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  1. 1. SPi, etc must be installed in TWO different dirs and then each processor must be running from each dir. Forget but you may have to specify processor affinity for each instance also. 2. Jus tread this today that for games, specifying affinity fixed virtually all problems (RE BF2, etc) I just ordered a 4200 to join the fray shortly.
  2. Some stuff I didn't See: 1 Get lastest nf4 Drivers (#6.66 :shake:) from nvida site. Deinstall old ones and install new. 2. I am assuming that I read that you are running stock speeds for the moment? Then why 110 % of default Voltage (get that DOWN NOW) 3. Get into health status and reset the temps to what you think you want (you'll get it when you see it), NB is set for 50-55c so fan doesn't do much until then, knock that down to 40-45c 4. xtremesystems.com - xtreme bw and amd will show you a gazillion opinions on timings that you can try out - GO FOR IT!!! (There is a lot of visiting going on between here and there...
  3. That was 2.8 GHz ON HIS SYSTEM :tooth: You now have to find the right settings for the mem ctlr, etc. You should try to get his settings if possible to try for a closer match on the setup. @ RG: that avatar is SICK (I like it :tooth: )
  4. Prolly your memory settings, go look around for some TCCD suggestions and try them in memtest first, then OCCT (will error out even faster than prime) Also system is 'chirpy' when the CPU is severely loaded (it's never been just a MB issue w/ me) The chirpyness should be relatively faint and is just when you are really working the CPU. Another thing stuff to work out your CPU - S&M I rotate through them to work the CPU as many ways as possible. Sometimes you're just past the chips limit. Seems 3G is not for me yet, but 2.7G on my Sandy 3700 is okay (OCCT for 6+ hours )
  5. 1. Describe sound - is it sort of 'chirpy' (like bird) 2. Run Prime95(blend) for awhile and listen. Do you get teh same sound or close? 3. If the above apply, means computer is REALLY WORKING HARD (not a problem, just observation. Sometimes raising Vcore a notch gets rid of it, but not really necessary. I have been hearing it for many years (back to NF7 days) and I find it just another way to tell when the 'puter' is doing it's thing
  6. Higher HTT = lower BW because of lower multi x whatever FSB you've divided into, so less stress on the CPU mem controller (unless that is 1:1, in which case you should send ME that memory to see whats wrong, but I'm sure testing will take YEARS :nod: :shake: )
  7. Can you RMA the 2t stick mebbe? Sound like that should be outside of spec depending on what it is.
  8. There are a few threads @ xtremesystems.org (bandwidth section) w/ stuff about Tref and how it influences our OC. (AgentJCDenton in the Gskill BH-5 thread and the Tref thread come to mind). I have found the discussions useful. However the frustration of not finding the 'ideal' TREF for many settings has led me to request this addition to the various biosi out there (Future DFI biosi especially ) 1. First request Replace the current tref selection w/ the following entries: 1.95 Auto, 3.9 Auto, 7.8 Auto, 15.6 Auto. These would calculate tref = FSB (integer) * the auto value and use the Truncated value (Accurate to 1 cycle) for TREF. Examples: Auto 7.8 x 275 = 2145, use that. Auto 3.9 x 311 (x 9 to get 2800 MHZ CPU) = 1212(.9 - toss that). 2. Second request Allow US do the calculations and input our OWN value (saves bios programming, however, allows for GIGO tref values :tooth: ) 3. Third request - teh IDEAL :nod: :shake: Do both 1 & 2 to so that we get a better tref for starters (1) and if the calc is slightly off for our particular piece of mem we can tweak it on our own (2) BIOSI could have tables for the trefs for above refresh rates from 150-350 FSB and let us handle anything outside of that on our own I thought more people would notice this here, however if the powers that be want to take this thread & shove it (into the overclocking forums) Go right ahead as long as someone let's me know where it went? Thanks MikeE
  9. In other words, YEP! :nod: In fact there is a bug in teh 510-x w/ my sapphire x700 card that I used an old matrox PCI card to check on B4 I found a way around by using DVI port + DVI / VGA adapter (just putting this out there in case someone has the same isse :tooth: )
  10. B4 you open da tweaker - you will get correct results and not the gibberish you are showing us. :shake: (COMMON problem - I've gotten that same screen a few times :tooth: )
  11. Can't Get on (connection refused is msg in Firefox, IE just can't find it) :sad: :eek: :confused: Figured to stick this here since this is our 'other home'????
  12. Here's some info :tooth: Hmm might be useful :nod: Or Maybe this? But I fergit.... :tooth:
  13. What is plugged in when testing (Looking to eliminate excess parts/confusion ) 510-x + my ATI x700 (not gonna try the x800xl because it has a wb on it in another case ) Have same results. Do you get any readables, like @ post? Are you using the DB15 or DVI (does it have a DVI?)connector? (Guessing @ DB15?) 0. Clear CMOS (and uplug teh cord from the PSU while yer @ it). 1. Try A pci vidcard (Find one CHEAP @ local store or cheaper in closet ) Any change? 2. Iffin you are using VGA/DB15 connector, find a DVI->DB15 converter (about 8-10$) and plug in to that after plugging the converter into the card. (What I did for now :nod: )
  14. All 2x.5G PQI turbo PDP XBL Gskill LE/LA Gskill new BH5 (forget name) 1 stick of Old Corsair 3200LLPT + 1 stick of KHX3200 (They get along fine together) That enough? :tooth:
  15. HahahaHahahaHahaHahhahahah :nod: :shake: :eek: (I'm guessing you're trying to pull our legs?) But seriously, for measuring voltages (and you'd be amazed how often you'll use it for checking batteries ) DMM from Ratshack. And for CPU temps get a compunurse and attach it to the side of the chip, also the time honored way of finger on heatsink (NO NOT THRU THE FAN!! ON THE SIDE ) (whacked finger enough times on other fans, good thing I regenerate well hehe ) I you remove the 'pop top' off the chip like I do, the compunurse sensor should be trimmed, then will fit nicely between chip and heatsink, just slide it in between after the HSF is mounted (of course this is much easier to do when the board is out on the desk but......)
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