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  1. Have you ever played far cry with it? HOw's it do? Battlefield 2 I'm looking for that board. Thanks Ron:)
  2. Well, now I have a lot to think about. My x800xt graphics card still plays well and it's only about 8 months old. If I went pcie I would have had to change out my mobo and processor and my heat sink also. My wife woulda killed me! I thought about the uli card, but it doesn't seem to perform well. I guess I'd like to go 939, because at least that way I won't be at a dead end. But I have never bought unsupported legacy hardware. I do try to be a generation or so back to save money and overclock to make up the difference. There are 2 x2 processors at newegg for $199. The Windsor and the Manchester. Which one is better? Would either work in the Ultra-D? Will my older 2-2-2-5 bh5 memory work with the ultra-D? Thanks, Ron
  3. I'm in a bit of a bind. I purchased an ati x800 xt agp graphics card so I wouldn't have to rebuild my entire system to go pci express. Now I realise that my nf2 mobo is holding my graphics card back (farcry, bf2). I want to upgrade from my nf2 mobo but I'm not quite sure what to get. A skt939 ultra d seems to be the best but I can't find anyone who has them. Is there any other option? What would be a good mobo/cpu combo. I'm doing this an a budget so.... Thanks, Ron
  4. I was looking for a Sata options amongst the options in BIOS for boot drive and there aren't any. When I set the system to ignore all the IDE drives I guess it looks to the SATA. I'm up and running, Thank you Ron
  5. I am having trouble getting my Infinity to boot off a sata drive and allow 2 IDE hard drives to coexist. It always seems to recognise the IDE drives first. I bought the sata drive at x-mas. Actually I ordered an IDE but Computer Geeks sent a sata drive then ripped me off on the return. I was running my 2 IDE drives in Raid-0 but that was a bitt too buggy. I then decided to run the sata drive which works greate. Now I would like to add back my 2 large hard drives as IDE drives. Is this possible? Am I missing something? Thanks, Ron
  6. I tried every combination I could think of on fresh installs, including boot other. I'm beginning to think this is just the way it works... Scuba
  7. Yes, in the stream of installation eventually you get a prompt asking you to manage your raid configuration. I believe it is just before you are asked to about partitions and formatting. Yeah, I had access to the whole software developers kit. Too bad I and no one else I know for that matter saw what was going to happen with windows. At the time MS DOS was competing with CPM. We had both kinds of os's, depending on what you were doing. MS Dos for Lotus version 1A and CPM for word processing. Windows came on about 9 floppies. You could put up a clock on the desktop and that's about it. A second window with the clock and the time would slow down. A third even ssslllloooowwweeeerrrr..... Scuba
  8. That's the funny part, I have never installed the 3114 drivers. Perhaps I messed up some other way. I have disabled the device in WinXP. Not an elegant solution but at least I don't get the You have new hardware message... I believe I did the install the way you are supposed to. The only thing I can think that was abnormal was that I formed the Raid set on an attempted install that didn't work. It took me several times because of the hidden options to select the correct Hal, you know, where you have to go up to get the single processor apic. Well, I didn't know you had to go up so I fooled around until I got it. At any rate once I did have success at selecting the correct hal I simply continued with the install. Yet upon the first reboot I found that If I disable the 3114 in bios the Maxtors aren't recognised. It just sits... Maybe I should try again.... It takes hours to fully config the system and I'm beginning to hate it! The good news is I'm getting 114 from the maxtors. Much better than the 60 from my western digital they replaced. Thanks for your help. I'm not a total novice but I just do this for fun now, versus when I programmed professionally on mainframes for many years. Want to hear something funny, I remember when Windows version 1.0 passed across by desk.... And into my PC!!! Thanks again, Scuba
  9. I can't get a good boot without the sil3114 enabled....:confused:
  10. Ended up with a pair of 160Bb Maxtor's with 16mb chache's. At any rate now I need help with confiuguring. Is it necessary to have the 3114 Sata controller set on? I cannot get the sil board to run without it. How about stripe sizes. I just chose the default stripe size. Also I have noted some instability. Random reboots and the like. I test out at something like 115Mb/s transfer rate. Are there any other settings in bios I need to make to get this thing stable? Scuba
  11. Well I ordered the board and just recieved it. O.K. So far. Now for the not O.K. part. The Geeks sent me the wrong hard drive... I ordered the WD800Jb they sent me the WD800JD Sata drive.... Hey, even computer Geeks blow it. I'm going over to Tigerdirect tomorrow to buy the correct drive. I can't wait to test this out!!! Scuba
  12. I will probably go the ide sil controller way. Seems like a good way to get into raid, even if it's just 0 to speed up loads. Scuba
  13. Oh well, thought I may have missed something. Apparently I didn't. Yet sarcasm is enjoyed. Thank you, Scuba
  14. I've been away from the research since I bought my Ultra Infinity. At that time it and the Lanparty were the hot rigs. Man, alot changed since then! Need somewhere to start.
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