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  1. Sorry if I am a little late on this one but, perfmon.exe will give you quite a bit of info about the load on the server using the built in counters taht are installed with SQL Server.
  2. Was that an upgrade? The standard XP install from an unmodded disk will only have the Recycle Bin on the desktop.
  3. right click desktop, click properties Click the desktop tab in the properties box Click the Customize Desktop Button Put a check in the box for each Icon you want displayed
  4. A $600 discount from what you could get them from IBM/Lenovo for... I can't even get that price and I get discounts because we buy all our systems from IBM. I would be a bit wary of that deal.
  5. Sorry, been away for a bit. Here is a pic with the LED's covered. The reason I want them out is that it messes with my color scheme. Other than that, I would just rather not see them unless there were something wrong with my board instead of on when it is doing fine, like the NF4 boards.
  6. I have that but they are still bright. Isn't this controlled by the BIOS or something?
  7. I have an LP-b and it's 4 diag. lights are way bright. i noticed that the lights on the NF4 board turn off once the system is booted. Is there any chance that the ones on the LP-b can be turned off?
  8. A_G, is there a name change to Angry_Movies in the near future?
  9. LanMan

    Got Pets?

    Here are my cats! Two older ones and 5 brand new ones as of 10/12/04. One calico, 3 white, and 2 yellow/orange/off white colored. There are 6 kittens.....the last one is a reverse skunk, white with a black stripe on it's head!
  10. Another one to look at is IO GEAR. Linksys used this design to make their own. The best thing about the IO Gear is that they have longer cables (6' compared to 4' on the Linksys) and the monitor connection is away from the PS/2 connectors. This is good if you have a USB to PS/2 converter. http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-107-407&depa=0
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