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  1. I'm going to have to disagree..... I've had small fft's 24 hour stable, and still crashing out of games, so I've re-tested with large FFTs and it fails after about 6 hours. Test again with same MHz and volts, small fft’s no errors after 24h again and still crashing out of games. Conclusion unstable OC, backed off 100MHz, this time large fft's no errors after 24 hours, and no crashing out of games!!!!! So now when I validate an OC as stable it must pass 24 hours of prime95 torture test Large FFTs and at least 8 hours of memtest86 full range of standard tests. Never once have I had an OC crash out of a game when using this combo!!! I guess that why they put in brackets after Large FFTs (Maximum Heat and Power Consumption)
  2. Getting close to the limit with these sticks, to get them to pass memtest I needed to swap the modules around in different DIMM sockets, as they produced a couple of errors in test 5. but after the switcharoo all was good.
  3. Totally disagree with you on that one... I've been OCing a few years now and buying cheap ram that OCs well gives me great satisfaction, anyone with enough cash can go out and buy super high end stuff and achieve xyz MHz, but getting decent clocks out cheap ram requires much more skill.
  4. 2.60v to 2.70v seems to be the sweet spot any more than 2.70 results in more errors Prime95 blend torture test stable @ 250MHz... will memtest over night to confirm stability.
  5. Came across some cheapish 1GB modules at my local computer shop the other day and since they were using Samsung ICs on BrainsPower boards, thought I would pick up a couple of sticks to try out. Cost $152 AUD each ($112.5 USD) Place of purchase MSY Morningside Brisbane Australia. Date of purchase 25/11/05 Test Rig specs: A64 3000+ Venice E3 DFI NF4 Ultra Infinity (bios CK8UDA19) 2x 1GB Corsair Value Select C3 Leadtek 7800GTX 256MB TT Silent K8 HSF Enermax 535w All in one Windows XP Home. VDIMM = 2.60 volts Vcore = 1.40 Volts I still have a few more MHz to squeeze out of these sticks, however 250MHz failed memtest86 in test 5... maybe a bit more tweaking will get me there, but on these results alone I'm quite happy with there bang for buck performance.
  6. Geil One "S" 2x 512MB not so stable.... but nice hertz anyhow
  7. Corsair VS 2x 1GB 3.0, 4, 3, 8, 1T. stock volts prime95 and memtest stable
  8. I was originaly using my X2 in the Abit AN8-U and was dead sure the lockup was due to the mobo, so I went out and bought this DFI NF4 UI and it work flawlessly for the first day but then the lockup soon returned.... so Indie just keep testing, try leaving your system up at least 24 hours....
  9. Just explain the problem clearly to the service technician, telling him what steps you have taken to fault find the problem, ie, tried different ram, psu etc, and make sure you mention that you have tried the latest bios... if the company you have bought from is reputable there shouldn't be anything to worry about.
  10. Indie and I are talking about lockups at desktop not about games.
  11. return it to the place of purchase...... if you can't do that you may have to contact AMD.
  12. Seems to be the same problem I'm experiencing, I've tried different mobo, ram, psu.... all resulted in the same system hang! Then I changed the cpu and guess what ...NO HANG ! So it looks like RMA time :mad:
  13. I had a skyhawk 400w a few years back, when I first started to overclock, To be honest the psu was a pos... worked fine for 6 months then the 12 volt rail started to sag and eventually it just couldn't cope with any sort of OCing and that was with T-Bred "B". been using Antec and Enermax ever since.... I really like the enermax's 3 year warranty!
  14. Just got my new rig together.... sorry no more DFI mobos for me any more. I got 4305 3dmark with my 6600GT... comon ATI and get that R520 on the market!!! Compare Link
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