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  1. SURPRISE....I change my 6800GT with Ati X800XL e cold boot finish:-))) Very, very strange.
  2. DFI , the king of cold boot......NF2, NF3, NF4...MY GOD.
  3. Sachs

    BH5 for Sale Alert

    Excelent.... 256x10 prime in 2-2-2
  4. Hueueheuehe...teve que ouvir essa merda desse Canadense hem?? hahahahahh. African...putz...vontade de mandar o cara a merda. Sorry....this is for cantankerous translate....
  5. :nod: :nod: :nod: :nod: :nod: :nod: The only bios what run prime for me. Thanks again, Hellfire
  6. Yahhh... 1/21 is the best for my Infinity. Good work, Hellfire, no sound drops, no lan drops, no cold boot e my Mobile is a Mobile now:-)) Thankssss 9/16 official=cold boot.
  7. Sachs

    NF2 - Poll - your 6/19 BIOS Results

    Yes, back to 121, hehe
  8. Sachs

    NF2 - Poll - your 6/19 BIOS Results

    This is a mistake...1/21 no cold boots for me, 6/19....well...cold boots, cold boots and cold boots.... 1/21 for official:cool:
  9. Sachs

    NF2 - Poll - your 6/19 BIOS Results

    I did have cold boot on mine too....my first i have an Infinity and i have never had warm boots until i flashed to this bios. 1/21 for official:-))
  10. Exactly my sentiments, hehe 121 official, please.
  11. Cold boot for me...back to 121.
  12. Boys, DFI is working in official bios? Oskar is live?