my pc and it acts like a 1ghz comp. for example at 246x11.5 my superpi would be like 52 sec)
  9. think I found my problem. guess 255fsb is just too much for my board now (strange cuz I was running it for several months). backed down to 245x10 as stevil suggested (THANKS) and ran some 3dmark. got like 23.3k, and hit 38 seconds in 1M superpi. ok guys, how is this looking now (Mobile 2600 + x800Pro ViVo): 3dMark2k3 = 12,595 3dMark2k1 = 25k will install 2k5 later and give it a run.. fuggin HUGE file.. still d/l lol : let me know what yall think, and again Id like to thank u guys for helpin me through all this.
  10. im runnin an AQYHA 0346 XPMW and i can hit 255x10 prime stable. works fine for me.
  11. yep. fastwrites is off though.. as it should be for my setup
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