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  1. I suppose this is kind of related and I can't be bothered to start a ne thread but does anybody know what the difference between a Rev. AC0 (China) Infinity and a Rev.A00 (Taiwan) Infinity is. I had never heard of the latter until I recieved one from RMA. It seems to clock the same as my previous AC0 though
  2. Is that a T2x series ThinkPad I see there? Good choice of Laptop, I have to say! My T20's still going strong (I updraded the CPU to a 900 too... Madness for 200MHz )
  3. I'd be suprised if there are any drives that age still in use with such modern hardware. Anyway, I'm not too bothered about using to onboard controller. It's not like the performance difference is noticeable with such a slow drive to start with anyway. Maybe I'll get round to trying a decent RAID setup on it at some point (I have a few matching WD JB drives round her somewhere )
  4. Well, whatever it was, it wasn't fixed in 5.3... Since I need to use FreeBSD on this box (using it as my testing webserver for now), I put the drives back on the internal IDE
  5. Ermm... More voltage, MOSFET cooling, laxer memory timings... I've had machines that would run prime FFT Torture for several days and just fall over. Usual overclocking theorem applies
  6. Ahhh... Scratch that. It was because my PCI>Cardbus bridge for the wireless card wasn't screwed down and consequently half hanging out of the slot. I have no idea why that would have such consequences but all seems to be well now. Still getting IO errors in FreeBSD with the drive attached to the HPT372N though... I guess it just doesn't like the drive - it works fine on the onboard IDE channels, but other drives work fine on the RAID controller.
  7. Had the LP PRO875B Rev.B running fine for a while now with Stage2 Gentoo & Win2k pro installs on an old DiamondMax VL40 20GB I found laying around. After I read a few reviews, I found out that the RAID controller is slightly faster than the ICH5R's IDE, even for single drives, so I re-enable it in the BIOS and sort out the OSses to cope - had no problems until I decided I was gonna try to install FreeBSD... Shoved another old IBM 10GB drive in there, set up fine the first time, using it for a bit and then bam, I start getting loads of wierd write errors. At this point, I could still use the Gentoo & Win2k installs off the first drive just fine, so I assumed it was either the old 10GB HD or the FreeBSD install playing up and consequently decided to reinstall FreeBSD 5.2.1 off the CD. To cut to the chase, now the HighPoint is behaving very strangely. It gets detected at boot only occasionally (i.e. doesn't show up in the Device Information table following POST, and the HighPoint BIOS never shows up, just a straight boot (with the system thinking it's got no HDs) and on those occasions when it does show up, the drives behave very erratically. I disconnected the old IBM HD and tried a new IDE cabe, but it had no effect. Also tried a CMOS reset (obviously) but no dice. Anybody got any ideas or is this another patch of DFI bad luck for me?
  8. How d'ya steer that thing without smashin up the wheel arches? and also, aren't speed bumps a bit of a challenge?
  9. Because there are 3 MSR fields for the CPU label. "Mobile Athlon XP Processor" for example takes up all three. Unfortunately, Windows (and evidently in this case the BIOS) are only showing the data the first field. Interestingly, when my CPU name was displayed correctly at post, it was about 50/50 each boot as to whether Windows displayed the full string or just "Mobile AMD Athl"
  10. Considering that CPU type is derrived from tables relating to clock speed and feature flags (to establish if it's a mobile, mp or whatever), it's damn hard to get them to recognise an overclocked CPU to start with. I've pretty much always been using an "Athlon 2300MHz" (when it was an XP TBred), or an "Unknown CPU Typ 2500MHz" on a couple of boards. 6/19 actually recognised my CPU as a "Mobile Athlon XP 2500MHz" in the POST screen, but it was the only one, and about 50% of the time it still came up in windows as a "Mobile Athl" - it's purely cosmetic and something that I never really notice anyway... Why does it matter? Would you rather DFI's BIOS wizards were spending all their time constructing an elaborate database of strings to correctly display that information or would you rather they spent the time actually improving the BIOSses?
  11. Sorry, not a DFI. I'll post the other rigs once I've put them back together Specs on this rig: EPoX 8KDA3J (nF3 250Gb) Athlon64 Newcastle 3200+ (240x10), Cooled by Thermalright (like all my rigs) SLK-948U + Antec pro 92mm casefan 2x256MB TwinMOS [email protected], cas2, 2.8v BBA AIW Radeon 9800pro, Cooled by VGA Silencer rev.2 (Soon to be replaced with a 6800 Ultra, which is ordered, but currently out of stock. Not good for my PSU ) WD1200JB + WD800JB LiteON 52327S CDRW + Ancient Panasonic DVD-RAM/R w/Cooler Master alu fronts Audigy Player Ti Wireless-G card KME 5260 case + 2 12" Blue CCFLs, 4 basic 80mm LED fans [bimg]http://www.ndt-uk.net/uploads/img41a7e6d402752.jpg[/bimg] I tried to darken this one a little so you could see the CCFLs and side decal as they really look... It didn't really work, but in reality the decal is much more visible, and the blue is much darker. [bimg]http://www.ndt-uk.net/uploads/img41a7ebfe46d0e.jpg[/bimg] [bimg]http://www.ndt-uk.net/uploads/img41a7ec428166c.jpg[/bimg] And the hideous moment when I take a flash pic and you see that none of the PCBs match... At least when I had the Infinity in this rig, the graphics card matched the mobo, and I didn't have the disgustigly brown Audigy in there... [bimg]http://www.ndt-uk.net/uploads/img41a7edddcaa47.jpg[/bimg]
  12. Got the replacement board today, shipped all the way from the Netherlands. Thumbs up DFI Europe The replacement is a Taiwan board with a Dxxxx serial.... The original was a China board with a Uxxxxx serial number... I wonder if this one will OC any differently? Edit: It's got revision AC0 crossed out on the label, and A00 writen instead... I thought all Infinities were AC0?
  13. That's an R32 I want an R34 GT-R V-Spec, but with a more reasonable setup, maybe something in the region of 450bhp, because while those 1000+ bhp Skylines are very much real, you have to rev the damn things so high to get the power out of them that the engine'll be knackered in a year's normal driving, and if you set the boost to kick in lower you basically loose all the power with a big turbine like that. I'd keep the looks completely stock, because I'm not big on rice, I just like the cars
  14. Hmm... I wonder if any of the other incidents are affecting the same circuitry as mine. It seems wierd for something to be working perfectly for several months then suddenly go boom unless it's a mechanical part. @Alexia: I wish I'd have held on with the A64 thing a bit longer. I'd have a better overclocking, dual channel memory capable winchester now for the same price as my 3200+, or at least a DFI board instead of this stupid EPoX and it's forgetful voltage settings. I constantly do this. I expect knowing my luck that as soon as the 6800 Ultra comes back in stock and mine finally gets shipped out, nVidia will release the 6850 Ultra or something, making the 6800 obsolete, poor performing compared to it's replacement and it'll have it's value cut in half
  15. I won... I won't get an FSB533 part too high on the FSB front though... Damn locked multis. Better a Northwood than a Prescott, IMHO We'll see if it can give my A64 a run for it's money (I doubt it)
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