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  1. i don't have that particular nec but i do have 2 multisync 90gx2 monitors. i absalutely love them. they're by far the best monitors i've ever owned. before buying my first nec, i was using a 17 in samsung lcd. after seeing the nec in besbuy, i had to have one. i bought the 22 in westinghouse widescreen that best buy had on black friday but ended up selling it to my younger brother. he's 45 so you know i'm old . anyway, i then purchased a second 90gx2. in my opinion, the nec may cost more but the added expense is worth the quality you get in return. plus, the nec comes with a dvi cable so the purchase of another cable isn't needed. also, the 4 usb ports are a nice touch.
  2. v_lestat, the westy's colors aren't close to being as vibrant as the nec's. i'm not saying the westy is a bad monitor, it just doesn't hold its own versus the nec, that's all. actually, if i didn't already have the nec, i'd probabably being praising the display qualities of the westy. i went from a 17 inch samsung which i thought was a good monitor (and it was) to the nec and was blown away by the difference. the westy is better then the samsung, in my opinion, but not on par with the nec. i have played with the contrast and color settings of the westy and can not get them to the point where i'm happy with them compared to the nec. again, the westy is a darned good monitor just not as good as the nec. i think i'll take it back tomorrow and get a second nec.
  3. well, i got the darned thing today. i showed up at best buy around 4 am and there was already a line over 3/4 mile long. i was in the store by 5:10, tho. anyway, i'm going to ask my daughter if she wants this monitor. it doesn't come close to being on par with my nec multisync 90gx2. if she doesn't want the westy, i'll return it and get a second nec.
  4. is the v1200 a possiblity? it's the same height as the v1000 but a tad bit deeper.
  5. i see that now. how ignorant of me to not see that earlier! i apologize for my stupidity . you are completely correct, spyvie. thanks. if i had read the instructional paper that came with the coolers, i may have seen that being a guy, i'm not supposed to read those things. being an old man, there are times i refuse to read those things btw, on the asus premium mobo, my temps went down 2 degrees C. i'm idling at 29 now and was 31 to32 when using the thermalright on that board. the dfi system is exactly like the asus system but with the ultra-d board instead. i assume the temps will go down in that case as it did in the asus system.
  6. spyvie, how so? i'd like to try that if it's possible.
  7. yes, you can turn the complete assembly around so that it blows upward. i forgot to mention that earlier.
  8. it blows towards the back of the case on my asus mobo and blows down on my dfi ultra-d. i don't see a way to make it blow towards the back when mounted on the ultra-d. i'll keep the thermalright on it and sell the extra AC cooler.
  9. there's one on the way as we type. i may never use but i'll have one 'just in case' i tired of the thermalright.
  10. i have both a 6070B and a V-1200B, which is the big brother to the V1000B. well, i gave the 6070B to my g/f after getting the V-1200B for myself. the 6070B may be a bit quieter but it also runs a bit warmer. personally, i prefer the V-1200B hands down. the V series is a "cooler" case in my opinion.
  11. i know the regional amd rep and bought my 4800 from him for less than that
  12. based on that description, i didn't get anything like that. would it be possible to post a pic of it?
  13. well, now that you've had enough time to rebuild your system using the lian-li, what do you think of the case?
  14. that's the case I have. you won't regret your purchase
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