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  1. ive had a easy install with fedora core 5 x86_64 it has the whole raid deal in the gui install but im not in raid so i cant say but i am running sata. only issues ive found so far is the 7800 requires linux vesa at the boot: prompt to see correct gui during the install. and you have to install 32bit firefox to use flashplayer plugins. that is in the 64bit version though.
  2. i just installed fedora core 5 today and i must say it has been one of the easiest ones ive tried. tried gentoo, suse,mandrake and now this. the only problem i ran into was with my 7800gt for the install as i couldnt find anything to tell me how to get the anaconda screen to show correfctly well all i had to do is at boot: type linux vesa and it worked then i installed drivers for the card after i got up and running. fedora does dual boot nice and easy compared to some ive played with where if you have a second partition it auto sets it up and sets grub up for dual boot no issues. the only other issues ive found is with fc5 x86_64 you have to install 32bit firefox or else no flash plugins work. but other then that its been a great experiance.
  3. i have for sale today a sapphire x800 pro vivo pci-e card. i recently upgraded to a 7800gt and i no longer have a need for this card. it comes with almost everything that came with it only thing that is missing is the spinter cell game that came with it as it has been misplaced during my last move, it does still have prince of persia game though. asking $120 shipped shipped in the us. perfer paypal i have heat under tennvols_69ohpc. ive had the card for about 7 months. it clocked to 550/550 with water stock volts(ymmv) i tried to do the mod to open up the extra pipes adn the one time i tried it didnt unlock havent tried again casue it was a pita to remove the block to mess with it. it may of just not been connected good. it has 2.0 ns ram chips on it. Items im interested in trading for a 939 perferably venice core or some gskill pc4400 LE 2x512 (TCCD)
  4. i have a x800 pro for sale if your interested shoot me a pm.
  5. i have 2 120's in the front of my modded soho. and a custom grill too. i cut out a large suare rectangle and i have them in there held in by some foam i have.
  6. my 165 does 2.75 on my ultra d but it hates tight timings for some reason
  7. ive found the 2x512 my opteron hates however 2x256 it will run. i finially got my opty stable with 2x512 of tccd @2.7 but it wont go higher where with2x256 it does 2.9 no problem. but my vx (2x512) i tried for a week to get stable with no joy.
  8. that sounds like it should do it. m if auto for tref dont work try 3120 i think it is thats another that worked real good for me on the sandy and the vx.
  9. they were in the yellow. make sure you have a fan over the ram. also i have a ocz so i mainly use the 3.3 trick to supply my voltage to my rm but the 4v jumper should also work just make sure you got a fan.
  10. ok i got the settings here. this is what worked best for me for the 618-2 bios however it should work on the 704-2bt. 250 auto 16 16 auto 105 disable 1.550 1.425 113% 1.4 1.7 3.4 diasable ram settings 166 enable 2 2 5 2 7 17 2 3 2 2 auto enable auto normal 4 lv2 7.0 fastest auto 32 cycles disable 16x 7x disable hope this helps you. those are on the 704-2bt bios for the 618-2 charge normal 4 to auto. lmk how this works out for you.
  11. yep its the same with me i memtest for 4 hours straight and not a single failure but when i get to windows i cant run prime for crap. testing some eb i had now so far 12 hours.
  12. i cant get 2.75 on my 3700 with my vx i dont have the settings now as im at work but i can get them for you as soon as i get home. this was on the 618-2 bois as i found that wored best for me with the vx and sandy.
  13. i found out that my 165 does not like my VX which is vary similar to your gold. i could not pass memtest for anything. so i tried my eb and so far its working primming for over 10 hours. if you have not bh die chips give those a try and see what you can do.
  14. im currently trying to get mine to pass memtest at 2.7 for longer then 9 hours. anyone have the vx couple with this chip?
  15. im running prime right now at 2.7ghz so far been runnning for 6+ hours. once i get to 24 hours i can say its stable. heres my cpuz verification link. http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=51018 the stepping is CCBWE 0534 SPMW and its a 165 dual core from zzf. coupled with some ocz pc4000vx
  16. i agree its bs i check stability for me not for everyone else so i dont do it.
  17. what sink is that? i think i may do this as it looks like it will be the perfect fix for my as im at 34 loaded. so in theroy with this and some active cooling i can make her cold.
  18. i can get 265 on 3.4vdimm however with differant cpus come differant settings. id highly recommend looking at bleeding edge as they can really give you a have. i dont currently have it at 260 as i cant get my max with that cause id have to run it at 10x. but i do know that anything over 3.4vdimm no matter the htt i get mad errors in memtest.
  19. but at the same time prime95 can easily be fooled or cheated. and im not saying how i acedentally found it out my self and was like wtf. but it can be doen. not that i will do that cause its not worth it IMHO. and i have also noticed that differant versions seem to pass easier then the newer ones. dont know why but thats why i run the newest.
  20. well id say it might be causing you some problems. ive had problems at anything about 50c on the a64's. after bout 50 loaded they seem not wanna oc .
  21. whats your htt multi at now? maybe its set to 4x or 5x and its causing you problems. i have mine set to auto and havent had a problem with it yet. also you cpu temp is a lil high, maybe check the mounting of your hsf. as for ram setting you will have to talk with the tccd guys as im a vx guy. but for tref try 0640 i think thats it might be 0680 cant remember of the top of my head. the one run i did with tccd i got good results with that. also try a good solid multi and use the ram settings to set your cpu/ram devider. i had alot of problems with using the .5 multis.
  22. yes folding will test your rig however it can send enrounious results. but ive seen i was able to fold with an unstable rig before to. didnt even know it was unstable till i went to play a game. it crashed to i tested it with prime again and sure enough it failed. but i had been running F2H without a hitch.
  23. thats how i have mine now. i think these are on a seperate rail so thats why i did mine like that. to be sure the board got enough juice.
  24. why yes you can short something out. but if you be careful and pay attention you should be fine. btw thanks for the pic i needed to know where that was for a mod im gonna do.
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